Can Cecile Richards Live With All the Ghosts?

By John Zmirak Published on January 26, 2018

So what do you do if you’re Cecile Richards? Are there second acts in American death? Or rather, the death biz, since Ms. Richards is certainly breathing. As to whether she is alive … well you’d have to ask her. There’s no guarantee that she’d know. Or that she’d even admit to understanding the question.

In his Inferno, Dante theorized that some people were so wicked that even though their bodies still walked the earth, their souls were already in hell. I don’t think he meant that literally. It was a poetic way of showing the converse of the classical Christian doctrine, that salvation and the Kingdom begin not in the next life, but in this one. If the elect are in some sense already enjoying their reward, then why not imagine that the reprobate are also receiving theirs?

That death, the second death, begins in this world. We edge toward it whenever we reject God’s own creation, especially when we call Him, in fact, a liar, by saying that it is not “good.” Because that is how He judged it when He was finished.

Stay in the Kiddie Pool

Some beg to differ. They insist that life is only good when it measures up to our standards. When it falls into a narrow range of experiences — say, when we’re young, and free, and rich, and healthy (not handicapped) and strong and self-assertive. At those times, yes, life is good. In a limited sense, since we know that it’s all fleeting, and all is shadowed by death. But if you can keep your mind off that, you can splash around in the kiddie pool of comfort, youth, and health until you’re really too old, or sick, or sad. What you never want to do is take the risk of diving into the deep end of the pool, where suffering, sacrifice, and spirituality wait — for all you know, like sharks in the water, prepared to rip you apart.

No one should have to test such troubled waters. The risk is too great. Once they engulf you, there are no guarantees what will happen. You know for a fact that you can’t keep your head above water alone. Unless you’re to slip down and choke out in those bitter, tear-salty depths, you’ll have to trust someone or something. To launch out in the dark and cold and count on a pair of strong arms to guide and support you. Can you believe that such arms exist? That they really, really do? That they reached out once, long ago, on the wood of a cross — which floats there, like a raft?

Of course you can’t. That’s crazy. That’s not the kind of thing that happens in the world. The world is made up of tissue and tubes, cocktails and bloodbags, orgasms and gamma rays. The very emotions you seek out or avoid — the pleasure or the misery — are themselves not even real. Or so, we may guess, those like Cecile Richards tell themselves.

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Life Is Just a Plate of Brains and Eggs

They’re just little spastic firings of infinitesimal neurons that appear on an FMRI. They’re side effects of that strange little lump of tissue that’s grey instead of pink, whose folds and convolutions are just the meat equivalent of the circuits inside your phone. When the phone falls into the toilet, its circuits fry. When the corpse falls into the tomb, its lights go out. There is no “other place” where they could be shining. You began by fearing that final fact, then you felt it as a relief. And now you’re at the point where you desperately hope it’s true. It had damned well better be true.

You must fight for the sacred, sovereign rights of one set of stumbling meat puppets to enjoy a bit more transitory pleasure and freedom, before they fall alongside their stunted offspring in the silence of earth’s anonymous mass grave.

How could you stand to think otherwise? Under your smooth leadership, your organization has terminated the function of countless such biological units. You’ve seen covert video taken of your own employees scooping tiny brains and lungs and livers into Styrofoam containers, for couriers to deliver like buckets of chicken parts. If you entertained for a moment the prospect. … You shudder, proud of yourself that you have outgrown such superstitions. Still, like the ghosts you learned not to believe in, the thought of them can haunt you. All those pale little shades of faces and hands, so intricate and small and wonderfully made. …

Saving the Children

You can’t go down that road of course. No, you must be strong. You must fight for the sacred, sovereign rights of one set of stumbling meat puppets to enjoy a bit more transitory pleasure and freedom, before they fall alongside their stunted offspring in the silence of earth’s anonymous mass grave. So concentrate on the suffering you are sure that you’re preventing, all the years of seedy rooms and second hand smoke, of food stamps and family quarrels, of bad schools and dead-end jobs that those poor little creatures would have endured. Had you not stepped in and saved them.

It takes a spiritual discipline to keep your mind so focused. The path is straight and narrow, and on either side are the ghosts. Others like you have fallen away. Bernard Nathanson was the Cecile Richards of the 1960s and 70s — a pioneer in abortion rights, a prolific abortion provider. He even helped terminate the child he’d fathered inside his wife. What a powerfully intimate moment that must have been.

But after some 70,000 procedures or so, something inside him must have snapped. He gave in to the doubts. He listened to the ghosts. And soon he was chasing the Holy Ghost, or letting that Spirit catch him. He joined the very Church which he’d fought so hard against, and spent his last ten years in tragic, public penance. Every person he’d ever respected came to despise him, and soon his only friends were delusional Bible-thumpers. He jumped face first in the deep end, and floundered until he drowned.

