Does the Catholic Church Owe Sinead O’Connor an Apology?

By Mark Judge Published on August 23, 2018

It was one of the most famous career self-immolations in entertainment history.

On October 3, 1992, singer Sinead O’Connor went on Saturday Night Live. And tore up a photograph of Pope John Paul II.

O’Connor, who’d had a huge hit in 1990 with “Nothing Compares 2 U,” had just performed an a cappella cover of Bob Marley‘s “War.” O’Connor changed some of these lyrics to represent the plight of abused youth. When she was done, O’Connor held up the photo. “We have confidence in good over evil,” she sang. Then she tore up the picture and tossed the pieces at the camera. “Fight the real enemy,” she said.


Sinéad O’ Connor – WAR – TV show Saturday Night Live (1992) from Cris Piaseinsa on Vimeo.

Nobody Knew Why

The public was baffled, outraged. Her career quickly tanked. Yet in the light of current scandals involving the Catholic Church, we need to ask ourselves: What was she really saying? And why?

In the wake of the recent revelations about widespread sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, and the cover-up of the abuse by bishops and cardinals, O’Connor’s story, and her struggle, take on new relevance. Tearing up the picture of John Paul II on national television was a mistake. To be sure. But we ought to look back now at the anguish behind the act.



The Magdalene Laundries

O’Connor was just 14 in 1980 when she was sent to the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity laundry, in Dublin, after she was labeled a “problem child.” Our Lady of Charity was a “Magdalene Laundry,” one of the notorious workhouses run by Catholic religious orders in Ireland which have since been shut down. O’Connor once told an interviewer: “We were girls in there, not women, just children really. And the girls in there cried every day.”

She went on:

It was a prison. We didn’t see our families, we were locked in, cut off from life, deprived of a normal childhood. We were told we were there because we were bad people. Some of the girls had been raped at home and not believed. … One girl was in because she had a bad hip and her family didn’t know what to do with her.

O’Connor was in the facility for 18 months.

Perhaps seeking closure, on the eve of the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland for the World Meeting of Families, the singer has asked for an official certificate of excommunication from the church.

Trauma Has Consequences

More than 25 years have passed since O’Connor’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. Thanks to advances in science and the plight of modern soldiers with PTSD, we now understand much more about what happens when a person suffers trauma from abuse. It can leave him ashamed of his own appearance. Terrified of intimacy. Bedeviled — and thrilled — by the adrenaline that once made coping with the impossible … possible.

In light of her story, O’Connor doesn’t seem like an egotistic pop star who had a bad night on television. Or a bigot. Instead, she appears as a woman whose youthful trauma mapped out her subsequent choices. A beautiful woman, O’Connor shaved off all of her hair and wore military clothes and boots.

While she is known for the Prince-written smash “Nothing Compares 2 U,” O’Connor’s own songs reveal a person struggling with terrible pain while reaching for holiness.

Like O’Connor, I was born in the 1960s, was raised Catholic, and spent most of my life under the papacy of John Paul II. There our roads diverge. Most of my teachers, many of them priests and nuns, were true followers of Christ. They modeled the best kind of behavior and were inspirational in their adherence to the liberation of the gospels. Some others? Authoritarian bullies or creepy sex deviants who never should have been allowed near kids.

John Paul II was a genuine moral giant. When he went to Poland in 1979 and delivered the first blow in the chain of events that would end the Cold War, we saw the Catholic Church at it best and most spiritually potent. But while John Paul was confronting evil behind the Iron Curtain, in Ireland and America, the devil was hard at work in Catholic churches and seminaries. Sinead O’Connor was just ahead of her time in seeing it and saying it.

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  • Nick Stuart

    Seems pretty tame compared to SNL nowadays.

  • tz1

    So would she have supported locking away the priest and rest and ending the lavender seminaries that were closer to SF Bathhouses?

    Tearing up a picture of John Paul II says nothing except you hate him. It isn’t a bill of charges (like Luther’s nailing it), or a specific complaint where he can take action.

    I can say Trump should pardon X or do Y by executive order.
    Or I can go face down into a bowl of Cheetos while using “Trump is a poopy head” as a mantra.

    Darkness must be fought with light, not more darkness. Evil must be fought by good, not internecine warfare.

