Can Dems in the House Tone Down the ‘Crazy’? Not Bloody Likely.

By John Zmirak Published on November 7, 2018

It would have been a minor miracle if the Republicans had kept the House of Representatives in this election. Not just because historical trends show that in virtually every mid-term election, the president’s party suffers. Remember that two years after Barack Obama was elected president — redeeming America from its historic sins, for millions of deluded post-Christian suburbanites — his own party lost 63 seats, more than twice as many as Donald Trump’s GOP lost last night.

But even more because the GOP House did very little to promote the President’s agenda. This was a president who won the nomination, and likely the election, for his promise to gain control over U.S. borders. In an age when European nations are having to set up classes for recent immigrants to teach them how not to rape native citizens, this issue is suddenly central. But the GOP House led by Paul Ryan did exactly nothing to address it.

Nor did it cut funding for baby-parts retailer (and massive Democratic donor) Planned Parenthood. That was another of Trump’s big campaign promises.

Imagine if the Democratic House had spent Obama’s first two years stonewalling his keystone policies. It might have lost even more than 63 seats.

I think the Democrats will play the short game, like puppies released in a butcher shop.

It’s hopeful to see that the Republicans have gained ground in the Senate, and that the composition of the Senate is much more conservative than it was. In fact, we might have 51 solid pro-life voting senators, to welcome future court appointments by President Trump. I hope that this emboldens him to choose nominees more openly committed to pro-family, Constitutional jurisprudence than he felt comfortable choosing before.

Given Ted Cruz’s surprisingly narrow victory in Texas, I think that the Senator should think long and hard about accepting an appointment to SCOTUS. He’s eminently qualified, and would fit in better there than he does in the chummy Senate. Where he is widely (alas!) disliked. 

The Democrats Might Take Their Lithium

The Democrats soon to take control of the House of Representatives could choose to play the long game. They could look to the fact that their best-funded, most left-wing candidates lost. (See Andrew Gillum and Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke.) Then choose to recast themselves.

They could pose as the party of “good governance,” against the alleged “extremist” ideology of Donald Trump, and the party which now tracks his views more closely than ever. The Democrats could adopt a more centrist position on immigration. Maybe one which doesn’t directly threaten to wreck the wages of blue collar Americans, and bankrupt state education and Medicaid budgets.

But then they’d be thumbing their noses at the people who poured $70 million into O’Rourke’s Senate campaign, and at George Soros and Tom Steyer, who funded Gillum. They’d be flouting the zest for revenge that animates most MSM editors, SNL writers, and Antifa activists. In other words, they’d be whizzing on the fire that gave them their recent, narrow victory. And that’s the kind of thing Republicans do, but Democrats don’t.

But They Won’t.

No, Democrats are not the party of impulse control. They’re the party of “Canoodle with Harvey Weinstein until he gets caught, then denounce the monster as if we’d never met him.” They’re the party of “You get to choose your biological sex depending on how you feel.” And of “Let’s all have a vegan barbecue to benefit Planned Parenthood.” In other words, they’re insane. No, really.

The Democrats have ceased to be a mainstream, patriotic party. Some of the candidates they slipped through by narrow margins might have talked a different game, to get elected. But they will quickly see that there is no future whatsoever for pragmatism or prudence in a party that has succumbed to a charismatic passion of a new, pagan religion.

So I think the Democrats will play the short game, like puppies released in a butcher shop. I think they will vote to impeach Donald Trump, based on anything or nothing. They will also move forward in impeaching Brett Kavanaugh, and perhaps several members of the cabinet. I fully expect them to cave to the demands of shrieking activists that they defund the agency ICE, cutting off our country’s power to remove dangerous criminals. I don’t think they can help it.

Democrats are not the party of impulse control. They’re the party of “Party with Harvey Weinstein until he gets caught then denounce the monster as if we’d never met him.” They’re the party of “You get to choose your biological sex depending on how you feel.” And of “Let’s all have a vegan barbecue to benefit Planned Parenthood.”

