Christians Must Vote in Self-Defense

Because Constantine really was better than Diocletian.

By Kelly Monroe Kullberg Published on November 7, 2016

I feel compelled to challenge the selective moral outrage of evangelicals who have identified as #NeverTrump and have encouraged fellow believers to waste their votes on protest candidates. Whatever Donald Trump’s personal failings, we have a clear moral obligation to stop Hillary Clinton, every bit as much as we would a home invader who crashed through our bedroom window. When so threatened, we would not stop the cop who comes to help us, and question him about his faith journey or his language.

Let’s look beyond two sinners, Clinton and Trump, to two very different Americas — starkly contrasting visions of the country, and radically different futures. As Secretary of State under President Obama, Hillary Clinton shares responsibility for rising chaos in Europe, the ascending Islamic State and genocide of the Church in the Middle East. She is penitent about none of these outcomes, but proud of her policies — and indebted to the sponsors of many of these evils (such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia). She promises more of the same.

We Have Been Warned

When Hillary Clinton told the United Nations that our religious beliefs “have to be changed” to accommodate abortion, she was openly declaring war on Christian believers and the Church.

For all Trump’s personal flaws, a Trump administration would be held by our Congress to the GOP Platform. It would hire thousands of wise people recommended by the Heritage Foundation and other solidly pro-family organizations. Under our watchful eye, it could begin to restore a culture of life in America, rebuild the foundation of public order, reduce debt, stimulate the economy, and protect religious liberty.

I don’t think Trump and Pence will “save America.” Only Jesus will. But as Christians knew in the time of Constantine — whom they welcomed, though he was a deeply imperfect man — we need the freedom to speak of Jesus. In fact, we demand it.

As I wrote with friends who joined me to found the American Association of Evangelicals (AAE), we have a moral duty to remember the grave advances of evil our nation has seen in the past eight years:

  • A growth industry trafficking in human baby organs and body parts — funded and defended by the Democratic Party.
  • The abandonment of a biblical view of marriage that protected and liberated children and adults from centuries of pagan slavery, poverty, polygamy and non-life-giving sexuality.
  • The transgender agenda imposed by Obama-government edict.
  • Doubling of our national debt, economic stagnation and increased welfare dependency.
  • Increased minority unemployment, poverty and violent inner city lawlessness, with an accompanying loss of opportunity, self-determination and family stability.
  • Heightened racial division and tension, and the growing phenomenon of paid demonstrators being recruited and dispatched to instigate protests that often become riots.
  • Open borders and ‘sanctuary’ cities increasing drugs, disease, crime, gangs and terrorism.
  • Forced refugee resettlement in hundreds of American cities without citizen consent, mandated by the federal government in collusion with the United Nations. “Refugees” are primarily non-assimilating Muslims, while authorities reject persecuted Christians.
  • Hostility towards Judaeo-Christian religious liberty in our courts, media and universities including the suppression of conservative speakers, free thought and moral education.
  • The widespread, political use of the IRS to intimidate conservative, patriotic and Christian groups that disagree with the current political establishment.

Attacking the Church and Dabbling with Occultism?

Hillary Clinton and her party promise more of the same, pursued even more aggressively. Her campaign chairman, John Podesta, was revealed by Wikileaks to be scheming to disrupt the internal workings of the Catholic church, and to be receiving from his brother invitations to occult-themed dinners with a performance artist who specializes in simulated cannibalism. How much more of a warning does God need to send us about what we’re facing?

This year’s election partakes of spiritual warfare. We know the stakes. We vote with our eyes open, and bear responsibility before God and posterity for the outcome.

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  • Wayne Cook

    According to FBI documents, Clinton is the re imaging of Caligula.

  • Charles Burge

    I want to start by stressing that I am NOT writing in defense of Hillary Clinton. I think she is an absolutely despicable person, not deserving of anyone’s support.

    Having said that, I take issue with your term “selective moral outrage”. What do you propose is selective about my moral outrage? I understand quite well that no candidate is perfect. However, I think there needs to be a minimum standard of integrity and decency, and in my view, neither Mrs. Clinton nor Mr. Trump meet that standard.

    As for your bullet points, #2 (the abandonment of a biblical view of marriage) would seem to cast Mrs. Clinton in a better light than Mr. Trump, and significantly so. Her faults are many, to be sure, but abandonment of a Biblical view of sex and marriage doesn’t seem to be one of them – at least not as practiced in her personal life. Contrast that with Mr. Trump, who abandoned not one but two wives in favor of younger women, but also openly brags about committing adultery (and to my knowledge has never demonstrated any contrition about it).

