Brave European Conservatives Confront Reckless Elites: The Paris Statement

By John Zmirak Published on October 12, 2017

There’s a powerful new declaration by a group of courageous European conservatives. It’s called The Paris Statement, and you should go and read it. I’ll tell you why.

You might not follow European news that much. But the trends in Western Europe forecast what progressives will be trying to do to us Americans within five years or so. Ten at the max. Remember how Barack Obama came off his first (close) election as president, and went on a triumphal tour … of Europe? The Europeans on the Nobel Prize committee gave him a Peace Prize just for showing up. He told us again and again that he wanted to make America more like a “normal” country. His norm wasn’t (as some paranoid conservatives suggested) Kenya or Indonesia.

Barack Obama: EU Citizen

It was instead Western Europe. Barack Obama, in his thinking, is really an EU citizen. In his heart, he always was. He had a vision for an America which he and Michelle could be proud of.

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Imagine a vast, bloated Belgium, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific. A nice place with massive government benefits, high taxes, and carefully managed businesses that rely on government favors, so the rich don’t make any waves. It has a negative birthrate, a sexually integrated and unionized army that goes on strike, and the country bends over backwards to atone for the sins of its past. It’s sexually libertine, but the state patrols free speech. In fact, the state and most of the establishment think that it’s their duty to use their power for one preeminent goal: to liquidate what’s left of the country’s Christian and European past. To silence those who cling to it. To promote instead an empty cicada husk of inflated human rights, while filling the country with Muslims.

Muslim Migrants: The Foot Soldiers of EU Elites

These colonists serve European elites on many levels. Most (some 90 percent in Germany) are welfare cases, not taxpayers. So they’re natural clients for big government, and hence leftist voters. (In America, the Democrats see most immigrants the same way — see California.)

More importantly, these Muslims are no more attached to the Christian or European past than Cortes was to Aztec blood rites. They either stare at them blankly, or view them as repulsive. These migrants make ideal foot soldiers, both figurative and literal, for the anti-culture warriors who dominate EU elites. Do you hate Christianity and want to see it extirpated from public life? Well, those Muslim kids you imported last year make an excellent pretext for pulling the crosses out of every Italian public school. And so on, all through the culture. Want to silence your political critics? Just tell the police not to protect them from angry mobs of sharia zealots.

Do you hate Christianity and want to see extirpated from public life? Well, those Muslim kids you imported last year make an excellent pretext for pulling the crosses out of every Italian public school. And so on, all through the culture.

Do voters object to your de-Christianizing initiatives? Accuse them of hating “strangers.” Of blind Islamophobia. Of racism, while you’re at it. Try to silence them completely, using the police. That’s what Angela Merkel does to critics of immigration in Germany. Failing that, tar them as “far-right” extremists, whom it’s practically a hate crime to read or retweet. Threaten grave legal and economic consequences to anyone who argues with you. And claim that you’re doing it all in the name of “human rights” and “democracy.”

Is the EU the New Warsaw Pact?

The rulers of Western Europe today seem to be using the playbook of the rulers of Eastern Europe, under the Iron Curtain. The Merkels and Macrons of this world know that the thin-skinned and thinly-educated terrified conformists their schools are turning out can’t see through this charade. Nobody taught them logic, much less history. They are formed to follow orders from the Ministry of Culture. To march in careful lockstep lest they be tossed over the side, into the ranks of “marginal” thinkers and “haters” whom it’s okay, even virtuous, to marginalize and to hate. You’ve seen how media elites react to Donald Trump and his voters? In Europe, things are much worse. There a Mitt Romney or a Marco Rubio would treated as a quasi-racist, extremist crank.

That’s where the American left wants to take us. Just look at what leftists do when they have de facto absolute power — as in academia or California. At colleges all across the country, hooded mobs shout down even moderate speakers, except when the schools themselves simply ban them preemptively. In California, it’s now just a misdemeanor to intentionally spread AIDS by donating blood. But it’s a felony to investigate Planned Parenthood.

The New Iron Curtain

The same progressives who want to force Christian bakers to make gay wedding cakes want to force Catholic nuns to pay for abortion pills. The left no longer pretends to ground its demands in the U.S. Constitution or real legal rights. It doesn’t feel that it has to. Its source of self-righteous confidence is absolute and unshakeable. Try to argue against it and you might just get punched as a “Nazi.”

The left no longer pretends to ground its demands in the U.S. Constitution or real legal rights.

The Paris Statement is sophisticated, brave, and comprehensive. Its writers confront the buzzwords that evoke Pavlovian responses among well-conditioned young people. They debunk the parroted slogans that have stood in for actual thinking for the past two generations — since the campus revolutions of 1968 handed real, institutional power at most elite institutions to radicals of the left. Those same buzzwords and slogans have replaced real theology in most of the statements from European churchmen, including the current Vatican.

Make yourself a cup of coffee and read The Paris Statement at your leisure. It addresses the very same cultural cancer that’s eating at America. It’s a sobering warning of just how far our culture’s enemies are willing to go. How little respect they have for our views, our rights, or even our human dignity. How urgent our struggle is right here at home, in our elections, our culture, our churches.

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