They haven’t just poured out the Kool Aid. They have drunk it, down to the dregs. So in the short run, I expect bad things for our country. I think that the House will withhold crucial funding for defense and other necessities. They won’t fund a wall. They will try to adopt something even closer than Obamacare already is to a single-payer, Cuban-style health plan. (By the way, when a Democrat says “Medicare for All,” what he really means is “Medicaid for YOU.”)

Get Ready for the Backlash

And that will backfire. Donald Trump showed the power of his message when he boosted, and probably saved, perhaps a dozen GOP candidates. Liberals vastly overestimate their success in demonizing him and his supporters. They will go on doing so. They will take this narrow victory as a vast sign of vindication. Then go on presenting Kathy Griffin, Alec Baldwin, and Chelsea Handler as the public face of America’s left.

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If they do, Donald Trump will roar to a landslide win in 2020, and capture both houses of Congress securely.

Of course, they could suddenly discover the art of prudence and the practice of self-restraint. They could rebuke the angry mobs who have become the core constituency of Democratic activists, and move the party back to the vital center.

And I might grow sixteen inches and go play for the NBA.

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  • Baronsamedi1925

    We will find out if the president know the art of the deal

    • don smith

      the left does not want a deal . they want destruction.

      • Baronsamedi1925

        He will have to if he wants to get any done.

  • LgVt

    Dems’ overall performance was lacking, yes. But what happened in certain states–in particular, Michigan and Wisconsin–is alarming. They’re likely to conclude that even if they go overboard, they’ll still be able to flip back the “blue wall” states and take the White House in 2020…and considering what happened last night, there’s a good chance that they’re right.

    • A 25-35 seat pickup was one expensive victory for Dems, especially given that much of their money was wasted (TX, FL). It’s just enough to encourage them to stay the course, and they will. What that means for 2020 is likely a repeat of 2016 — they will be filled with false hope because they overestimated how many people actually agree with them.

      • Bullseye

        Unfortunately most people do agree with the Democrats, as the world is getting more and more wicked. So a 2020 win for them shouldn’t be surprising. Many unrighteous and self-righteous individuals vote in the ungodly left.

        They should have actually also won in 2016, but praise God for His miracle and grace.

        • jgmusgrove

          I am concerned that a generation of letting the Left run our schools has lulled our children into thinking the “free stuff” of Socialism can really be free; the MSM will never tell them otherwise or about Venezuela.
          The Republicans should have “presented” the voters with their $20,000/per person/year tax bill for Medicare-For-All to bring them back to reality. ($32,000,000,000,000 divided by 320,000,000 people divided by 10 years divided by 50% of the population who actually pay taxes).

        • Chip Crawford

          Most Americans do not agree with the Democrats – political correctness and government control. It’s prayer and getting that vote out that has swung things. Miracles and grace show up when they are believed and prayed for. They actually did this 2018 election. The same factors are available in 2020. They should never win. Too many good people are silent, perhaps giving you and others the impression of the evil being the majority. Factually, studies and data reveal that Christian and freedom loving self government are the preference in the populace. Those have voiced their perspective. Evil triumphs when enough good men do nothing. They are hating PC and globalism in Europe, and wish to throw it off. It is the power of calling on God, exercising the Christian stewardship over our nation that prevails. They should not have and never in the future win. They should not! God holds us responsible to pray and believe as he told us and speak out.

    • don smith

      Out side money flipped Michigan 200 million dollars was spent

      • Chip Crawford

        Well, big Dem money was poured into the Texas senate race, along with “star power,” but they didn’t prevail. Oprah et al couldn’t prevail in Georgia. The “heavy lifting” done in Florida couldn’t stop two battling Repubs from prevailing. HRC’s major spending didn’t prevail for her. Did Michigan actually flip? I think the winner was a long-standing Dem incumbent. We may have the Trump effect going on, but mostly more Christian prayer and turnout. I’m looking forward to Scott Walker’s next post and seriously the new Senators and those stronger votes!!

