Boy Scouts, Transgenderism and the Tyranny of Every Small God

By Tom Gilson Published on January 31, 2017

“Hi, son, how was your time at Scout camp?”

“It was great. But it was sort of  different, too. We had a boy in our tent who was born as a girl. He even still had a girl’s body parts — but it didn’t matter! He was still one of us.”

“Wasn’t that kind of weird for you?”

“Well, no. You’re not supposed to think that way, you know. He was a boy, that’s all. I love how our leaders taught us not to treat him any different than any other boy.”


“Yeah, it was great. You should have seen what happened when one of the kids called him ‘her.’ Extra KP duty, real quick! I almost made the same mistake myself just now — but hey, I’m learning. Really, by the end of the week I got used to thinking it wasn’t so weird after all. Why shouldn’t he be able to decide he’s a he?”

Small Gods and Great Harm

The Boy Scouts of America announced on Monday their decision to allow “transgender boys” into Scouting, caving in to progressives’ program of sexual self-creation. Is there any problem with that, really?

Yes, there is. It makes children into small gods with the power to revise reality for everyone. And it does them great harm besides.

Child “Transgenderism” Is Not Adult Destiny

It’s harmful to the “transgendered” child, first of all. There is good reason to use quotes around “transgender” when speaking of children, because for most of them who consider themselves transgender, over time it turns out not to be real.

Every child entering Cub Scouts or Brownies has to decide, which shall I be: boy or girl? Every child has that responsibility, that authority, that god-like power.

Sexual confusion and questioning is fairly uncommon among children, but even less common when they grow up. The great majority children’s sex-and-gender issues resolve naturally: they grow up to a sense of internal and external sexual congruency. Which is a very good thing: Self-identified transgendered adults experience exceedingly high levels of emotional and psychological distress. They attempt suicide — and succeed — at unusually high rates. So no one should predestine any child to enter into life that way. Let them grow out of it instead!

But now the Boy Scouts have acceded to contemporary sexual fluidity. Membership is no longer dependent on the child’s sex on his birth certificate, but on their self-reported “gender.” The Girl Scouts made a similar decision long ago.

Small Gods and Über-Gods: “A Scout is Reverent”

This isn’t just about membership in one scouting organization or another. This is about one person re-creating all others’ reality. Who determines whether Jenny is a boy or a girl? Jenny does. Or rather James, if Jenny decides she/he is a James instead.

In this view James is no longer Jenny, subject to the biology he was born with. Nature has no such authority over him. He is his own small god — but not just his own, for he has the power to create a whole new reality for himself, for you, for me, and for his fellow Scouts. He is a boy. That is now real. So he has spoken, and so it shall be.

The Boy Scout law reads, “A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.” Indeed we must all must be reverent, for there are many über-gods and lesser gods in the world-creating pantheon of which James is a member, and they have great power in our world. They will unite swiftly to punish any rebel who resists the new reality.

And you, now — do you doubt James’s new reality? Did the pronoun “he” bother you in those last two paragraphs? Then you are an unbeliever; an infidel, clinging to the old ways; you have not bowed to the new religion of the small gods.

Your punishment will proceed forthwith.

Every Child a Ruler Over Your Reality

The Boy Scouts crumbled under their judgment. For you, it is perhaps just a matter of time. The gods have made themselves rulers over all reality — including yours.

Not only that, but they have spawned themselves into every child. Every child entering Cub Scouts or Brownies has to decide, which shall I be: boy or girl? Every child has that responsibility, that authority, that god-like power. (Do parents have any say in this? Time will tell, but the trend is to hand the power increasingly to the child.)

Thus have the über-gods decreed that every child shall become his or her own gender-god. Day by day we are falling under the tyranny of every small god.

Refusing to Bend the Knee

But I for one refuse to bend the knee. Jenny might have the legal right (with her parents involved, at least for now) to change her name to James; she does not have the natural right to force me to accept and obey her re-created version of physical reality. The girl who slept in the Boy Scout tent is still a girl, no matter what she or the other gods tell us we must call her.

For she is no god. There is only One who is. Soon enough, the small gods will run hard into His reality. I choose to align myself now with His reality; for any other choice is both harmful and foolish — and a damningly irreverent denial of the same Scout law that I repeated every week as a Boy Scout.

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  • Christian Cowboy

    Well another organization that my grandsons will not participate with.

    • CbinJ

      There was a Christian version started back when the Boy Scouts started caving to the homosexual agenda. I don’t know if it ever succeed. I am not a big fan of gender specific clubs, but I don’t deny they have a right to exist.

      • Trail Life for boys, American Heritage Girls for girls.

  • Charles Burge

    Even for people as irrational as leftists, I don’t see how you can avoid the self-refuting conclusions of this “identify as” rubbish. For a girl to “identify as” a boy must obviously mean that she has some sort of template in her mind that defines what a boy is. What is that exactly? It can’t be the possession of a penis, because then she would immediately recognize that she is not a boy. Is it behavior-based? That is, does she simply want to do what boys do? But wait a minute… I thought it was sexist to call out certain activities as either male or female. And if gender is fluid, then how does anyone pin down exactly what it *means* to be male or female? How does one “identify as” something that cannot be defined?

    • Aliquantillus

      “[…] if gender is fluid, then how does anyone pin down exactly what it *means* to be male or female? How does one “identify as” something that cannot be defined?”

      Answer: By their own sheer willpower! That’s exactly the scary thing in this abomination. It’s a new, secular revival of the old heresies of nominalism and voluntarism. According to this way of thought truth and goodness are not rooted in reality but are just human conventions and constructs.