    Getting back to selectivity, I’m seeing plenty of it in this piece.

    • Billy Chickens

      Excuse me, Charles? Stop being so annoyingly obtuse. “Biblical view of marriage” means marriage between a man and a woman. In the Old Testament that meant a man and many wives or a man, his wife and his concubine (Abraham). Kelly infers to the fact that the Obama administration wants sodomy to be equal to marriage between a man and a woman. Are you so spectacularly sinless and above everyone else that you are sightless as to the future? You people are beyond help for no one can open your sightless eyes. Me…I’m a poor deplorable chicken and proud of it.

      • Earl Baker

        “You people are beyond help for no one can open your sightless eyes”

        Umm, why are you talking like that? Am I supposed to believe that is scripture?

        I can play that game too. “I doth beseech you, do not to bow down to thine cheeto colored idol.”

        • Billy Chickens

          Yeah, I think “sightless eyes” in the Bible somewhere just as is, “Your head is stucketh in the sand”.

      • Charles Burge

        I was simply pointing out that the bullet point doesn’t work very well as a defense for Donald Trump.
        Trump – 2 divorces, 3 wives, habitual infidelity
        Clinton – married to the same man for 30+ years, no infidelity on her part (that we know of).

        However ,you missed (probably on purpose) my main point. My moral outrage is NOT SELECTIVE, and I resent the implication that it is.

        • Randy Shewmake

          No infidelity for Clinton? Are you kidding? Does the name Vince Foster ring a bell? How did it end up for him?

          As a former government employee, often privileged to work with the secret service agents guarding our presidents, I will tell you that the reports on Hillary were that she was the most foul mouthed, contemptible person to have been in the White House in the past 40 years. She often cursed and belittled agents in private and minutes later in front of the press would say how much she appreciated and relied on that same, belittled agent. She is a discredit to herself, her gender, even the human race.

    • Jim Walker

      Charles, I’m not a US citizen and I am appalled by your reasoning or lack of.
      One has the world of evidence stack on her for being totally corrupted like a mob, with links to every single vice you can think of and you are more concerned with a guy, who like me 11 years ago, had locker talk.

  • Earl Baker

    Your first 3 protest are false.

    Trump praises Planned Parenthood. He even said he would continue funding it in the primary.

    Trump is for gay-marriage. Didn’t you watch the republican convention.

    Trump is for transgender. Didn’t you catch that he declared his bathrooms in Trump towers to be transgender friendly. Bruce Jenner in drag actually did a publicity stunt and went to Trump tower just to pee in his bathroom.

    Please quit wagging your fingers at US for not paying attention when you clearly haven’t. You’ve projected your hopes on Trump, and aren’t dealing in reality, then you scold other believers based on that projection.

    • Billy Chickens

      What are you? Nuts? Kelly is correct on all points however you have on blinkers (used in horse racing) to block out all on either side of your path so that you see only what is meant to be seen by the mainstream media.

      • Earl Baker

        I don’t have ANY mainstream media in my home. Nor do I have FOX schmooze either.

        Answer my points please. Isn’t it true that Trump holds these positions?

        When asked about defunding planned parenthood, hasn’t he praised Planned parenthood, and said they do great work and that we need to make sure it continues (AT THE REPUBLICAN DEBATE no less!)

        On transgender bathroom issues, didn’t he come out in support of it, and then make all Trump properties bathrooms transgender friendly? Did you not notice Bruce Jenners publicity stunt.

        You’re projecting.

        • Billy Chickens

          You have taken Kelly’s points and turned them into your own except backwards. And while you might not have TV, you do have a computer or Iphone which has news on it. I have no TV at all in my chicken coop, but like you, only a computer. I have not watched anything at all except the debates, never saw any of the preliminaries, and saw nothing of the GOP convention and have no idea about Bruce’s stunt, whatever that was and don’t really care.

          I think that you think you’re too good to vote for anyone who’s not as “holy”, good and perfect as you think you are and that it’s mostly a ruse so that you can be the center of attention. I mean really, when you’re with your friends do you talk about how Trump is no good and Hillary is evil and how you’re too good to vote for either?

          • Earl Baker

            Yes, your correct. I do have “news”.

            News is different than MSM (main stream media). People like myself recognize the bias and choose what’s called alternative media, the alternative press, or the free press.

            This site that you’re on is part of that. It’s news from a christian perspective, and I come to this site often. Notice that this site and its editor are VERY pro-Trump, and almost go too far and actually carry his water for him. Yet I still come here to read.

