Can We Legislate Our Way to Perfection?

Vote yes or no

By William M Briggs Published on November 15, 2017

After atheist Devin Kelley attempted through mass murder to bring about his own personal Utopia at a small church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, many people advocated and sought solace in prayer. The call for this natural act triggered a good many celebrities.

Take Stephen King, a man who makes a living thinking of clever literary ways to kill and dismember. He tweeted, “Enough with praying. Time to start legislating.”

King is an entertainer and so we cannot expect him to remember that murder was already judged illegal by at least a majority of the States. But it’s his thought that legislation can be the cure for man’s fallen nature that is of real interest.

Vote Yes or No.

Can the government enact laws to bring about human perfection? Or at least heave us as close to that goal as possible?

That question was answered by the writers at The Babylon Bee, Christianity’s Onion. In response to the Texas murders, they published the article “In Move To Prevent Future Tragedies, Congress Bans Humanity’s Depraved Nature.

In a move to prevent any future tragedies of any kind, Congress passed sweeping legislation Monday that bans mankind’s totally depraved nature from the country …

“This has gone on long enough,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a press conference. “We keep saying there’s nothing we can do to prevent this, but now we see there is: just ban human nature and all these problems go away.”

“It’s the obvious solution,” he added.

Congressional projections indicate the new measure will result in a huge boost in peace, love, and harmony in every demographic across the U.S., and should cut violent death statistics down to “approximately zero” almost immediately.

All Those Who Say Aye

Some imagine a just such a future. Take Lieutenant Sulu (George Takei). He tweeted on behalf of Star Fleet:

Under the auspices of the United Federation of Planets, we not only have universal health care, we have free, universal education, housing, and food, as well as strict control of dangerous phasers. Political parties voluntarily disbanded long ago after all humans became educated.

Sulu forgot to mention the United Federation of Planets’ endless wars and bloody conflicts with aliens. All of them are fought with photon torpedoes and phasers set to Kill! Ah well.

It’s strange that these wars should have slipped his mind, though. Consider he wrote that tweet before he revealed the Russians were behind a plot to discredit him with accusations of sexual harassment? So at this point he was still thinking clearly.

Phaser-control laws

Never mind all that. Can we, in this great democracy of ours, do what our celebrity leaders imagine? If so, the sought-for legislation will have to come about by vote. Congress will have to propose enlightened laws and then vote on them. If these congresspersons have their minds aligned with Progress, then they will vote the right way. And soon everyone will be free and there will be strict control of dangerous phasers.

Now that I think of it, does anybody know why it is that a gun — or phaser — is considered safe or moral in the hands of a government employee but unsafe or immoral in the hands of the civilian? And does that judgment only apply to our government, or to all governments?

Maybe this sentiment is why so many Millennials long for a return of communism. Stalin wannabes take note.

The Insanity Defense

Anyway, an obvious wrinkle in this scheme of perfection-by-vote did not occur to King or Takei. It’s that democracies have been known to go insane. Don’t forget, for instance, that in the USA the government voted a law into its very Constitution banning alcohol.

Presumably after developing a thirst, they changed their mind and voted to again allow alcohol.

At one time, our government created laws recognizing that holy matrimony was between a man and woman. And then, one day, it was discovered these previous laws were all wrong and that “marriage” could be between two men.

Make up your minds.

This schizophrenia has been noticed. Sheikh Assim Alakeem, a popular “on-line” imam who dispenses advice about Islam tweeted:

6-The laws in USA and UK are man made and have no value to Muslims! 50 years ago, it was a crime to be homosexual! Now, it is a crime to simply voice your opinion about it. What was moral back then is not necessarily moral today!

Alakeem is right. It’s hard to know where you stand when what was right yesterday is wrong today and might be right again tomorrow. The only way King and Takei’s scheme is going to work in a system like this is to convince everybody that the Supreme Authority is government.

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