Bill Nye Saves the World for Vulgarity and Stupidity

Rachel Bloom performs on Netflix's Bill Nye Saves the World.

By David Klinghoffer Published on April 25, 2017

This past weekend’s March for Science on the National Mall was like many things in life. What you saw in it reflected the view of the world you bring to bear. Some of us see science as a no-holds-barred search for truth about the natural world. For us, the March with its mostly political and ideological agenda offered little to love.

For others, though, science is largely a collection of political and ideological certainties. What certainties? Well, you saw those in the signs the marchers carried. This signage reflected, more than anything else, hostility to the Trump Administration.

But there was a larger cultural — perhaps psychological — agenda as well.

The choice of “Science Guy” Bill Nye as honorary co-chair of the March tells you almost all you need to know. Nye speaks for himself pretty clearly. He doesn’t hide his own view of the world. It’s on display in a new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World, a segment of which was released online the day after the March. It’s a beauty. Not literally, but for the welcome light it sheds on where this thing hailed as “Science” is trending.

The Troubling Performance by Rachel Bloom

The video, a song-and-dance number, is NOT family friendly. You are welcome to see it for yourself on YouTube. However, remember that the 2 minutes and 48 seconds you devote to the experience cannot be recovered in your lifetime.

“So, you guys, seriously,” says Mr. Nye, in introducing it, “this next thing I feel is very special. This is a cool little segment. You know this woman from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Please, give it up for Rachel Bloom.”

Even in a Reddit discussion devoted to “adult content,” some viewers of this “scientific” video were troubled by it.

Miss Bloom and several other incompletely dressed dancers then take the stage. The theme is how sexuality is a spectrum. Their point in praise of trangenderism could be argued in an intelligent way. However, that would not be on the same planet, not in the same galaxy as this. Sample lyric, “It’s evolution, ain’t nothin’ new. There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew.”

Much of the rest could not be quoted here.

Beyond the vulgarity and bad taste, it is excruciatingly dumb and, in musical terms, highly grating to listen to. “Very special”? Yes, if you define “special” as encompassing the extremes of what is stupid and ugly.

This is “Science,” don’t forget. According to the description of Bill Nye Saves the World on IMDb, the program “Explores science and its impact on politics, society and pop culture. Each episode of the series will tackle a topic from a scientific point of view…” (emphasis added).

The Daily Caller notes that even in a Reddit discussion devoted to “adult content,” some viewers of this “scientific” video were troubled by it. There and in comments on YouTube, amid further vulgarity likewise unquotable here, viewers expressed the opinion that this was going too far.

“I want to just move to the forest and become a monk,” said one. “I can’t take this degeneracy anymore.”

Another, “I know TV has become a circus but this is taking it overboard. Also why does the push for LGBT awareness always take this extreme hyper sexual edge? Wouldn’t people under that label find this offensive since it’s basically making a bizarre mockery of their lifestyle?”

A Bizarre Way to Advance Your Case

After the performers have done their worst, Nye wraps up by congratulating them: “That’s exactly the right message, Rachel.”

Christian blogger Rod Dreher comments that Mr. Nye “thereby outs himself as a dirty old man.” But I disagree about that. You will not find anything titillating in the video. It’s not pornographic, despite the gyrating and the references to sex and body parts. What is the purpose, then?

It’s as if these folks want to provoke a response against their own interests.

First, to shock the relatively straight-laced viewer. Second, to make the viewer who is not shocked feel special and superior by virtue of that fact.

Third, there may a subterranean suicidal dynamic going on here. As the one viewer notes, if you were really trying to “push for LGBT awareness,” would you do so in terms that cast the intended beneficiaries of your effort in such a “bizarre” light?

Any rational perspective would counsel doing otherwise. It is as if these folks want to rub the rest of the population’s nose in it, to provoke a response against their own interests as they themselves define those interests. That is why I say it’s suicidal.

The March for Science Should Take a Seat

The video came to my attention via a tweet from Jason C., who observed, “I know it’s a cliché now but my god, this is why Trump won.” There is an undeniable element of truth to that.

This, in a nutshell, is the March for Science. First, attack the rest of the country by advertising what you take to be your own superior smarts and towering sophistication. Second, feel very special as a result. Third, thereby retard, rather than advance, your own cause by aggressively alienating the people you’re supposedly trying to persuade.

And we’re supposed to applaud this as “Science,” the vision of a better tomorrow through rational investigation of natural phenomena? More like a case suited for the psychiatrist’s couch.

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  • Timothy Horton

    LOL! Yet another thread by the Discovery Institute’s paid flunkies whining about Bill Nye.

    I find it hilarious how blindly jealous the DI bobbing heads are of Nye’s success and popularity! 😀

    • Charles Burge

      LOL!!!! blindly jealous … of Nye’s success and popularity. You must be delusional! No, we’re sad, not jealous. I used to really like Bill Nye because I thought his educational program was really well done. Now I feel just sad for him. He’s become a clown and a shill, which is really a waste.