    • Rick

      Victims of abuse cry out for help, and also try to dumb the pain, in many different ways. Tearing up a picture of the pope spoke volumes of the pain she had endured. If only there had been someone who heard those cries, and could have introduced her to the One that could heal her wounds. I am eternally grateful for the person that God brought in to my life (many moons ago) who did just that.

      • No, it spoke of her devilry and deep reprobate mind.

        Are you a member of the Church (the actual Church) or do you just assume your “internal forum” (aka ego and wishful thinking) is equitable to Christ as a liscence to assume salvation for yourself?

        • Rick

          The Pharisees (the “actual church” of the day) were quick to point out, condemn and demand justice for any sin committed. Jesus offers forgiveness for all sins.

          • The pharisees sought to be lenient to powerful people in the hopes of being well liked. They were also ancient, proto-marxian revolutionaries.

            It is a grave sin to not feel anger and hatred in the face of evil. Via this, it is also a grave sin to not condemn and demand justice for sin. This is part of the Just War Doctrine of the Church.

            In fact, you are judged as totally complicit for every sin you see that you either ignore or permit to happen. For this same reason, parents are damned alongside their children regardless of the parent’s personal innocence.

            Moving on, there can be no forgiveness without total repentance and then penance. This is why deathbed conversions or confessions don’t work. Sorry if you were planning on either.

            Assuming you are automatically forgiven, or that you have salvation merely because your ego finds the idea pleasing to give you free lisence to do all manner of evil, is the par excellence example of blasphemy outside of suicide and attacking God, the Church, or Holy people.

            Speaking of blasphemy, that is why you love this woman: because she blasphemes against God and His Church just as you do. Therefore you feel you have found a kindred spirit for yourself in this vile devil worshiper.

          • Rick

            You will know them by their fruits. Matthew 7:16.

            Since I strongly suspect that you truly enjoy “stirring the pot”, and that it comes natural to you, I’m done.

          • yes, the fruits of the Church are the Sacraments and civilization along with everything you take for granted.

            The fruit of the prot heresy is communism, gnsotic resurgence, and an ever-increasing list of “denominations” every time one has a differing “word of knowledge” from another prot.

      • tz1

        Doing something stupid or ineffective is just that. If Sinead O’Connor did more than rip up a picture (of a different Pope than what she was bothered about) it might have made a difference.

        Instead she, by her desire to virtue signal instead of take effective action, perpetuated the problems.

  • RT Neary

    Sadly, she went after the wrong person. That is inexcusable! God rest your soul St. Pope John Paul II You were a beautiful example of the Faith..

    • Paul

      I have no opinion about the singer but isn’t the Pope the man in charge of the Catholic church? If many people in a company were involved in bad deeds while on the job doesn’t its CEO have some responsibility for the culture of the company that allows that to happen?

      • God is in charge of the Church. Actual God Himself, not your ego pretending to be God.

        What “culture” are you speaking of? The scandal was sodomites doing what sodomites do, and sodomy is rightfully rejected by the Church. So how does this reflect on the Church?

        Secondly, you appear to be going from the prot heresy to the donatist heresy. The office of the clergy is not affected by the people occupying the office at a moment. The Church is eternal and indivisible, and so are the offices within her.

        • Paul

          A culture that allowed these sexual predators to continue to have access to more victims instead of having them arrested.

          All your talk of heresies is no comfort to a kid that was raped by a priest.

          • The scandal was sodomites and young men, many of which legal age. What kids?

            Also what priests? Do you know what kind of sin that sodomy is?

          • Paul

            What kids? Have you been living under a rock?

          • The scandal was young men and sodomites, so what kids?

          • Paul

            grand jury report media-downloads(DOT)pacourts(DOT)us/InterimRedactedReportandResponses(DOT)pdf?cb=42148


            “We were given the job of investigating child sex abuse in six dioceses – every diocese in the state except Philadelphia and Altoona -Johnstown, which were the subject of previous grand juries. These six dioceses account for 54 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. We heard the testimony of dozens of witnesses concerning clergy sex abuse.

            We subpoenaed, and reviewed, half a million pages of internal diocesan documents. They contained credible allegations against over three hundred predator priests. Over one thousand child victims were identifiable, from the church’s own records. We believe that the real number – of children whose records were lost, or who were afraid ever to come forward – is in the thousands.

