Cardinal Tobin is Mirroring George Soros’ Talking Points

By John Zmirak Published on July 12, 2017

Two reports appeared of a U.S. cardinal, Joseph Tobin of Newark, New Jersey, trash-talking Americans to the foreign press. On the Fourth of July. The Pope Francis-appointee delivered his smack-down in an interview with the French newspaper La Croix.

Before the final French elections, that paper featured a love-fest of bishops, priests and nuns. Each endorsed pro-abortion, anti-marriage open-borders socialist Emmanuel Macron. This week it gave Tobin the chance to apologize to Frenchmen. For what? The ignorance and bigotry of Americans who voted for Donald Trump. Christopher Manion wrote in The Wanderer that Tobin condemned

what he called “an exaggerated patriotism in the United States,” resonating the tone of Barack Obama’s denunciation of America’s “aggressive nationalism” just two days before.

The cardinal used the interview to broadcast his sustained vilification of voters who opposed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “I think President Trump is appealing to the dark side of Americans,” he insists. In fact, his disdain goes so far that, just after the election, he detoured from his text at Notre Dame pointedly to mock personally the evangelical faith of Vice President Mike Pence, a fallen-away Catholic….

Before Pope Francis, he explains, the backward leaders of the American Church “were very marked by John Paul II,” and as a result “many Americans have moved away from the Catholic Church or do not find the meaning they seek because they perceive it as rigid.”

The “Queer Christ”

Manion continues:

After this curious interpretation of post-Vatican II history, America’s newest cardinal lost no time making it clear just what peripheries he was open to in what his fans at The New York Times cheered as the “shifting church.” In May, he convened a special celebration to welcome “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Catholics” to his cathedral.

As The Stream reported, the mass Tobin sponsored was led by Rev. Francis Gargani, C.Ss.R. That priest gives retreats to a gay activist group that recommends as a spiritual resource the book Queer Christ.

It’s okay to call Jesus Christ “queer.” But it’s “dark” and “dangerous” to insist that immigration laws be enforced.

Immigration Laws Are “Dangerous”

Thomas Williams wrote more at Breitbart about Tobin’s message to the French:

“Donald Trump is a businessman. He says he’s always looking to close a deal,” the Cardinal said. “The bishops must beware of him, because he tells them that he will be against abortion, that he won’t force them to pay for contraception, and in return, he asks for silence concerning his disrespectful remarks toward others or on the deportation of migrants. It’s dangerous.”

“We, American Catholics, are a Church of migrants. We have always pleaded their cause,” he said.

Acts of Grave Depravity

So let’s get this straight. It’s okay to call Jesus Christ “queer.” But it’s “dark” and “dangerous” to insist that immigration laws be enforced. That’s funny, because as a Catholic I use the church’s Catechism as the guide to what we believe. And here is what the Catechism teaches about homosexual activity:

Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. (2357)

And here is what it says about the duties of would-be immigrants:

Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens (2241). [Emphasis added.]

Tobin’s Links to Soros

So Tobin pooh-poohs the fact that President Trump will protect innocent human life and religious liberty. Because in his opinion the president uses “disrespectful” language. And he wants to enforce immigration laws. Which U.S. voters elected him to do.

Cardinal Tobin is mirroring George Soros’ favorite talking points.

Cardinal Tobin is mirroring George Soros’ favorite talking points. As we revealed here at The Stream, the Latin American leftist group PICO took $650,000 from Soros’ foundations to spin Pope Francis’ U.S. visit as a campaign whistle stop tour for Hillary Clinton.

Soros’s pro-choice “Catholic” groups were exposed in the Wikileaks documents as trying to collude with the Clinton campaign. Their goal? To foster a “Catholic spring” to overthrow the “Middle Ages dictatorship” that is the church.

Some front groups sponsored by that pro-choice atheist billionaire have worked closely with U.S. bishops. Soros’ pet group PICO co-sponsored the February event in Modesto, California where 24 U.S. bishops (including Tobin) pledged to “disrupt” Trump’s policies. That included a plan to use Catholic church properties to help illegal immigrants evade American law.

Tithe to Iraq or Syria Instead

Catholics in Tobin’s archdiocese face an ugly dilemma. Their shepherd, the heir of the apostles in their area, is leading souls astray. He prefers radical politics to the teachings of his own Church. If I were a Catholic in Newark, I would express myself in the only way open to me: I would cut off all financial support to the diocese. I’d send the money instead to brave, faithful bishops who choose persecution over apostasy, in places like Iraq and Syria.

