Darwinist Racism

By Kevin McGary Published on December 20, 2022

All decent societies demand to finally end racism and white supremacy. These are maladies of the heart, harmful to humanity, and impede societal flourishing. Therefore, they must be universally rejected. But what if an esteemed, historically significant figure abetted racism and white supremacy? Would “righteously principled” people zealously work to end the evils if it meant denouncing someone universally revered? Let’s see!

Since the “fall of man” in the Garden of Eden, evil has persisted. Ancient times recorded humans maltreating and oppressing their fellows due to tribalism and ethnic strife. In America, slavery instantiated grotesque injustices based strictly on immutable characteristics of the outward appearance of fellow men — dark skin color legally identified who would be subjugated and enslaved. As “science” became a persuasive force in policy-making, perceptions about Blacks were shaped using “scientific justification” from renowned scientists like Charles Darwin, who held grotesquely racist views that inculcated “justification” for “white supremacy.” To overcome racism and racial supremacy today, Darwin’s racist premises cannot continue to be ignored.

White Supremacy Unleashed

In 1871, Charles Darwin wrote: “At some future period … the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races.” Darwin further asserted that Australian Aborigines, African Blacks, Mongolians, Native Americans, South Americans, Polynesians, and Eskimos were “savage,“ while positing Whites as the civilized race. Darwin’s authority offered massive support to science-justified white supremacy. The so-called “science” of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” asserts that some people are more “fit” to live than others. To Darwin, the “fit” were people he deemed intellectually superior and more resourceful: those who were White.

In Darwin’s second book, The Descent of Man, Darwin openly contended that Whites were the favored race, being more “fit.” He deemed Blacks “subhuman” and closely related to apes/gorillas and savages. Regrettably, Darwin’s views didn’t die with him, but have proliferated ever since.

Eugenics Was Born — Yielding Genocidal Fruit

Darwin’s first cousin, Francis Galton, embraced the same mindset and followed in his older cousin’s racist footsteps. Since Galton was a masterful statistician and researcher, he and Darwin determined that reproductive patterns of other ethnicities were at far greater rates than whites; these patterns they saw as threatening their (white) supremacy. Darwin and Galton angled to provide “scientific justification” to eliminate other ethnicities by coining the term “Eugenics.”

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Eugenics, created from Greek word roots, means “well-born.” Unfortunately, eugenics as a concept bore genocidal fruit, making the 20th century the bloodiest ever. German Nazis used Darwin’s theories and eugenics as “justification” to exterminate the Jews. Hitler killed 6 million Jews and millions of others on similar grounds. Further, Stalin, Lenin, and Mao credited Darwin for their own calculated genocidal programs. Unfortunately, eugenics is not a thing of the past. It’s more popular today than ever. It proliferates globally via abortion promoted among the poor.

In the U.S., Eugenics was championed and proliferated by Margaret Sanger. Sanger pressed eugenics forward with a relentless commitment to “exterminate the negro population” (her exact words) through her organization, now called “Planned Parenthood.” Sangers’ vision to exterminate Blacks is succeeding even today as Black populations are disproportionally decimated via abortions. Today, 80-90% of all Planned Parenthood “clinics” are within walking distance of Black and Brown communities. The marketing of abortion purposefully targets certain populations for reduction — an idea rooted in post-Darwin racist desires for “white supremacy.”

Denounce the Evil Scourge of Darwin and His Disciples

Most people simply don’t realize: Darwin has done more to plant the idea of white supremacy and racism in the minds of schoolchildren and adults than any other person on Earth. Followers of Darwinism, notably Karl Marx and Margret Sanger, were disciples of his demonic “favored race” idea that continues with industrial efficiency today via abortion.

As a society, we are long overdue to reject Darwin and his racist theories. “Wokesters” (including “Woke clergy”) who constantly virtue signal about their commitment to fighting white supremacy and racism must themselves wake up and denounce Darwin. If “social justice” is to be taken seriously, then denouncing Darwin, Marx, and Sanger must be genuine and widespread immediately.

If they’re sincere, we will see school boards, teachers, politicians, clergy, entertainers, and media figures speaking out as soon as they get the facts. If, after recognizing all the facts presented, these groups continue embracing the roots and foundations of racism and white supremacy via Darwin, Marx, and Sanger, they cannot be deemed “anti-racist.” They are literally frauds and must be held accountable and rejected by the rest of us.

The entire Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) team is leading the way by renouncing and denouncing any/all forms of Darwinism, Marxism, and Eugenics. We reject racism and any form of “supremacy” wherever it occurs. We understand that any (even) tacit support of racism, “supremacy,” or abortion means contrived complicity with racism and white supremacy.

EBLM Master trainers now provide training and certification for organizations and groups who are sincere about taking steps to fight racism. People sincere about finally combatting this evil scourge and getting WOKED UP should contact us today


Kevin McGary is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. In the arena of civic engagement, Kevin serves as President of Every Black Life Matters, Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California and is an executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership PAC.

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