            Most of the victims were boys; but there were girls too. Some were teens; many were pre- pubescent. Some were manipulated with alcohol or pornography. Some were made to masturbate their assailants, or were groped by them. Some were raped orally, some vaginally, some anally. But all of them were brushed aside, in every part of the state, by church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers and their institution above all”

          • Is that tripe an official court document? Reads like it was written by a blogger, even including the begging the question of saying there are more just because.

            The scandal was sodomites and their grooming of young men. This is what sodomites do.

            The Church rejects sodomy, and since it is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance, it incurs a latae sententiae excommunication. sodomites cannot also be validly ordained.

            All you are doing is attempting to blame the Church for what its enemies do. That is marxist (though really gnostic) in origin.

            Why do you do this? Because you hate the Church as a vain attempt to ignore the Church.

            Why does the media and otherwise do this? To cover up what sodomites do in order to further use sodomites as a political weapon.

          • Paul

            It is a grand jury report. Your denial of child sex abuse at the hands of Catholic leaders won’t make it go away. The bankruptcy of several diocese from paying settlements won’t make it go away, the over a billion dollars in cost to the various Catholic corporations won’t make it go away.

          • Who writes these reports? That is the most insulting, libelous trash I have seen in a long time. Their reasoning boils down to “there has to be more because we say so.”

            Trying to bankrupt the Church with evidenceless accusations will not make the Church go away. Similarly, smearing the Church will not make it go away any more than your hatred of the Church lets you ignore it. Clearly you cannot ignore the Church at all, as your heresy has no foundation or dogmas, only scurrilous attacks against the Church.

            Once more, the scandal was sodomites grooming young men, as sodomites do. you dodged the question of how could this possibly reflect on the Church if the Church fundamentally rejects sodomy.

            Moreso, where is your condemnation of sodomy? Why are you trying to embelish the scandal to be something it isn’t to attack the Church? The reason is simple: YOU are aiding and abetting in a cover-up of what sodomites are and do by trying to scapegoat the Church.

          • Paul

            Your denial won’t make it go away, neither will the billions of dollars spent in court and settlements for the vile and disgusting acts of Catholic priests against kids. Your level of delusion is extraordinary.

          • Kathy

            Infatuation is most commonly associated with a romantic interest in another human being. This person’s comments prove it applies to an institution as well. Definition of infatuated: 1. lacking sound judgement; foolish. 2. completely carried away by foolish or shallow love and affection.

          • Again, the scandal was sodomites and young men. What kids? Even your quote says the “kids” mentioned were teenagers.

            I will once more ask for your total condemnation of sodomy.

          • Paul

            Where on earth do you get any notion that I in any way support sodomy? Nice try.

            As for kids, are you trying to somehow claim that it is OK or less bad to molest teenagers? Disgusting. A kid or child is a person not yet an adult. A priest has no business getting his sexual jollies outside of marriage, and most especially not by being a sex predator on kids.

          • you are trying to cover for it by scapegoating the Church. you may only be here trying to serve your dark master by attacking the Church, but the side-effect is that you are trying to distract from what sodomy is and does.

            I once more ask how the Church can be judged for what sodomites do when the Church rejects sodomy.

          • Trilemma

            The Church and be judged because the church knew about what the sodomites were doing and did nothing to stop it. That makes The Church complicit.

          • Do you reject sodomy normally? This is uncharacteristic of you, kudos.

            sodomy excommunicates you, and Faithless Bishops took the words of secular psychiatrists over common sense.

          • Trilemma

            How many sodomite priests have been excommunicated?

          • All of them, nor could they be validly ordained. They are still ordained so their sacraments are valid, but the “biological solution” will get to that.

          • Trilemma

            Theodore McCarrick hasn’t been excommunicated. Can you name some who have been excommunicated?

          • Yes he has, latae sententiae. Do you know what that means?

          • Paul

            LOL, that’s how you go around denying the vile acts of your priests, claiming they are not actual priests because they broke the law. So why has the Catholic church paid out billions for the vile actions of people who you claim are not actually part of the Catholic church? Let me tell you why, because they were and many still are in the Catholic church. Your feeble defense is worthless.

