Critical Race Theory Lives by Lies

By Kevin McGary Published on June 10, 2021

Lies and betrayal — they’re the worst. The snake in the grass convinces you that he’s going to show you the real world. He calls it “education.” But it turns out he’s the greatest deceiver. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is that snake.

CRT promoters tell you their theory “is about acknowledging the existence and impact of race and racism in our communities and society. It is about valuing multiple points of view and life experiences, which are essential for helping students learn to think critically about and participate in our global and diverse world.” That’s a smooth pitch. After all, who could be against “valuing multiple points of view” in a free society?

The problem is CRT promoters tell you to open your mind while they hide their actual agenda. They urge you to look for “systemic racism” while they conceal their own racist roots. Because of those roots, they are still dividing the nation into races and fostering hate, suspicion, and conflict.

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Remember Which Party is Historically Anti-Black

Nearly all CRT promoters identify with and support a particular political party. They either don’t know or never admit how that party has tied into systemic racism since the early 1800s. One wonders how many CRT supporters even know their favorite party

  • Dominated politics in the South supporting slavery.
  • Cheered the Dred Scott decision that defined Blacks as not citizens and not equally human.
  • Opposed 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments that outlawed slavery and conferred equal rights upon all citizens.
  • Fostered the Homestead Act, which rejected Blacks for land ownership while it gave land to new immigrant Europeans.
  • Reversed Abraham Lincoln’s program of giving 40 acres and mule to freed slaves.
  • Cheered the “separate but equal” ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson.
  • Enforced “Jim Crow” segregation laws.
  • Formed and supported the KKK.

The New Slavery to the Welfare State

That same faction in the 1900s gave us President Wilson, an avowed racist, along with “progressive” policies such as:

  • Encouraging eugenics to reduce or eliminate Blacks from the nation.
  • Tolerating and favoring Marxism, the deadliest ideology humans ever devised.
  • Implementing policies that destroy the nuclear family by financially incentivizing women to become unwed mothers.
  • Fostering a culture of dependence via welfare programs.
  • Voting against (by overwhelming majorities) all of the early proposed civil rights bills.
  • Locking Black kids into bad government schools by opposing school choice to this very day.

Do you have any remaining doubts about the sordid history of that party and the roots and results of “progressivism?” Then look at the CRT books and listen to the CRT teachers and advocates: You won’t see these historical facts coming from them. They are deceivers. They won’t tell those truths.

Race Hatred, Self-Hatred and Marxism

Watch how their program unfolds. The CRT agenda urges hate, spurs antagonism, and produces a cadre of self-loathing whites. The goal? To foster in America an environment where Marxism can prevail. If you don’t like slavery, you should positively detest Marxism. That ideology, motivated by covetousness and the desire to take power, is responsible for the enslavement of hundreds of millions and the murder of at least 100 million civilians in the 20th century alone. You won’t hear that from CRT people. Full disclosure is not in their plan. Deception and betrayal are.

The Culture of Death for Blacks

CRT promoters say: “Equity and culturally responsive policies and teaching practices are about making sure students of every race, ethnicity, language, and other characteristics of their identity feel valued and respected and have what they need to achieve academic, social, and emotional success. It is simply about humanity.”

Ask such people what they think about Planned Parenthood. Will they denounce it? Of course they won’t. But its founder, Margaret Sanger, expressly opposed any “inclusion” of Black babies into society. The millions of Black children Planned Parenthood aborted are not available to support “diversity.” Preborn Black children aren’t “valued and respected” by CRT.

If CRT is “about humanity,” then CRT advocates pick and choose who is human enough not to kill before birth. CRT advocates have no problem with the systemic skinning, dismembering, and sale of aborted babies for parts. Are the lies and betrayal blatant enough yet?

Reject CRT’s Automatic Hate Agenda

CRT adherents say: “Our nation’s schools were created a few hundred years ago to serve a particular segment of communities — white boys.” Saying that just fans the flames of contempt and anger against a specific race and gender. Worse, it insinuates that people today should hate and hurt white boys and men. What a detestable way to think about our fellow human beings! We don’t want to be treated that way; why treat others that way?

For Blacks, this isn’t 1821, and the news in 2021 is excellent. There are more prosperous Blacks in the U.S. today than at any time in history. The modern educational curriculum remains untainted by CRT. It works to make success possible for students of all races. Where Black kids are not doing as well in schools, the problem is more about a safe environment, attitudes and expectations. It’s not about how lessons are taught or the color of teachers’ skins.

Images of God, Not Victims or Villains

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. challenged all Americans to judge one another by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin. Treating fellow human beings with respect, as creations in the image of God, never goes out of style. Americans must reject CRT’s aim to find old and new ways to divide us into minor warring factions, then boldly unite around common principles of liberty and justice for all.

All Americans must call for all CRT promoters to denounce Margaret Sanger publicly. They must also condemn her organization, Planned Parenthood, for its racist roots. African Americans account for only 13% of the population but Planned Parenthood puts 79% of its clinics in black communities. All Americans must demand that Planned Parenthood provide reparations to these black communities for its century of targeting them for destruction.


Kevin McGary is co-founder and president of Every Black Life Matters.

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