Pro-Life Leader to Planned Parenthood Employees: Call Me if You Want to Leave (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

By Dustin Siggins Published on October 12, 2016

In a birthday card sent last week to the more than 600 Planned Parenthood centers nationwide, Eric Scheidler offers a congratulations … and then tells the abortion giant’s employees that if a graphic image of an abortion victim included in the card bothers them, they can call him. Sunday, October 16, is the 100th anniversary of Planned Parenthood’s founding.


In an exclusive interview with The Stream, Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League, explained that his organization’s goal is to “touch a troubled conscience” and inspire employees to find other work.

“One of the inspirations for this project was a conversation that one of our pro-life volunteers at Planned Parenthood’s huge abortion facility in Aurora, Illinois, had with a former employee,” said Scheidler. “She talked about how horrible it was to work there, especially on days when they’re performing abortions. She told our volunteer that they call the patients waiting for their abortion appointments ‘the cattle line.’ Finally, she and coworker had enough, and walked out on the same day.”

“It would be easy to demonize people working at Planned Parenthood, aiding and abetting the nation’s largest abortion business,” he continued. “But this encounter underscored what we’ve learned from others who have left that organization: that they are regular people, whose consciences are often deeply troubled by what goes on behind the doors of Planned Parenthood’s 631 facilities.”

Scheidler hopes that the cards might lead other employees to leave Planned Parenthood. “But another inspiration for this project,” he said, “is the stark reality that the birthday card reveals: the children that planned parenthood aborts at a rate of one every 97 seconds will never get to have a birthday. Let that sink in. Each of these children dies — is killed — before what would have been the day of their births. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood celebrates their 100th.”

Many Dark Holidays

For the pro-life movement, there are many dark holidays — the March for Life, for example, takes place on or around the day Roe v. Wade legalized abortion nationwide. According to Scheidler, pro-life advocates can use this sobering anniversary for good.

“This anniversary — and the zeal with which Planned Parenthood is celebrating it – also serves as an inspiration to educate our fellow Americans on the truth about Planned Parenthood, starting with their huge role in the abortion business,” he said. “Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports show them seeing fewer clients every year, and performing fewer services, except for abortion. Planned Parenthood has gradually been cornering the abortion market, even forcing private abortion clinics out of business.”

That’s not the only problem. “They’ve also been caught defrauding states with Medicaid billing, shielding child predators, scheming to maximize returns on harvesting and selling fetal body parts, lying to state and city officials to build their new fleet of mega-centers and lying about what services they perform (like mammograms, which they do not do). But too few Americans know any of this.”

The Pro-Life Action League has organized prayer vigils at over 100 Planned Parenthood centers, at which they’ll offer prayers of mourning for Planned Parenthood’s unborn victims. Sheidler explains: “To acknowledge the humanity of these unknown, unnamed, faceless and abandoned children is a very positive thing to do. The abortion industry and their allies in government and the media want us all to forget about these kids, but we won’t.”

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