          • Because accusations like this cannot be proven or disproven as there is only hearsay evidence. Therefore the court cases are costly and designed to drag on for years to bankrupt the Church. It is easier to just pay the settlement.

            Latae Sententiae means someone is automatically excommunicated from the Church by their actions, usually breaking a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance or supporting one.

          • Paul

            If they are still in their position in the Catholic church then Latae Sententiae means nothing.

          • It means everything. It is a spiritual quality, and is valid whether it is recognized or not.

          • Paul

            Tell that to the kids molested by priests, I’m sure it will give them great comfort

          • Why not to unicorns or trump’s Russian colluders if we are going to dip into absurdity?

          • Paul

            Yes, you are indeed absurd

          • Paul

            My dark master? That’s comical coming from the person who denies his priests were raping kids. I’m done discussing this with a crack pot

          • Yes, the dark master that leads you to blaspheme and attack.

            Again, the scandal was sodomites and young men, kids implies very young children.

          • Paul

            No, kids implies not yet an adult. Stop trying to make the actions of your sexual predatory priests seem less bad. Own it, admit the truth, the truth will set you free.

          • Many of the victims were legal age. you embellish the scandal to be about kids to cover for sodomites who actually attack children. Also to cover the newest political movement which is the push for pedophilia.

            Once more, how can any of this reflect on the office of the Priests or Bishops? How can the Church be at fault when sodomy is explicitly rejected?

          • Paul

            I haven’t embellished anything, simply reading the report. Your denial is no comfort for the victims.

          • you have as you are trying to claim it was pedophilia in an attempt to cover up the pedophilia in hollywood, by sodomites, and by teachers/police (who are the most likely to do this kind of thing).

          • Paul

            Cover up? If there is pedophilia happening anywhere I am happy to expose it, the Catholic church included.

          • Then where is your rejection of sodomy, teachers, hollywood, and the police?

            Priests are the least likely to absuse anyone, teachers/police the most. Not to mention that the scandal was sodomites and young men. If you wanted to expose pedophilia, why go after the Church that has nothing to do with that at all?

            The answer is simple, you are scapegoating the Church in a cover up.

          • Paul

            deflection won’t rid the Catholic church of sexual predator priests

          • Neither will baseless claims make it the case.

  • Rob Abney

    If we adhere to the principle of subsidarity then she is owed an apology by her family and by the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity.

    • Apologize for her blasphemy first.

      • Rob Abney

        To who?

        • God, the Church, the Saint she tried to attack, humankind, anyone with sanity or good taste.

          blasphemy cries to Heaven for vengeance, it is the least she could do.

  • No, the Church should have to apologize to the devil or his minions.

    • Jacob Miller

      Sinead O’Connor is the devil? What?!?

      The point is… she was spoke truth about The Church and people berated her mercilessly for it.

      And, it seems like you are still doing it.

      • That woman is a devil worshiper, yes. Spitting on the Church that God created and is the head of is “truth” to you? No, the woman tried to desecrate a picture of Pope St John Paul II, the only truth in that is the hatred and blasphemy of attacking a Holy man.

        you remind me of something by Chesterton:

        This is the last and most astounding fact about this faith; that its enemies will use any weapon against it, the swords that cut their own fingers, and the firebrands that burn their own homes. Men who begin to fight the Church for the sake of freedom and humanity end by flinging away freedom and humanity if only they may fight the Church.

  • Trilemma

    Yes, the Catholic Church owes her an apology. The Catholic Church owes many people an apology.

    • For what? Telling people the truth, which challenges your ego?

      • Trilemma

        It needs to apologize for the abusive treatment Sinead had to endure. In June 2015, the Pope apologized to the Waldensians. Did the Catholic Church owe them an apology?

        • Who?

          As I said elsewhere here, the Church should not apologize to the devil or his minions.

          • Trilemma

            Sinead was not the devil or one of his minions when she was mistreated by the Catholic Church. She was a victim. If you don’t know who the Waldensians are then you need to read up on your church history. The Catholic Church should apologize for the evils it has done even if you think the victims are minions of the devil.

          • The reprobate you speak of is a devil worshipper.

            What evil has the Church done?

          • Trilemma

            It doesn’t matter even if she were a devil worshiper. If the Catholic Church mistreated her, then it should apologize.

            What the Catholic Church did to the Waldensians was evil.