And that’s what you remind yourself. He drowned there, didn’t he? Didn’t he?

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  • “It was a poetic way of showing the contrary to the classical Christian doctrine”

    I was a little confused by the word ‘contrary’. Would not ‘corollary’ be a better word ? Or did I completely miss the point ??

    • Zmirak

      You’re right–it should be “converse.” Will fix. Thanks!

  • michael

    Alot of people would be haunted because of all the lives lost because the decisions government officials make.

    • Gloria Ritchey Rose

      Like the decision made by Supreme Court justices in Roe vs. Wade.

      • michael

        And the times when we sent people back to places where they were killed.

        • David R. Mueller

          Quite possibly, I’d say even *likely* so. However, in sheer numerical terms, and even in terms of pure, unequivocal justice, 60 million aborted human beings makes this a *far* more horrific thing. (I’m assuming you are referring to particular immigration/deportation instances.)

          • michael

            That and the harm done to unborn caused by chemicals dumped in the air and water.

          • David R. Mueller

            To be sure. Nevertheless, that would be indirect, plausibly unintentional. Abortion is direct and intentional.

        • Howard

          Or let them in so they could kill people here. We’ve both seen this game: each side has its examples, which the other side will deny are typical enough to be meaningful. Let’s not play that game, because it sidesteps the bigger picture. It would be enough if government officials acted with the knowledge that they will one day be held to account for their decisions, and that in the final analysis, the support of this PAC or that donor or the other interest group is not of ultimate importance. It would be a good start if presidents did not send servicemen to kill, and perhaps to die, because the president wants to “cement his legacy” or gain a temporary bump in opinion polls.

          • michael

            True. Although I’m more concerned with the people who are here already. They would be the ones that a terror group would recruit. War is something that I don’t believe in unless its necessary.

          • Howard

            Fair enough: war should not be done just for fun. That’s why we have football and similar sports, to let out the instincts for aggression and competition in a relatively safe way.

            Amputation should not be done for fun, either, but doctors should learn the right way to do it, because sometimes it is necessary.

      • Willam Nat

        All 7 of the justices who approved Roe v Wade are now dead. Wonder what happened to their souls. I don’t remember hearing of any of them repenting (at least publicly). Sad.

  • Paul

    Time will tell what she can live with, a repentant heart may start with her aborting her own unwanted kid.

  • No finer childhood

    Kind of cool. Took a working man a couple of readings to figure out what was going on.
    I’m guessing a third person narrative. Then look up a name in search. And the name that search came up with was third person narrative.

  • Patmos

    “If the elect are in some sense already enjoying their reward, then why not imagine that the reprobate are also receiving theirs?”

    That’s not just a poetic musing, it’s very real, or it can be. I know because it happened to me before I got saved, as God sort of singed me with the flames of hell, that’s the best way I can describe it. In fact there’s no way to really describe it. It’s not like natural heat, or flames of fire like you have here in the natural, but you feel it on the inside: A torment so great that I would not wish it on anyone.

    Thing is it’s not what got me eventually saved, the good news of Christ did that: Going through repentance, learning about grace through his word and being lifted up, then putting the authority of the believer into practice to stay in faith, and I’m still going from there and still building.

    Much more we shall be saved by his life, Paul wrote to the Romans. Hallelujah!

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    I guess Mr Dickens would have found a fresh inspiration for his classic tale of redemptive grace were he to have been a contemporary of Ms Richards. Though there would have been many more “ghosts” for the once antagonist turned protagonist to address.
    Mr Scrooge was bound by his transparent love of money. Ms Richards is bound by a much more devious addiction though not far removed from that love of money thing. What is it that drives a woman to “champion” a cause for which no rational being would embrace ?
    What does it require for so duplicitous a character as Richards to promote w/hubris a concept as distasteful as dismemberment of an unborn child ? This is considerably more than a political issue . It is certainly not a woman’s health issue.( w/rare exceptions )
    It is rather a deeply disturbing demonstration of the human will . An addiction if you will, to that greatest of all addictions among those captured by its deceit. It’s what brought Lucifer down to earth. Yet it has not the strength to keep him from falling on his knees on that day when EVERY knee shall bow.
    It is in the face of an omnipotent Creator & Lord that pride will have its last stand .
    Mr Scrooges love for the coins of gold & silver while not unfamiliar to the likes of a Cecil Richards pales in comparison to the pride that propels trendy marketing schemes that abrogate paternal affection & replaces it w/the butcher knife.
    Yes , the “love of money is the root of all evil”. Yet, it is pride in it’s most disingenuous form that takes it to the bank ….

  • Michael C

    She won’t be haunted at all. To do that much killing, you have to kill your conscience first. She won’t do any reflecting on her sins until she meets God face to face.

  • faithful

    I pray God will show her ‘truth’ and open her eyes and bow down before Jesus and use her for His GLORY. How wonderful that would be.