            My feeling on Trump is based on scripture and my belief that God won’t honor Trump nor Hillary, and both are a judgment on America.

          • Billy Chickens

            Either Clinton or Trump will win. Your “conscience” vote will count for nothing but satisfying your own ego. God will honor Trump…but not Hillary.

          • Earl Baker

            Yes, because in the bible it says “God resists the proud but gives grace to Trump because he joined the republican party last week”

          • Billy Chickens

            Correct! That’s right! I saw that in Scripture also….s’why I’m voting for him.

        • Dean Andrews

          No, what YOU are doing is pulling the same garbage Christians did with Romney back in 2012, when they decided they didn’t want a Mormon in the white house. Gee thanks for giving us 4 more years of Obama you clowns, and now here you “high and mighty” Christians are ONCE again fixing to hand us 4 or even 8 years of Hillary. Get off of your high horse Earl, you and those like you that nit pick every thing about a candidate because he isn’t 100% perfect. Well neither are YOU, and we are faced with an election tomorrow that will decide the fate of us all. I’m voting for Trump, and well I guess you can just sit at home and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself what a great Christian you are. I did my part, so how about doing yours instead of whining about Trump not being perfect. THAT GOES FOR ALL OF YOU HERE WHO ARE CHRISTIANS AND ARE ONCE AGAIN CHOOSING TO SIT THE ELECTION OUT WHICH WILL ONCE AGAIN HAND THE COUNTRY OVER TO EVIL. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

          • Earl Baker

            I’m not staying home. I’m going out and voting my conscience. If that makes me the problem, so be it.

            And no matter who wins I won’t celebrate or pat anyone on the back.

            Satan has 2 candidates in this race.

          • Billy Chickens

            And your conscience tells you how smart you are? That you are so much more morally superior than others? My conscience is telling me that you are arrogant, selfish and don’t give a hoot about America, the unborn or that Sharia Law will take over before Hillary’s 8 years are up.

          • Dean Andrews

            Now that the election is over, it makes you damn fool. And we know you voted for HIllary Earl, so suck it up now that your beloved honey bunny lost to a better person. You aren’t a Christian, you are a mockery to the faith and a fool who follows other fools. So keep patting yourself on the back and tell yourself how great you are. It’s pathetic.

          • Earl Baker

            I voted for Darell Castle.

            Take your meds.

        • enigma721

          Trump said he WOULD DEFUND Planned Parenthood if they continue Abortion. As for the Transgender thing he said the State should decide such things. He is also for School Choice, to include Christian Schools. America First over Global interests. Border Control and Immigration Reform. Clinton wants Open Borders and wants to increase Syrian refugees by 550%. And JOBS, JOBS.

    • hillary is for the murder of 9 month fetus’s in the womb trump isnt case closed. jeremiah 1 verse 5 the lord knows us in the womb.

    • Mo86

      Yep. This.

  • John 14:27

    I think that this a good article and wish it had been posted maybe a week or two ago. Yes, both Trump and the Clintons have a great deal of compromise in their lives, but the difference is that Trump will deal with some of the problems we are facing proactively, i.e. open borders, trade and outsourcing, stronger military, ObamaCare, weeding out people who leech off the social welfare system, etc., while Hillary Clinton will only make these things much, much, much … much worse! Under Trump we have a chance of getting some decent moderate to conservative supreme court justices who can deal with our country sanely whereas with Mrs. Clinton in charge, we’ll get a bunch of super-liberal, anti-constitution/anti-religious liberty judges. If HRC is elected, America as we know it will be no more. There will be a progressive liberal globalist bureaucracy. Trump sees our country spiralling downward and really cares about what’s happening to America. He doesn’t need money and power – he already has all of that. Also, according to Jim Robison and other evangelicals, Trump seems very open to their counsel when they have met. We need to pray for this election, both candidates and the USA.

  • SaveOurNation

    Things that you can trust more than killery folks….