          • It does matter, as the absurd demoniac tried to desecrate an image of the Pope.

            The people you speak of seem like iconoclasts, so destruction of holy things seems to be a common desire in your head.

          • Trilemma

            The Pope is a man just like any other man. Tearing up a picture of him is not a sin.

            Are you saying the Catholic Church was justified in doing what it did to the Waldensians and the Pope shouldn’t have apologized to the Waldensians?

          • The Pope is the successor of St Peter and the umpire of the Church. Attacking any Holy man is blasphemy as you are attacking their office. The act of blasphemy is expecially apparent considering Pope St John Paul II is a Saint and terror of the same demons that o’connor sold her will to for fame.

            One wonders if you will ever repent of your repeated, often to-the-minute, incurring of mortal sin upon yourself.

            The iconoclasts are about as evil as they come, in all the sick forms they take. Whether they are trying to burn Churches or just tearing up images of the Pope. It is nonsense, and you are complicit in it for supporting it.

          • Trilemma

            The office of Pope was created by Roman emperors after Christianity was made the official religion of the Roman Empire. So Peter was never The Pope. The Bible is clear that all Christians are saints and not just those that the Catholic Church picks. Praying to a man such as the Pope is idolatry just like making a graven image (such as a crucifix) and bowing down before it which against the Ten Commandments. When Sinead tore up the picture of Pope John Paul II, he was still alive and had not been made a saint by the Catholic Chrurch.

            Should the Pope have apologized to the Waldensians for what the Catholic Church did to them?

          • St Peter is the first Pope, named by Christ Himself and then consecrated at Pentecost by the Holy Spirit.

            The Bishops of the Church succeed the Apostles, who were themselves the first Bishops of the Church named by Christ and consecrated at Petecost by the Holy Spirit.

            They were consecrated at Pentecost because that was the birthday of the Church. We have an unbroken line of successors to both St Peter and the other Apostles.

            Both Heaven and hell begin on earth, so if Pope St John Paul II is a saint now, then he was a saint when the devil worshiping iconoclast tore up his picture. Moreso, you cannot separate a religious from their Office, so attacking one Priest is an act of blasphemy as it means you are attacking the very office of the Priesthiod. Similarly, attacking a Pope attacks the entire Papacy.

            Do you have any idea what that does to your soul? By that I mean the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance of blasphemy. Clearly the demon oppressing or possessing you knows what it will do to you, and wants as many counts of it against your soul as they can make you perform.

            As I told you who knows how many times, one should never apologize to the devil or his minions. That includes iconoclasts like sinead, yourself, and the waldensians.

          • Trilemma

            Please quote the Bible verses where Jesus made Peter the Bishop of Rome; where Jesus made Peter the Bishop of Bishops; where Jesus made Peter the vicarious presence of God.

            If you believe a picture of the Pope is anything more than just paper and pigment and is somehow holy, then that’s idolatry.

            Since the Pope apologized to the Waldensians, do you believe the Pope committed a serious sin against God?

          • The Pope is the umpire of the Church and th successor to St Peter. If you are going to ask me for justification for what you think the One True Faith entails, it would be best to check up on what the One True Faith actually entails.

            It is like asking me for a justification for why people were tortured during the Inquisition. I can’t justify that because it never happened. The Inquisition was a legal and counterterrorist body who brought criminal’s to trial and then turned them over to the state to be executed them for their crimes if convicted.

            As for scripture: St Peter is the Rock the Church was built on. The Church was established at Pentecost, and that is the day the Apostles were made the first Bishops of the Church. St Peter was sent to establish a Church right under ceasars nose. St Peter wanted to escape Rome to escape execution, but was asked by Christ where he was going; when Christ was asked why he was walking into Rome, Christ replies that he was to be crucified there.

            The image on that picture is of a Holy man, the successor of St Peter, and a Saint (an actual Saint, not what prots blasphemously claim for themselves). When the devil worshipper attacked the picture, she was attacking the office of the man and God Himself by way of his servant. Just like you are. Just like the iconoclasts were.

            A pope can apologize to our enemies, they have free will; their foolishness is their own not the Church’s. Not the pope apologized to iconoclasts, then that is his own effort at appeasement out of fear and does not change the truth.

