Comeypalooza: Trump Again Rips Former FBI Director Ahead of Book Tour

By Al Perrotta Published on April 16, 2018

Looks like President Trump won’t be toting James Comey’s new book on his next trip to Mar-a-Lago.

Trump ripped the book and the former FBI director in a tweet-fest Sunday morning. And yes, he doubled down on calling Comey a “slimeball.”

The Tweets

If only we knew how Trump really feels.

But what’s most amusing? The Associated Press, supposedly the very definition of unbiased, objective reporting, has this headline response to the tweets: “Trump unleashes a torrent of rage against Comey.” That’s a “torrent of rage”? For a New Yorker this doesn’t event count as a trickle of rage.

Comey Book Tour Begins … Immediately Raises Questions

Comey’s media blizz is underway for A Higher Loyalty: How I Parlayed Politicizing the FBI Into a Multi-Million Book Deal. His first sit down interview was with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. It aired in full last night. George asked Comey whether he told President-elect Trump that the salacious Steele dossier had been paid for by the Clinton campaign. Comey said he never mentioned the Steele dossier by name, and didn’t tell Trump the source of the “information.” Even George was incredulous. “Didn’t he have a right to know that?” 

Says Comey, “Uh, I don’t know the answer to that. That wasn’t necessary for my goal, which was to alert him that we had this information.” Without telling it’s source? So what was his true goal? Hold that question a second.

In his book, Comey fawns over President Obama. He praises him in glowing terms usually reserved for paid PR flacks or MSNBC hosts. A compliment from Obama nearly makes him as weepy as a schoolgirl getting a retweet from Taylor Swift. On the one hand, that’s fine. If a President of the United States gives you an “attaboy,” it would be easy to get emotional. However, in this case we have a problem.

Just one day before Comey briefed Trump, he was in the Oval Office meeting with Obama about the Trump-Russia investigation. According to Susan Rice, a main topic was debating whether to limit the info to be given Trump and his people about the investigation. Although she denies the Steele dossier was discussed, that’s semantics. Like Comey told Stephanopoulos, he didn’t mention it by name.

So the question is obvious: Did the beloved Obama instruct Comey not to tell Trump the source of the information being used to justify surveillance of him?

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Let’s go one step further. Comey decided to brief Trump on the Steele dossier in all its lurid detail despite none of it being verified. It’d be like Secretary of Defense James Mattis briefing Trump on a possible alien invasion based on a copy of Weekly World News. Likely Comey, but certainly Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, immediately leaked news of the briefing to CNN. This gave the media the excuse to run with the dossier allegations. And they ran with it like Usain Bolt being chased by swarm of hornets.

Now imagine if Comey had done his duty and told Trump the source of the dossier. The media’s Trump Russia Collusion narrative would have blown up on the launch pad.

This was a set up. Will anyone in the media dare to ask Comey if this sabotage of the President-elect was also arranged during that White House meeting?

Think of it. That’s two huge questions based on one response by Comey in his very first interview. Imagine the other hornet nests awaiting to be unleashed.

On the Plus Side

Reviewers on both sides of the aisle are calling the book petty and snippy and self-serving. But to Comey’s credit no one seems to be calling it dull. For a Washington memoir that’s almost unheard of.

On the Down Side

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. Perhaps if Comey had spent more time on Islamic terrorists and less time on Trump’s hand size and kissing Obama’s backside, that race would have ended differently.

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  • Howard Rosenbaum

    It’s only a matter of time before those chickens Comey counted before they hatch “fly the coop”. His “novella” will be a testament to the duplicity that is the “body politic” of the new left & all that that entails. The only redeeming value of such a testament is that it’s future on anyones recommended reading list is numbered perhaps not in days but in minutes. You know that “15 minutes of fame” kinda thing.
    So, it would seem that those election polls & all that MSM chatter promoting a landslide victory for their breaker of non existent “glass ceilings” was the catalyst that can be credited for all that has since gone down in these deep state of affairs. I wonder if maybe that was “silent Sessions” M.O. all along …..? I mean no one ever thought that draining the swamp was not going to be a messy matter.
    If perhaps there is a scintilla of truth behind that reasoning – It would be the take down of all take downs in the history of American politics . Thats probably not the case & it’s even a stretch for the most generous of Sessions supporters. Then again what would be more unexpected from the dubious players of political intrigue languishing now on the left …..?

  • Chip Crawford

    Comey joins women scorned on the wrath meter …

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