  • im4truth4all

    “It is not that when men cease to believe in God they will believe in nothing, they will believe in anything” – G.K. Chesterton

  • Grn724

    Matthew 3;12 His winnowing fan is in his hand. He will clear his threshing floor and gather his wheat into his barn, but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire.”

    James 3 Power of the Tongue. 1Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you realize that we will be judged more strictly, 2 for we all fall short in many respects. If anyone does not fall short in speech, he is a perfect man, able to bridle his whole body also.a 3 If we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we also guide their whole bodies. 4 It is the same with ships: even though they are so large and driven by fierce winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot’s inclination wishes. 5 In the same way the tongue is a small member and yet has great pretensions.

    Consider how small a fire can set a huge forest ablaze. 6 The tongue is also a fire. It exists among our members as a world of malice, defiling the whole body and setting the entire course of our lives on fire, itself set on fire by Gehenna. 7 For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and sea creature, can be tamed and has been tamed by the human species, 8 but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.b 9With it we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings who are made in the likeness of God. 10 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. This need not be so, my brothers. 11 Does a spring gush forth from the same opening both pure and brackish water? 12 Can a fig tree, my brothers, produce olives, or a grapevine figs? Neither can salt water yield fresh.
    What one believes is what one speaks. What one speaks is what one does. What one does has to be answered to and God alone will be the judge.

  • Willam Nat

    This article is inspired. I wish every proponent of abortion “rights” would read it.

  • Rclifton

    She’ll “live” with the “specters of the ghosts that she killed” for eternity in hell.
    Doesn’t the number of children she killed put her right up there with Mao, Stalin, Hitler, PolPot Castro etc.?

  • James

    I don’t believe there is any correlation between wheter you have done good or evil and whether you are haunted by it. There are evildoers who sleep soundly and the scrupulous who worry about trifles.

    The idea that there is ultimate justice is entirely contingent on whether or not there is an afterlife. Yet we have little confirmed knowledge about the afterlife. But people believe anyway, not because it is rational, but because it is too psychologically painful not to.

    • So James if I call you evil it has no meaning? Do you have any cognizance of right and wrong? Actually there is great amounts of KNOWLEDGE of an afterlife, I’m supposing you have done very little to avail yourself to that. And you speak of rational like it has some sort of meaning, if there is no good or evil no right or wrong what value does the word rational have? … “If there is no absolute truth there is no truth, without truth there is no reason for humans to exist”.

      • James

        If you call me evil and someone else calls me good, then what is the meaning in that?

        You make a fair point about rationality, and I admit it was not a well-chosen word. It can be quite rational to believe a useful lie over a painful truth.

        • Sue McMahon

          Why would anyone want to believe in a lie, useful or not? That’s what I don’t understand. When I first came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior, it was because I was praying and asking for the TRUTH, because I didn’t want to believe in a lie. I wanted to be absolutely sure that the God of the Bible was the truth. And Jesus showed me over and over again that yes, He is the Truth! At the time, I didn’t even know that Jesus said He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Nobody comes to the Father except through Me.” That is now my favorite verse in the whole Bible.

          If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, may I encourage you to just ask Him to show Himself to you as He did to me? If you sincerely want the truth, He will show it to you. But ask as one truly seeking the truth. It can’t hurt, and I guarantee that if you go to God asking Him to reveal Himself to you, He will!

          Be blessed!

          • James

            “Why would anyone want to believe in a lie, useful or not?”

            If a lie, or other untruth, gets you to take the right action, then it is useful.

            If, however, the truth only leads you to destroy yourself, then it is harmful.

          • James

            Religion is a perfect example of Plato’s Noble Lie. It serves a useful and important role in society, whether or not it is true.

            Various other civic myths (George Washington and the cherry tree) serve a similar purpose.

  • teton99

    Well if she doesn’t repent she’ll have to worry about living with something worst then ghosts for all eternity. Pray for her soul.

    • Sue McMahon

      Yes! She needs our prayers!

  • pescher

    Zimrak’s article is ‘graphically exquisite’ in the metaphors and images he uses for those who take the lives of the defenseless. Lacking his eloquence I would simply characterize pro-abortionists as being driven -haunted even- by fear. Choose any one or all from; fear of an afterlife, of being ostracized from their peers, loss of status, self-delusion, loving, believing that they themselves are lovable or forgivable and so many other forms.

  • This is a good article, It’s so good to hear of those who have seen the light after so many years of doing terrible things. In these times it is becoming less likely for that to happen because the wicked are so flourishing. There is a verse in Revelation that speaks of just letting “the ones who do wrong continue to do wrong, let the vile be vile, let the good be good, and the holy be holy”, I wonder if we have about reached that point. This female creature in the article is perhaps the poster girl for them and I would elect george soros for the poster boy.

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