    • Mexican tap water
    • A wolverine with a ‘pet me’ sign
    • A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
    • A straight edge shave from Jodi Arias
    • A “Coin Toss” at a local Iowa Caucus
    • An elevator ride with Ray Rice
    • A night out with Aaron Hernandez
    • Brian Williams memory
    • A cigar offered to me by Bill Clinton
    • Pete Carroll coaching decisions
    • Loch Ness monster sightings
    • OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection
    • Pinocchio
    • A North Korea “Satellite” launch
    • Hilary Clinton’s investigation into Benghazi
    • Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton
    • MSNBC’s news reports
    • Gas station Sushi
    • Killery’s claim that no American lives were lost in Libya
    • A Jimmy Carter economic plan
    • Bill Clinton’s claim he never had inappropriate relationships
    • An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran
    • Michael Jackson’s Doctor
    • MeCHA, La Raza, and LULAC’s claim they’re not racists
    • A Jeffery Dahmer dinner invitation
    • Obama’s investigation into the IRS Targeting Scandal
    • The Boy that cried Wolf
    • The verification of Oblamo’s birth certificate
    • Harry Reid’s exercise equipment
    • Tying Anthony Weiner’s shoes
    • The direct number to the State Department in case of a riot
    • A factory packed parachute
    • Biden’s home defense shotgun plan
    • A kiss from Judas
    • An Afghan wearing a backpack
    • A Supreme Court decision
    • Keeping my healthcare plan
    • A police report filed by former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields
    • A North Korea trial by jury
    • A BIC pen that doesn’t leak
    • Flint Michigan water supply
    CA State Senator Kevin de Leon’s knowledge of firearms (ghost gun “dispensing” 30 round caliber clip in 1/2 sec. )
    • A chinese newspaper
    • Bill Clinton at a Girl Scout convention.
    • Baghdad Bob’s intel reports
    • Prayers from Glenn Beck
    • Lying Ted’s version of “truth”
    • Electronic Voting Machines
    • Paul “let’s repeal- VACATE THE CHAIR” Ryan…..
    • A business proposition from the Nigerian Minister of Finance
    • A week old tuna fish sandwich found on a filthy city bus

  • Stacy

    I agree with this and thankfully I don’t personally know any believers planning to neglect voting, especially voting Republican for the most part. But I am dismayed that there are short-sighted believers unable to see what plans are lurking around the corner for this nation. These plans to destroy us have been in the works for years. They are highly strategic and are proving successful so far. We have been asleep far too long. Even in my own state, we have one running for governor under the Republican banner, but has his sights set on becoming POTUS and then the UN. He and his wife are a cleaner, more acceptable version of the Clinton’s. They have impressive accomplishments and degrees from top universities like Harvard. I believe part of the plan is to overtake both parties to achieve their goals.

    And I also believe God has sent many Jonah’s to this great nation. Kelly, thank you for your writings. I’m certain you know as one from Harvard, that though some have PhD’s, many still do not know their right hand from their left. I am uncertain of God’s mercy on this nation. We must fast and pray.

  • Mo86

    “I feel compelled to challenge the selective moral outrage of evangelicals who have identified as #NeverTrump and have encouraged fellow believers to waste their votes on protest candidates.”

    And I feel compelled to remind everyone that we must vote our conscience.

    If I believed Trump would do some of the things he’s said, I’d have held my nose and voted for him. But he has given me zero reason to believe he will do anything he’s said.

    • Randy Shewmake

      It’s sad that you feel Trump may not do everything he said. I can promise you that Hillary will do EVERYTHING she has said. That alone should be enough for anyone to vote for Trump!

  • Michael Gore

    Upon reading the link about the “artistic” simulated cannibalism, it brings to mind Jeremiah:

    Jeremiah 17:9
    “The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?

  • Henry Wilson

    Agreed. An imperferct politician who promises to respect our religious liberty and freedom is preferable, no matter his moral imperfections, to that of a female Damian preparing for the final assault on once Christian America.

  • Daniel Michaels

    Let’s see what tune you holy rollers are whistling after two years of Trump. Christians? Don’t make me laugh. What would Jesus say? He’d be more pissed than when he threw the money changers from the temple. Rationalize your vote any way you want. Wait until you see what this demagogue does.

  • OriginalRS

    Read this after 11/8th, but really want to say how much I appreciate it. The idea that I was being “fooled” somehow, as a conservative Catholic voting for Trump, was nothing but a ridiculous insult to my intelligence. I expect to have my intelligence insulted every day, of course, by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and others, but to have some of the conservative commentariat at National Review and elsewhere lecture me that Trump was a “charlatan”, was a “fraud”, was a this and a that was really too much. As a Christian, I voted this election out of self-defense. When decent people are losing their businesses, their bakeries, their florist shops, their photography studios, because they’re not on board with the hippest iterations of sexual liberationsism, Heaven Forbid, then I have little other choice. If Trump goes with Bill Pryor to take Scalia’s seat, or someone similar who will hopefully be just as good, then I will know I chose correctly. The Democrats are now a party riven with cultural marxism and are an absolute danger to me as a Christian. I vote accordingly.

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