      • Timothy Horton

        A heck of a lot more people know of Bill Nye than the Discovery Institute’s stable of Liars For Jesus. Nye is also more honest about science that the whole DI clown circus put together.

        • Charles Burge

          He could have cemented his legacy as a well-loved educator. Instead, he chose to prostitute himself to a special interest group. I think that’s an utter tragedy.

          • Timothy Horton

            Instead, he chose to prostitute himself to a special interest group.

            You’re thinking of Ben Stein who bent over and grabbed his ankles for the Creationists in EXPELLED!

          • Dee

            Does this troll ever go back under the bridge ?

          • Autrey Windle

            NEVER! I am sure he gets paid by the number of people who try politely to pry open his sold-to-Soros soul and he probably needs his tides foundation funds keep his wifi paid for.

          • m-nj

            hey now… we want Mr. Horton to stick around so the comments section remains, “balanced” /end sarcasm … he is totally entitled to his opinions, regardless of how flawed they may be.

          • Autrey Windle

            Don’t I know it! I think of him every time I have to re-iterate that I will defend to the death his right to be nuts out loud.

          • Liz Litts

            Trolls are reacting out of fear–one of the things you do when you are afraid of something is you try to mock it or try to sound like you are looking down your ‘supiour’ nose.

          • Dee

            Seems to be two trolls on here Horton and S.toll maybe they can keep each other warm under the bridge.

          • Timothy Horton

            You’re thinking of Ben Stein who prostituted himself to the Creationists in EXPELLED!

          • Jim

            Have you actually examined any of the arguments being made by scientists for the existence of a Creator or do you just fire off insults without thinking?

      • Wayne Cook

        Horton still on here? He’s likely the one who is jealous. Well framed, Charles.

      • SophieA

        Bill Nye and TH are playing stupid again and they are winning.

  • Craig Roberts

    “This past weekend’s March for Science on the National Mall was like many things in life.”

    Better off ignored? Ironic.

  • GPS Daddy

    I remember back in the days before same sex marriage. One argument put forth against SSM is that it will be a slippery slope. I’m certain that Bill Nye would deny that is true.

  • Patmos

    It’s evolution? Am I understanding this right? They are trying to claim that LGBT perversion and confusion is evolution?

    • Nobody Specific

      What’s more amazing is how blatant the attempt to redefine science, as progressive ideology. You’d think on a science show words with specific scientific meanings like evolution would be carefully used. Nope! People like Nye think we are stupid, and sadly where the general population is concerned it looks a little more like he might be right every day.

      Show me one study that shows some kind of genetic drift has occurred in the human population that can be specifically related to sexual/gender fluidity. I did some quick google searches and I can’t find that. It also does not make much sense. Any gene that makes one less heterosexual isn’t the sort of thing likely to make someone more successful at procreation, so it kinda violates the darwinian model. Which probably explains why some 20 years on after the human genome project, still no gay gene anyone can point at. Point is even if there is science to explain any of what is going on it certainly isn’t evolution.

      Almost all of this is wild fact free speculation. What little science behind it there is that explains certain individuals tends to be things like hormone imbalances, or psychological conditions. What do we do with other hormone imbalances like say a thyroid condition, we medicate it. What do we do with other psychological delusions we try and treat them. That is the loving thing to do, try help others lead their best healthiest lives, participating in this insanity especially where children are concerned is strait up wrong.

      Transgenderism and quite possibly even mass homosexuality is simply or generation’s outbreak of mass hysteria. Good luck getting funding to do some science investigating that hypothesis though. Fortunately we are handling it a little better than the witch trials of the past and few people are being killed over it, but its still a sad state of affairs.

      • Autrey Windle

        I urge all interested in the ‘why’ of the alphabet insisters not to lose sight of the highest known common denominator of these poor souls is child sexual abuse. That is probably why they are so mad. Abuse creates fear and madness. The new twist may be the parents who abuse or allow the abuse and then further their attack by suggesting the child may not even be the right sex. I have heard the deepest admissions from many many confused people and the thread is never from ‘born this way’; it is always someone molested them. Those in the arts and those in social ‘science’ are well aware of this. My personal theory as to why so many psychologists refuse to confront these issues with truth is that the people drawn to these studies are often themselves victims looking at University for the ‘why’ which they will rarely if ever be given the challenge of finding the answers to.

  • dikstr

    Clever article that catches the truth that anyone expecting anything remotely ‘scientific’ from Nye is a very naive person.

  • Josh

    While I agree about Nye’s show, the attempt to lump the March for Science in with it was clumsy, at best.

  • Dennis_Webb

    The most offensive part of the show was Nye’s enthusiasm for punishing anyone to has “too many children”. One person who did have at least one too many children, however, is Bill’s mom.

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