            Please inform your demon that these childish traps you keep setting for me are tiresome.

          • Jim

            The sickness is the pedophiles in the catholic church.

          • you mean sodomites. Of which sodomy excommunicates you.

            So are they in the Church?

          • Jim

            The poop is no one special. Just some guy who thinks he can talk to the supernatural

          • The Pope is the successor to St Peter and acts and an arbiter and rulekeeper for the Faith.

          • Jim

            Prove it mr wizard

          • Prove what?

        • NeverMueller

          Yes. His church hunted them down and slaughtered them.

    • NeverMueller

      The Catholic church owes humanity an apology

  • jenniferc2112

    Everyone who condemned her owes her an apology. Obvious abuses from the church caused such trauma she reacted in a way caused by her mental abuse to point to others that it needs to stop. Don’t kill the messenger for their battle scars at the hands of the enemy. Don’t let their be one more victim!!

    There is no institution that cannot be called out for abuse of it’s members, particularly children.

    • No, the devil worshiper deserves every condemnation she can get for attacking a Holy man.

      The only reaction o’connor had was to spit on the One True Faith in service to her dark master. That is all. The only reason you put up with this is because the prot heresy you belong to sprung out of iconoclasm which took devilish efficiency in burning Churches, killing priests, and raping nuns.

      The Church is founded by God and headed by God, it is not a mere human institution as you would sneer at it in an attempt to futilely ignore it. When one attacks a religious, they are attacking the entire office and God Himself. Do you know what that does to your soul? I fear you will find out if you don’t repent.

      • Jim

        Your pedophilic priests are the ones who deserve condemnation. Your pope should personally apologize to her.

        • The scandal was sodomites and young men. What precisely about sodomy is intrinsic to the Church that you can claim the Church is guilty of sodomy?

          Again, one should never apologize to the devil or his minions.

          • Jim

            Nope. Pedophiles.

          • Yet the scandal had little to nothing to do with kids, and everything to do with sodomites.

            Why are you covering for sodomites by trying to scapegoat the Church?

          • Jim


          • Yes, you are trying to scapegoat the Church to cover for sodomites.

          • Jim

            Nope. Pedophiles. Pope too probably

          • Do you know what a mortal sin is? calumny is a mortal sin.

          • Jim

            Sin doesn’t exist except to those who believe in the bible.

          • sin is division from God and its effects are impossible to miss.

      • jenniferc2112

        I have to wonder about someone who would defend such an institution that has time and time again been shown to be corrupt. The devilworshippers you speak of are the ones you defend.

        Sick, sad world.

        • The Church, the One True Faith crested and headed by God Himself defends herself just fine by her fruits and history. Everything you trade for granted and all of civilization is thanks to the Church alone.

          All I am doing is rejecting your error and informing you of the Truth.

          Once more, calumny is a mortal sin. So is despair. blamsphemy is even worse than that.

          • Antonio Perales

            NIGELTEAPOT: Jesus was Jewish as were his apostles. He was not Catholic. And in the original text of the New Testament the word “church” is not used. That is a translated word. Jesus honored the sabbath, kept kosher, and went to synagogue. Sadly, you follow a poor translation of a poor translation and much of which was anti-jewish

          • Christ is God, Christ established the Church and is at the head of the Church. Apparently you think Christ is a mere man and political figure; that goes with your communism.

            Christ fulfilled the Old Covenant and the Church is the perfection of Isreal. There is nothing remarkable about modern semites.

        • Antonio Perales

          They defend it because if they don’t they will have to look in the mirror and admit they followed trash and were members of a sick cult. The lie seems to be easier

      • Antonio Perales

        Pope John Paul was far from a “Holy Man”. It is well known that he was fully aware of pedo priests and was complicit in shuffling them around to other diocese. He never kicked them out of the church or reported them to the police. In Los Angeles Cardinal Mahoney stonewalled the LAPD investigation and the Vatican never stepped in. Investigations were stonewalled from the bottom all the way up to the top of the chain. Pope John Paul was good at PR, but behind it all he was dirty

        • Pope St John Paul II (as the title implies) is a Saint.

          Pope St John Paul II is a Holy man no only for being a Saint, but also because he was a Priest, Bishop, and Pope.

    • Jim


  • Ben Welliver

    Publicity ho

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