College Rescinds Job Offer When They Find out Basketball Coach They Hired is No Longer Gay

A former college basketball star publicly renounced homosexuality on a YouTube video. Now she's out of a job.

By Nancy Flory Published on November 3, 2017

Former college basketball star Camille LeNoir was hired to be a college assistant coach. However, the offer was rescinded when the school found out from an old YouTube video that she was no longer gay. Not only did she no longer identify as gay, she said it was a sin.

The YouTube Video

LeNoir’s former coach at New Mexico State University, Mark Trakh, offered her a job as an assistant basketball coach. But just two days before she was to leave for New Mexico, he called her to rescind the offer. Trakh informed her that he’d watched a 2011 YouTube video where LeNoir talked about basketball, sexuality and faith.

“Homosexuality in women’s basketball has become the norm,” LeNoir said in the video. For most of her collegiate career, LeNoir was in a relationship with women. After college, LeNoir played basketball in Greece, where she was the top Point Guard of the league. It was during her time in Greece that she felt convicted to leave homosexuality. On the YouTube video, she explained:

It’s not worth it. If you’re in a same-sex relationship, it’s not worth losing your soul. Whoever you’re in that relationship, like the Lord told me, it will be the death of you. I just believe you can overcome it. You can overcome and defeat sin and it’s by the power and the grace of God. I just really believe that if you just look to Christ, you will be delivered from it. If you believe that it’s something  — you were born gay or homosexual, you feel like you were born that way, I would say that you weren’t. God wouldn’t create you a homosexual and then say in the Bible that it’s wrong and then send you to hell. He doesn’t operate like that.

The Threat

Trakh told LeNoir to pull the video or she’d never work in the industry. “I felt the job was taken away because of my heterosexuality,” she said. She’s now suing New Mexico State in a U.S. District Court. She said she was discriminated against because of her religious beliefs and sexuality. New Mexico State claims in court documents that LeNoir’s statements on homosexuality in the film would “have had an adverse impact” on her “ability to effectively coach and recruit players who identify as LGBT.”

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LeNoir said she could be a great coach regardless of her statements on the video. “I have not left the basketball world. I know what the culture is like, and that has never affected how I am as a teacher, as a person,” she said. “I love everybody.”

“I never had a chance to talk to anyone, to share,” LeNoir told The Washington Post. “It’s like they took this video and the fact that I’m heterosexual now and made decisions without getting to know the Camille six years later.”

“I believe it was an injustice,” said Camille. “A huge injustice.”

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