        • don smith

          We lost the governors seat, attorney general , secretary of state , we still have majorities in the house and senate . It will be an interesting two years .

          • Chip Crawford

            You are referring to Michigan, your state? Sorry, know the feeling in those times, but also have experienced the turnaround as well. Hope that for your all. However, nationally, there is encouragement. I hope there’s good prayer and faith in your state. Keith Butler in that church near Detroit may not appeal to you in various doctrines, but he is a praying man of God of some influence and effect. I’d get in on something spiritually alive going on around the state and help pull it up. It brightens the prospect for sure. Hey, God can work in spite of these various ones.

          • don smith

            yes , Michigan. We have these swings often , but the new Democrat party is not an American party. They do not hold our national values dear. And that is why they are so dangerous.

          • Chip Crawford

            That’s the story today. It’s still not bigger than God and is being overcome where faith comes alive. Truth. Can become Fact with faith in God instead of who’s in office. He can work things out in spite of them.

    • Chip Crawford

      What they conclude is probably no better than what they have been concluding – anti-American people thinking and agenda. What happened election night was that they failed again in their expectations. So, given their repeat failures due to seriously not getting it, 2020 will be the same losing pattern for them. Remember, you can’t keep doing the same things and expect a different result. Crazies do that … which is also sadly evident. They become balder and bolder about just wanting power. People don’t care to anoint any of them king, desiring to keep their Republic intact, thank you very much.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Yeah, the left is largely a party of delusionals . These guys are convinced that they represent the moral high ground . I mean does anyone really believe that the party of obstruction, resistance & incivility is capable of objectivity ..?
    On the other hand as Mr Zmirak implies, these puppies have been let loose to frolic among all that fresh meat. In other words the House has gone to the dogs, & they’re not even paper trained …!

  • Patmos

    This was a loss for the Democrats, though they will never face up to that fact. Denial is one of the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome, because as TDS has it’s host believe: It’s all on Trump. And as pointed out here by John, TDS has not been cured in the infected.

  • I guess we file the results of this election – in the House, that is – under the “give them enough rope to hang themselves” rubric. Unfortunate that the nation has to suffer this for the next two years, but sometimes the true path to victory involves detours.

  • tz1

    “Let’s all have a vegan barbecue to benefit Planned Parenthood”. I didn’t know they were cannibals, or are they barbecuing the Baby parts PP can’t sell?

  • iadydi

    I agree with this… the Democrats will be radical and it will turn off America for the time being anyway. Unfortunately we will suffer for this especially where i live in CO where they took control of everything. God help us all.

  • M_Minnesota

    Democrats cannot remain silent. Especially with their 2nd in command at the DNC and now MN Attorney General Keith Ellison. Who can do the whole States rights thing with Sharia Law.

    • Chip Crawford

      Well if you and your facts conflict, I’ll have to go with the facts. Ellison actually steps down as 2nd in command at the DNC. They’re close to replacement now. Of course, he has to be an improvement, so that’s looking up

  • Hmmm…

    Where these are getting what they want, it is and will bite them. They reap what they sow. It’s already been happening. Man, am I thankful to live in a mostly ignored, “also ran” kind of state in the elite’s reckoning. Good old flyover country! Keep flying over coastals; we don’t want your kind around here. Thank God for strong churches – places where normalcy is still enjoyed and continued by open eyed free people. Praise God for it! P.S. We’re praying for you, coastal mindeds; got some Good News for you when you’re ready.

  • Native Fleece

    Hard to read your article when you flippantly make references to mental health issues, saying democrats should take their lithium and that they are insane. Sounds like sonething Trump would say while making fun of people with disabilities.

    Saddened to hear this from a prominent Christian publication. WWJD, or say?

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