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  • Wayne Cook

    John, is Tobin a Jesuit?

    • JJM

      No. He was a Redemptorist.

      • Wayne Cook

        Never heard them

      • Wayne Cook

        He’s a bit afield.

  • john appleseed

    I’m not going to defend Trump, who is often a childish bully, even if many of his policies are good.
    But this corrupt leftist cardinal seems to be indicative of what’s happening in Catholicism.
    In the past two weeks, two sex different scandals erupted in Rome, one a cocaine-fueled homosexual orgy broken up by police.
    All of these involved are linked to Francis.

    • Wayne Cook

      You’ve never read about the brothel??

  • ImaginaryDomain

    Hey John…when are you going to see the light and move away from these catholic charlatans?

  • J. Boanerges

    ALL deviancy is traced back to mammon. Sequi Pecuniam

  • James B

    Endless politics from Pope Francis and his yes-men appointees.

  • Lori

    Since the Catholic Church get’s billions each year from our tax dollars for their many ‘charities’ and non profits, I give my tithe else where. The pope and too many cardinals and bishops are twisting the true faith and being the water boys for the left. They have enabled the increased debt and poverty we see in this country through their open boarder policies. They are part of the globalist group. Tobin and the pope echo Soros and Obama with open borders, climate change and redistribution of wealth by talking of inequality, a red flag for Marxism. Too many homosexual Marxists leaders in the church. God has to clean house.

    • JJM

      And God will do just that.

  • Jim Walker

    Tobin what god do you worship ?

    • Morenowthanever

      The one he thinks he sees in his bathroom mirror

      • Jim Walker

        With the steamy effect, it does look like a mistyical dog.

  • Thankful Catholic

    How he can boldly, unapologetically chastise Americans for not voting for his pro-abortion, pro-homosexual union, pro-euthanasia candidate, Clinton, is just such a testament to how bad things have gotten in the world with Francis. It’s pathetic, because years ago, people might complain to the Pope about an apostate priest, bishop, or cardinal, but not now. This cardinal was actually chosen by Francis and, sadly, they seem to be on the same wave length.
    We’ll just have to continue to admonish the sinner and pray that God will convert or remove him before he causes more damage and leads more souls astray.

  • Patmos

    Paul’s end time warning to Timothy: “…Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

  • Hmmm…

    Does the Pope sanction this Cardinal’s position and speech? Is this not the most blatant anti-Biblical and anti spirit of Christ person to hold such high position in this church?

  • Mal

    I wonder if the Pope will find a way to make Soros a Cardinal.

  • DomineNonSumDignus

    The organizational Roman Catholic Church has been infiltrated and usurped by immoral, marxist communist filth. The remnant faithful exists and endures daily persecution by these wolves in sheeps’ clothing. As a traditional Catholic, men like Tobin and Bergoglio do NOT represent the Church, but rather aim to pervert and destroy Her. Divine justice cannot come soon enough for these diabolical jackals in clerical attire.

  • Seamrog

    One has to wonder what photographs of Tobin in compromising situations are being used to get him to puppet this anti-Christ rhetoric.

    Either that, or his is truly deranged and evil.

    • Wayne Cook


  • AvantiBev

    So Tobin wants us to believe the American Catholics (whomever that is) have always welcomed “migrants”. Well this Italiana American invites him to kiss my culo. I recall reading and hearing accounts of how his fellow Irish Americans welcomed my fellow paisani especially the oh so warm welcome NY Archbishop Corrigan gave to Mother Francesca Cabrini: “Go home to Italy.”
    If you are a ROMAN Catholic like me, I.e., Italian Am, learn your history! It will help you laugh derisively at these self righteous fools in red hats.

  • AvantiBev

    And words mean things which is why the Soros crowd works hard to obfuscate and twist words. A migrant merely moves her feet to reposition her body. An IMMIGRANT such as my Nonno and Nonna, repositions his mind, heart and soul seeking not just his own gain but the betterment of that which he now inhabits.

  • Wayne Cook

    I grew up in South America, and every Jesuit priest I knew was in one of the terrorist groups or helped them…check their charter…Tobin sounds so much like the old school Jesuits, makes my skin crawl.

    In Brazil they got so tired of them the army shoved a hundred out of cargo planes over a jungle river. in the 60’s. Jesuits, and Tobin are corrupt. I have too much history to every like them

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