      • Dean Bruckner

        The naked will to power goes all the way back to Lucifer and his failed rebellion against God. The trouble with trying to be God is that there already is one, and he does not give his glory to anyone else. And for that, we should all be grateful!

      • Dean Bruckner

        And Gnosticism.

  • Liz Litts

    This is just getting too weird! It’s called being a tomboy folks–and this too shall pass. There is not a little girl in the world that does not wish at one time or another to be a boy–when I was a little girl, girls could not play little leage–and I could hit better than some of my male friends. That did not make me ‘identify’ and anything but what I was–I was a girl and contuned to play with the boys into my teens–and then I grew up. Shame on these so called parents who let the pc dingbats rule their lives and the lives of their children.

    • CbinJ

      I agree to an extent. I do know that some girls’ desires to be boys does cross into an emotionally distressing identity crisis. I think the real issue with regarding transgenderism does revolve around the male wanting to be a female. What boy in their right, healthy mind would want to be a girl and be a girl to the point that they end up getting hormone treatments and self-mutilating surgery. It may sound sexist, but boys/ men need more attention than girls/ females when it comes to these “LGBT” issues. It seems to me, while sin is common amongst all humans, as go the men, so go the women broadly speaking.

  • CbinJ

    While I agree with the general point that transgenderism is problematic and that the Boy Scouts are (and have been for some time) an organization bent on capitulating to Leftists, I severely disagree with the tone and scope of this article. Why are you blaming the children for their gender identity disorder and/or confused feelings? Children don’t choose to have gender identity disorder (the correct term for this mental illness). Really it is a matter of the parents encouraging and allowing the child to live out their illness untreated. Children aren’t making themselves into gods, the parents made them into their god. I mean, children aren’t exactly signing themselves up for Boy Scouts. Don’t you need a parent/guardian to do that? Come on!

    • CbinJ, I can appreciate your concern for the children. I spoke in the article of the über-gods, which include not only the parents but the whole society that is creating the atmosphere in which they feel free to consider themselves transgendered. In my hypothetical example it also included the Scout leaders.

      Children could never become “gods” in the sense I write about without these über-gods being complicit in it. Still when it comes to who’s in the tent, the child is the focal point of the “reality” other boys are coerced to accept. In that sense the child is the god who determines how others will see him/her. Note, too, that the parents and troop leaders could not be complicit without the child’s own expressed preferences.

      Ultimately, though, it is the adults who are to much more blame, I agree.

      • CbinJ

        Thank you for the clarification, I wasn’t really getting that part about uber-gods. I do think that the “transgendered” child or, simply, the girl (in this case) isn’t holding any desire to be worshipped by the boys. She isn’t trying to nefariously coerce the boys. She probably just wants acceptance and feels that is only possible with boys and not with girls. To be clear, I am not saying you are saying there is something necessarily nefarious. I just think these kids–the ones who don’t grow out of it–aren’t “to blame” for their “gender preferences”. Something happened along the line where they were not corrected or at least told, that despite their own desires, the rules can’t have exceptions or be broken for them. That is what it comes down to for me; if we aren’t going to treat mental illness properly, at the very least, the adults need to insist that a few “confused” people do not get to redefine reality for everyone else. The issue becomes one of activist adults who get the power to make the laws that do break those rules, force those exceptions, and redefine reality. It really is shameful. We definitely agree. This issue hits close to home, though, so I just wanted to add my two cents. Again, thank you for the clarfying response.

  • Gary

    Gender confusion is a mental illness. It might be true that thinking that gender confusion is a variation of normal, but it is also true that thinking that reveals a moral illness. It is immoral.

    When the Boy Scouts allowed homosexuals in, that is the day they forfeited any reason to keep transgenders out. Now, they must let in any sexual variation or preference. The only parents now who will let their child be in Scouting are liberals. Christian parents have already taken their children out.

    • CbinJ

      The funny part is that if you listen to the Boy Scouts statement, it just comes off as really sexist. The statement makes sure to be gender neutral, but then they make it clear that only girls who think they are boys are welcome. Regular girls are still not welcome for the sake of…inclusivity? I guess? At this point, why don’t the seculars just blend it all together and have the “Children Scouts” or the “Youth Scouts”. I say: Where are the outraged feminists now?

      • Gary

        I think, eventually, there will just be “Scouts”. No segregation by sex. But moral parents will still refuse to let their children join.

    • Joe

      Royal Rangers

    • Autrey Windle

      I agree to some degree. Gender confusion is an untreated mental illness of disgruntled parents who work for the enemy of the children they are abusing.

  • Mark Luhman

    Funny the Boy Scouts forbid gay scout master in the 1970 because they lost to many law suits and money to parents of boys that were molested. Somehow I think the Boy Scouts are on the road to oblivion, because bending to leftist ideas. To bad they were once a great organization.

  • Kevin Quillen

    parents that encourage this nonsense should be charged with child abuse.

  • eddiestardust

    Girls can be “Tom boys” and as they enter puberty they grow out of it. That seems to be fairly normal.

  • Gary

    As a former Eagle Scout, its so sad to see how lost Boy Scounts of America has become. I will be prayng for the Leaders who are believing false scripture and have clearly stopped reading the bible. Parents and Grandparents may I suggest, Royal Rangers. This is a Christian mentoring program for boys and young men. They provide Christlike character formation and servant leadership development in a highly relational and fun environment. The mission is to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men as lifelong servant leaders. Google your local Royal Rangers.

    • Dean Bruckner

      Yep, I agree as a former Eagle Scout and Brotherhood Order of the Arrow member back when blood brothers was an actual thing. Royal Rangers, Trail Life USA, Cross Trail Outfitters all put emphasis on where it belongs: godly men helping to make more godly men.

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