CNN’s Jim Acosta: White House Bans, Media Erupts, Decency Ignored

By Al Perrotta Published on November 8, 2018

The White House revoked the press pass of CNN reporter Jim Acosta last night, after he had pushed away a young female White House intern seeking to take the microphone away during the President’s presser.

I say “the” microphone, because Acosta was acting like it was his microphone, his press conference, his moral obligation to “challenge” and berate and blather the President of the United States to the exclusion of every reporter in the room. 

Let’s watch the tape of the incident:

Yes, the intern made a mistake. You no more try to take a microphone from that attention hog than you would grab a cub from a hungry mamma grizzly.  It’s flat out dangerous. As in “Hillary throwing lamps at Bill” dangerous. “British burning the place down in 1814” dangerous. 

The young lady was just trying to do her job, but Acosta was not going to let some little peon steal his extended moment in the national spotlight. 

However, Acosta being a horse’s hindside is neither news, nor the real issue. The problem is the left-wing media defending the guy. Still.

But should we be surprised? 

Doctored Tape More Important Than Decency

Right now, rather than deal with this guy being a boorish buffoon who makes Ron Burgundy look like Edward R. Murrow, who if the press pool was a real pool he’d be swimming in the shallow end, whose antics are a stain on journalism and a soil on the White House carpets, what is the media doing? Acting as if banning him is an assault on the First Amendment. That “Freedom of the Press” is somehow in jeopardy if Jim Acosta has to watch pressers on TV and report from outside on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

The Obama Administration could break into Sharyl Attkisson’s computer to find out what she’s collecting on their nefarious deeds, and the Washington press corp was stone cold silent. Trump wants to punish a guy for mistreating one of his people, and the weeping and gnashing of teeth echoes all the way to Baltimore.

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What’s more, the media is in a tizzy, ranting that the White House is sending out a “doctored” version of the video. You know, the video of an incident that was showing live on national television, played over and over again, and retweeted countless times? 

The crime, the horrible crime? The clip zooms in a bit on the two figures making contact, which happens to makes Acosta’s hand action look more like a karate chop than a sweeping away of the arm. 

Media, be honest. I know it’s really, really hard, but please try. You think in that moment a sweeping away is any less humiliating to a young person than if he’d physically hurt her? Whether he’s knocking away a bother or brushing away a pesky flea, isn’t his heart disrespectful just the same? Are you really happy casting aside the young woman’s experience — as long as you can cast aspersions on her boss?

Talk About Civility?

CNN, of course, is fully defending Acosta. Too lost in their own hubris to see the hypocrisy of spending 24 hours a day accusing Trump of divisive, abusive, boorish behavior, only to give kudos to Acosta. 

As long as the media deems civility and respect unwarranted for anyone and anything connected to President Trump, any hope of national unity is a long shot. 

As long as outlets like CNN use a microphone as a weapon of war not a tool for understanding, this commander-in-chief can be counted on to act appropriately.

And as long as you are a liberal, it’s okay to put your hands on a White House intern.



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  • NellieIrene

    I hope he doesn’t get his press pass back. There are tons of reporters, who take the job seriously, who would LOVE to take Acosta’s place. He needs to have an opinion show. Or write an opinion column. He has no business acting like he is anything other than an advocate for his own political views.

  • Chip Crawford

    This is the spirit of too many of the Democratic party — Entitled bullying and rank rebellion to being called to account.

  • nickstuart

    About time Acosta had his press pass.pulled. April Ryan should be next.

  • Hmmm…

    They should post signs of warning against the objectionable behavior. How about: “This is the People’s House, not yours.” “The President is elected; you are not.” “You are a visitor here; not a resident, employee or owner.” Post a code of expected conduct.

  • GLT

    Acosta is a petulant, obnoxious child and should be treated as such.

  • Andrew Mason

    “… as long as you are a liberal, it’s okay to put your hands on a White House intern”? As long as you’re a liberal you can do far more than that – just ask Bill!.

  • Stan Bell

    I am grieved over this. And this is a mere reflection of the spirit pervading today. It is destructive, not merely annoying or unproductive. I plead with our president to talk softly, you already carry a big stick. I plead with the media to respect the office of the presidency. You do not add value to your media by taking it from your president. We get our value from GOD! We are His offspring, as such we all merit a little grace, a little understanding, and a little civility. GOD help us. None of this escapes His watchful eyes!

  • Olaf

    The other szenario: imagine a FOX reporter (for example) using the same hand gesture, and making contact with an intern during the Obama administration. Hell would break lose, and the whole liberal world would push for revoking his hard pass.

    • Dave

      I’ve been in that room. It’s tiny for the amount of people that want to be in there, and the seats are smaller than airplane seats, much smaller. People are bumping into each other and rubbing up against each other all the time. Incidental contact is quite common.

      • Chip Crawford

        Your size would factor in for your case. If you care to relate to the picture and video widely available, they are not in the usual press room. Also, the contact was obviously specific and deliberate. Typical Left spin, getting increasingly irrelevant to reality these days. Breaking News: The rest of us are not blind and immaterial.

      • don smith

        Dave you are not welcomed here.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Well this guy is either emotionally “retarded” ( can I use that word ? ) or a shameless self promoter. Then again why chose only one of those options when both are simpatico.
    I recall a clip when this fellow was yelling out inappropriate questions at the president while the president was leaving their historic meeting walking alongside the leader of North Korea.
    That got The “ honorable” leaders attention . Kim glanced briefly toward this impetuous “journalist “ with a look that spoke volumes .
    Well, if only that meeting took place in North Korea ……?!!

    • don smith

      He is not his own master , he is the wind up toy of Jeff Zucker.

  • don smith

    Acosta is a hateful racist.

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