Biden Is Tanned, Rested, and Ready … But for Four More Years of What?

By Published on April 28, 2023

In an astonishingly divisive and deceitful video, Joe Biden announced his intention to shuffle down the path toward re-election as Supreme Jefe and Generalissimo of whatever this country has turned into.

He began by appealing to “personal freedom” as our supremely “sacred” value, asserting that he is committed to protecting “our rights” and ensuring that “everyone in this country is treated equally” and “given a fair shot at making it.”

It spits in the face of God and our God-given reason for Biden to call anything “sacred.” Here’s a man who has for decades exploited his power and position for personal gain. He has trafficked in lies to advance his political ambitions. He promoted fake, same-sex marriage, and even performed one. He hid his behind his nominal Catholic “faith” to promote abortion from conception up through birth for any reason at all.

Biden’s War on Fairness and Freedom

Moreover, no modern president has done more to undermine equality and deny categories of people a “fair shot” than Biden.

Does anyone believe theologically orthodox Christians have had a fair shot at working in the Biden administration?

Do heterosexual white men have an equal and fair shot at management positions in woke corporations?

Do Asian males have as equal a chance of being admitted to Ivy League schools as blacks or queer “Latinx” people?

It might behoove Biden to talk to the white male college junior with good grades who submitted 130 applications for internships and received zero interviews. Or talk to the corporate recruiter who was told by a tech industry insider that DEI directors have said to hire applicants whose applications tick only one qualification box (i.e., race or sexual eccentricity) over white males who tick every qualification box.

Dog Whistles and Character Smears

Biden then provided yet more evidence of his willingness to deviate wildly from truth in service to his ambition:

[A]round the country, MAGA extremists are lining up to take on those bedrock freedoms, cutting social security that you’ve paid for your entire life, while cutting taxes from the very wealthy, dictating what healthcare decisions women can make, banning books, and telling people who they can love all while making it more difficult for you to be able to vote.

By now Americans should know that the leftists who are pulling Biden’s strings use the proverbial dog whistle “MAGA extremists” to refer to all Republicans — including those who never fancied Trump but believed he was preferable to both the thoroughly corrupt Hillary Clinton and Biden.

Biden makes clear what he and his collaborators believe are “bedrock freedoms,” some of which bear little resemblance to the bedrock freedoms of our Founding Fathers.

Bidenist “Healthcare”

One bedrock freedom in the Upside Down where progressives live, and move, and have their being, is the legal right of women to have their offspring offed. In Newspeak, hiring humans to kill other humans is “healthcare.”

Bidenist “Love”

Another bedrock freedom in the Upside Down, is the legal recognition of intrinsically non-marital unions as “marriages.”

Reinforcing Biden’s belief about “love” is an image of Kamala Harris and her husband marching in a “pride” parade. She is wearing a t-shirt with the meaningless slogan “love is love,” while her hapless hubby is wearing a rainbow t-shirt that says repeatedly “Love First.”

No word from the “love is love” Harrises on why marriages between brothers who love each other or pods of people of assorted genders or no genders should remain illegal.

All Americans would agree that America is “a nation where we give hate no safe harbor,” but that loaded phrase has nothing to do with hatred and everything to do with moral claims about sexuality.

To leftists who “put light for darkness, and darkness for light,” real love is hate. Those who believe that homoerotic acts and cross-dressing undermine human dignity and flourishing are, in Biden’s anti-Christian moral universe, guilty of hate.

Bidenist “Dignity”

Biden supports “trans”-cultic beliefs and practices, including the chemical sterilization and surgical mutilation of minors. And drag queens grooming toddlers. That’s what we means by “a country that believes in honesty and respect, in treating each other with dignity.”

Bidenist “Book-Banning”

Biden reveals either his ignorance or the deceitfulness of his campaign team when he claims Republicans are “banning books.”

First, community members who criticize the inclusion of obscene books in middle or high school curricula, or in public school libraries, or children’s sections of public libraries are not “banning books.”

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Second, banning books is what leftists do — in secret. They ban books written by conservatives by not publishing them, not purchasing them, and not assigning them. And they use leftist-created Collection Development Policies to facilitate and defend their de facto book-banning.

Will Reporters Ever Ask Real Questions?

Biden alleged that “MAGA extremists” — that is, Republicans — are “lining up” to cut social security. If that’s the case, if there’s a lengthy queue of Republicans eager to cut social security, maybe an intrepid reporter can find Biden and squeeze some names out of him.

And while they’re squeezing him, maybe they could ask him to Biden-splain how efforts to ensure voter integrity resulted in higher rates of voter participation.

The Only Thing Biden Said that Wasn’t a Lie

Biden said one true thing: “The question we’re facing is whether in the years ahead, we have more freedom or less freedom. More rights or fewer.”

Christians and other conservatives know that under Biden, First Amendment rights are being undermined.

Sex-based rights are under assault daily, which poses particular harms to girls and women.

The anti-police movement endemic to “progressivism” erodes public safety. Ergo, less freedom for law-abiding citizens.

And open borders mean less freedom for law-abiding citizens.

Yes, the question we’re facing is whether we will choose freedom and rights — or Biden.


Laurie Higgins is the culture and education writer for Breakthrough Ideas. Prior to that she wrote for the Illinois Family Institute. Her cultural commentaries have also been published in Salvo Magazine and the Salvo blog. Prior to writing full-time, she was a member of the English Department of a high school on Chicago’s North Shore, where she worked in the writing center. Her writing focuses on issues related to life, education, sexuality, and gender.

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