Horror: California University Claims Kids Should Engage in ‘Sexual Play,’ Watch Porn

By Nancy Flory Published on June 12, 2018

Children as young as four should be allowed to touch each other’s genitals, according to a California university’s website. Youngsters should also watch pornography. The school calls that “normal.” The College Fix was the first to report the ghastly story Wednesday.

The University of California, Santa Barbara’s Sociology department hosts a website called SexInfo Online. This website has a large number of articles all regarding human sexuality. Students who have studied human sexuality maintain the site. 

Childhood Sexuality

In a section called Childhood Sexuality, UCSB students tell parents it is normal for little children to engage in sexual play. It’s “normal” for kids to play with each other, fondle themselves and even watch porn. “The majority of sexual play between children takes place between the ages of four and seven. … Children might display affection to their friends by hugging and kissing, or touching each other’s genitals, which is perfectly normal. Parents should not react in a negative way because children are just exploring.”

According to their ghastly view, parents should only intervene when the play becomes “non-consensual,” or painful. They even argue it’s okay for children to insert something inside their genitals.

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Parents should react positively to children’s sexual “play,” the website declares. “Reacting with punishment and disapproval should be avoided, since it can lead to lifelong problems of shame and sexual guilt.”

Children Watching Porn

In another section called Talking to Your Child About Sex, the website says that children should be allowed to watch pornography. It states, “It is important that children understand that viewing pornography is a normal habit and they do not need to be ashamed of it.” The website warns only that watching porn can create unrealistic expectations. (Studies on the devastating effects of porn get short shrift.)

Giving ‘The Talk’

Parents should give “the talk” to their children — before the children ask:

Children and teens do not want to be told what to do, especially when it comes to personal topics such as sex. It is important that parents do not lecture their children, but instead try to present information and have an open discussion about sex. Adolescents will make their own decisions regarding sex and it is up to the parent to give them the information and resources needed to make informed decisions.

Children should be aware of the consequences of sex. But “they should also be exposed to the joys of sex,” because sex is “often beautiful and natural.”

That is Not So

As The College Fix reports, the Children’s Advocacy Center in Tennessee instructs parents to tell their kids that “the touching of others’ private parts is not acceptable.”

Dr. James Dobson is a leading child psychologist, radio host and author of 30 books on the preservation of the family. The university’s claims leave him mortified. He writes in his blog that there is a danger in giving young children too much information too soon. “Children can sustain a severe emotional jolt by being exposed to realities for which they are not prepared.”

Further, if they are given information at an early age, they are unlikely to wait until marriage to put that knowledge into practice. Parents should talk with their children before they pass adolescence. But “[c]hildhood education should be focused on childish interests, not adult pleasures and desires.”

News of the USCB’s encouragement of childhood sexual activity and porn watching comes one day after the Department of Justice announced the arrest of 2,300 pedophile pornographers nationwide. Operation “Broken Heart” took place over three months, targeting online child sex offenders. 

The task force identified 383 children who suffered recent, ongoing or historical sexual abuse or production of child pornography.

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  • KC

    Calling sin normal and acceptable is leading people away from Jesus and His saving grace. We all sin but no where does the Word say it is acceptable.
    Pray for those that are calling sin good – they know not what they do.

    • chris

      define sin.

      • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

        That which is against the will of God.

        • chris

          LMAO so you know the ‘will” of your imaginary friend? i bet it echoes your own. lol

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            Go molest some kids then Mr Progressive. If It feels good do it! The ends justify the means! I’m sure it will turn out fine, you have nothing to worry about.

          • chris

            you must be projecting your persona onto others tiny male. pathetic.

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            No, it’s the left, like you, that projects all over the place. “Tiny, male pathetic”-If I could project something onto you, it would be some grammar and syntax skills. That and personal morals. You need some core ethics obviously.

          • chris

            oh more deflection. i hit a nerve. poor baby. lol

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            You hit yourself pervert.

          • chris


          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            Retard says what in all caps?!?

          • chris

            rusty mind is shackled by stupidity. no help for you . you are dismissed .

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            Chris drinks his own piss and eats his own poop.

          • chris

            wow you must be in first grade . or are mentally deficient. which is it?

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            So the allegations are true then Chris? Chris the piss-drinker and poop-eater.

          • chris

            LMAO still projecting yourself i see.

  • Paul

    The inmates are running the asylum

  • Patmos

    “Reacting with punishment and disapproval should be avoided, since it can lead to lifelong problems of shame and sexual guilt.”

    No surprise that these people without a conscience want you to raise your children without one as well.

  • chris

    this is beyond sick. are those ‘parents” pedophiles by any chance?

  • james ha

    if one reads what the university’s website actually says, one might discover that it does not say

    “”Kids Should Engage in ‘Sexual Play,’ Watch Porn””, as the headline states. rather, it says

    “kids should not be punished for touching each other””.
    there is a world of difference there.

  • Lou

    Hey no problem I just got off the phone with Unplanned Parenthood; they said it would be no problem to set up abortion mills for 9 year old girls.

  • Awaiting moderation


  • Paul Franken

    I have to draw the line at porn as the quality has been going downhill for decades….

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