The Danger of Liberal, Progressive Socialism

By James Robison Published on March 14, 2019

The once subtle but now radical move toward Socialism in America will prove to be an all-out assault on freedom itself. It replaces trust in Nature’s God and Nature’s Law with idolatrous trust in a source other than God; an idol requiring more slavish devotion than Pharaoh, Caesar, or any wicked king, dictator or emperor. Already we see those who do not honor this freedom-diminishing trend secular deity are demonized in every possible way.

Christians must refuse to bow down to this Socialism idol that advocates present as the all-provident source upon which people must trust. The state is presented as the source, but we know there is no substitute for the true and living God — the Father and Creator of all life and the only way to freedom, both personally and nationally.

In a book titled Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally — or Socialism, Kevin Miller expounded on these concerns and the inspiration necessary to preserve and strengthen true freedom. It was the first time I had heard the term secular theocracy and the enforcement arm referred to as the church of state, which is political correctness.

When Americans ask the government to deliver both freedom and virtue, they will ultimately get neither.

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I urge you to read John Zmirak’s recent, insightful piece on socialism for The Stream, entitled, “Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in Fact, Exist? Does Rev. Thomas Rosica?” You’ll want to watch the 23-minute video at the end. It’s worth your time!

A Government Under Control, Under God

Americans who care deeply about right and wrong are not trying to bring the government down — we are trying to bring it under control. America became great because our founders understood the importance of a limited government serving primarily as protector of the people, not provider for the people.

Our government must serve the people — not force us into servitude. The government must once again be by the people, of the people, and for the people.

History teaches us that people will often give up their freedom without a fight if they are promised security in return. But as Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” And, I would add, will end up with neither liberty nor safety.

Instead, if the people of a nation don’t recognize the correct course, society will function like a mindless monstrosity. Or, as we see in horrifying detail in Venezuela, fall into utter collapse.

We offer a far more prosperous and powerful solution. Ours comes from a God of plenty, not an idol that would have us picking through garbage. Our standards are consistent with biblical and historically proven principles.

Big God, Small Government and the “Compassion Connection”

When God and spiritual life decreases in importance, government expands rapidly. The less we hear God’s unadulterated Word, the duller our hearing. The more susceptible we are to folly.

Further, as God becomes smaller and our all-consuming government grows larger, the value of each individual lessens. The bonds of interpersonal responsibility break. People suffer.

Meaningful assistance is the result of personal attention, interaction, and legitimate concern. When government and bureaucratic agencies become the so-called safety net, the result is too often insufficient care.

Without what I frequently refer to on LIFE Today as a “compassion connection,” there will be no effective assistance or meaningful encouragement to improve. Without personal interaction, the importance of assuming responsibility and the proper oversight requiring accountability will always be missing.

Through America’s many federal programs we are contributing to the people’s sense of insignificance and dependence on the government rather than independence and the drive to achieve.

Private sector, local community, church, and nongovernmental organizations consistently prove to be more effective in assisting the poor. God, faith, prayer, love, and compassion are responsible for transforming lives and nations. Citizens have become less interested and involved in the plight of the poor here in America because assisting the poor is now considered the government’s responsibility.

This progressive, socialist trend will continue to grow if “we the people” do not join together standing against this historically proven-to-fail practice.

The secular socialist theocracy or the “church of state” always ends up in ruins.

Yet today it is on the rise. And from its exalted place, its advocates are cramming their self-defined values down the throats of the population, placing unbearable tax burdens on the backs of present day and yet to be born American citizens. Placing such nation-destroying nonsense as the Green New Deal on the table. Placing our children and grandchildren on a path to desolation, devastation and desperation.

But we have the power to act, a supernatural power.

Restoring Freedom

To restore freedom in the 2020 election, believers must stand together praying for wisdom and common sense to prevail.

Our hope is not in any political party or politician. Our hope is in the Lord, and He works through those who love Him with all their heart and love their neighbors as themselves. These are the people who can be depended on to inspire necessary corrections.

We are people who must stand against the “gates of hell, deception and defeat.”

It is time for Christians to stand up against destructive Socialism and defend the freedom offered by nature’s God and our nation’s founders. It will take prayer, God’s wisdom, and relentless determination to do God’s will, beginning with fervent prayer and a commitment to vote for and support Kingdom’s principles.

The necessary correction will come from the bottom up, from hearts committed to God — not from top down, by foolishly trusting in mere men. If we will lift God up, He will lift us up and we will see freedom restored.

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