Criticize Trump? Fine. But Criticize Biden, Obama, AOC, and Their Ilk Too

By George Janek Published on June 1, 2020

Several weeks ago, almost immediately after Trump mentioned that Hydroxychloroquine showed some promise in fighting Covid-19,  skeptics clever enough to “follow the money” discovered that he owns a bit of stock in Sanofi, a French company that manufactures Hydroxychloroquine. “There’s no proof that it works, he’s just doing it for the money,” they all said.

Fantastic! Great work! Always happy when people expose corruption in politics. My question is: how come that same trained eye wasn’t also used on the people making the vaccine for Covid-19?

This ethical double standard annoys me greatly. It’s not the blatant hypocrisy of the situation that is the real problem. It’s the people who fall for these one-sided examinations. To have a singular focus on anyone with an “R” after their name, only to become suddenly infantile and gullible because a politician has a “D” after their name is the quintessence of bigotry.

Turning Off the Brain

Del Bigtree and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have both used their online presence to explain how the CDC, the WHO, Big Pharma, and the vaccine industry are all in bed with each other. As soon as a vaccine comes out they will share hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. Far more, by the way, than whatever pittance Trump would have made on hydroxychloroquine. It has been around so long nine companies produce a generic version for about 37 cents a pill.

I am just sick to death of listening to so many of my friends examine down to the finest detail everything Trump does with the precision of an electron microscope. But then they turn off their analytical brain completely for any and all activities taking place on the other side of the aisle. They rant for hours on how Trump is evil incarnate. Then they launch into a rave about Obama’s fantastic, “scandal-free” presidency.

Or about how Hillary was the most qualified person to ever run for President. Or, most egregiously, lovingly explain how Biden’s myriad gaffs, and unwanted physical contact, is “just Joe being Joe!”

Remember: Morality is not a team sport. If it’s wrong when “their guy” does it, it is wrong when “our guy” does it. Period.

This article is not intended to change anyone’s mind about President Trump. Many liberals will not accept my point. They will dismiss it by engaging in the easy self-defense parry of saying this article is simply a mindless defense of Trump. Their hatred of Trump has been stoked by the media to such a fever pitch that it renders their critical thinking untenable. They have become rubes that will believe anything about Trump, no matter how illogical or ridiculous, as long as it’s negative.

Needed Balance

This wouldn’t bother me as much if there were some sort of balance. While the media will never attack the likes of Obama, the Clintons, and Biden, it would be nice if they would be more consistent.

For example: You may believe Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with the then new Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and deserved to be impeached. Despite Trump’s acquittal in the Senate, you may still think of him as guilty. That’s all right. All politicians deserve to be regarded with a healthy dose of cynicism.

I would just ask that you be fair. The recently released audiotape of Biden speaking to former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, comes across as the dictionary definition of a quid pro quo. You should give “Uncle Joe” at least a portion of that same cynicism.

This is simply a plea for some perspective. If everyone, especially my liberal friends, could engage in “equal opportunity scrutiny,” we would all be better off. Again, I’m not asking anyone to change their opinion of Trump. Please continue to view him through a lens of heavy skepticism. Just use that same skepticism on the likes of: the Clintons, A.O.C., Obama, and Biden. Remember: Morality is not a team sport. If it’s wrong when “their guy” does it, it is wrong when “our guy” does it. Period.

Even the most rabid Anti-Trumper should, with a minimum amount of effort, be able to find at least a modicum of corruption, or something to despise, in their own party.


George Janek is a conservative thinker encamped in Northern California.

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