Beta Male O’Rourke Makes a Last Play for Texas Senate Seat

Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Robert Francis O'Rourke, before he identified as "Beto."

By John Zmirak Published on October 17, 2018

Last night I watched the debate between Texas Senator Ted Cruz and challenger Robert Francis O’Rourke. Who for some reason calls himself “Beto.” On the same grounds, you should call me “Juan.” Or “Juanito.” Or “Teresa,” if that suited my ambitions.

So, if you grant me the right to identify as “Teresa,” you should equally give Senor O’Rourke the right to speak for Texans. Or maybe you should just acknowledge reality. Admit what Francis O’ Rourke is running for under the invented Hispanic name “Beto”:  a job alongside “Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis on the board of Planned Parenthood, the KFC of human baby parts, sold by the bucket.

O’Rourke is the latest golden boy of donors who don’t live in Texas.

Imagine if losing statewide Republicans in New York or Massachusetts were really auditioning for a spot on a group that just up and killed their opponents. Or even those their opponents found existentially inconvenient. Because that’s the Democratic party nationwide in 2018. It wants to abolish our borders. To have Antifa thugs direct our traffic, as they do in Portland. To bully and terrify people who don’t drink the Kool-Aid dispensed in D.C., L.A., and Brooklyn.

Out of State Donors Playing Games

O’Rourke is the latest golden boy of donors who don’t live in Texas. Especially those who fantasize about imposing on domestic “enemies” a candidate who will betray them. It doesn’t matter that Texas is a state whose economy rests on extracting fossil fuels. Which borders on cartel-ridden Mexico. Which is massively pro-life. Pro-Constitutional on gun rights. And strongly supportive of President Donald Trump.

The left around the country enjoys the fantasy of electing a Texas Democrat. So donors in San Francisco, Portland, and Park Slope, Brooklyn, will take time away from attending the Wiccan rituals “hexing” Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump, to write checks to Francis O’Rourke. My hope, as a recent refugee from New York City to Dallas? That he’ll use the massive remainder to pay for Ubers, so he never again has to drive drunk and flee the scene of an accident. That will make me feel safer on the roads.

The most amusing part of the final debate? O’Rourke’s attempt to present himself as a deal-making, moderate Democrat. Wherever he could, he advanced his record of attaching his co-sponsorship of bills led by Republicans, such as Senator John Cornyn, that also benefited Texans. He even argued that he could do a better job of advancing Texas interests in negotiations with the President.

A president whom he has repeatedly promised to vote to impeach. Whose Supreme Court appointees he has promised to impeach as well. A president whom he considers the puppet of a foreign power, Russia. Even in this final debate, O’Rourke tried to blame the defeat of his party’s leader, Hillary Clinton, as the fruit of Russian Facebook ads that “manipulated” the voters. Moving his arms in a ventriloquist’s wooden portrayal of a leader, he channeled the talking points of his non-Texan donors, sponsors, and masters.

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But Ted Cruz held him accountable. He calmly and firmly reminded voters of every Democratic party-line stance that O’Rourke had adopted. Abortion on demand at taxpayer expense through all nine months of pregnancy, for illegal aliens, for any reason at all, including sex selection. Socialized medicine at any cost, even if it means raiding and wrecking Medicare. Abandoning Texas’s energy sector, for the fantasy of a future powered by windmills, as the U.N. dictates the world economy and China gets rich mining coal.

This is someone whom editors at Texas Monthly, and Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and the New York Times will always celebrate, as he slides from one job to another, without ever having to represent the voters of his state.

The Male Abortion Barbie

But O’Rourke never seemed rattled. He was blissfully confident. He seemed to know that his future was guaranteed by distant sponsors. This is someone whom editors at Texas Monthly, and Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and the New York Times will always celebrate, as he slides from one job to another, without ever having to represent the voters of his state. What he will do is pose as the “Great White Hope,” as a minor league Kennedy scion. At least his drunk driving never actually killed anyone. At least the Latino voters he back-stabbed while getting rich in gentrification schemes mostly don’t speak English. He can pose as their champion, just as leaders in Venezuela preen as the spokesmen of “the people.”

And Democrats in blue states can keep on spilling money southwards. Francis O’ Rourke will cash their checks (adding up to $38 million in the third quarter). Perhaps the pumpkin lattes his campaign workers buy with all that money will boost the local economy.

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  • Karen

    If Beto — and ‘Beto’ has been his nickname since childhood —is so obviously doomed, why are you wasting column inches complaining about him? Also, why do you hate women so much? You use feminine adjectives in the same way other people use cuss words. Is being female the most disgusting thing you can think of? Aren’t you married and how does your wife react to you suggesting that the absolute worst thing possible is being female?

    • Stratusrunner

      Thank you Karen for sharing this comment. I live in Texas and am completely baffled by people who support Beto, seriously. I often wonder why they do. Both you and John Zmirak have helped to clear up that mystery.

      • Karen

        I support Beto because I agree with him. In Beto’s world, women are equal participants in society and entitled to education, economic power, and self-determination. In yours and Cruz’s* world, women are inferior doormats confined to the kitchen.

        *Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs and earns most of their income, which makes him a hypocrite as well as a woman-hater.

        • Paul

          “Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs and earns most of their income, which makes him a hypocrite as well as a woman-hater.”

          What do you have against a woman working in finance? Seems you’re the hypocrite here and such data would demonstrate that Cruz is supportive of women being successful in the marketplace

          • Karen

            I have a huge problem with women accepting the benefits of feminism while working as hard as they can to yank those benefits away from all other women, and also while claiming that they are themselves perfect little doormats like conservatives say women should be.

          • Paul

            So you’re a communist

          • Karen

            If the choice is between being the kind of dimwitted, weak, coward that conservatives want, or pretending to be such in a way to ingratiate myself with worthless men like Cruz and Zmirak, I’ll take the gulags. At least the guards are honest about their brutality.

          • Paul

            Maybe someday you’ll re-read this and see how it makes absolutely no sense.

          • Karen

            You thing it makes sense to state that thinking that antifeminists like Heidi Cruz ought to live by their own stated convictions and be the doormats they want all other women to be makes me a communist.

          • Paul

            Even that comment doesn’t make any sense.

          • AndRebecca

            You would take a job in the gulags? They certainly wouldn’t put you in them as a prisoner! You are the spokeswoman for communism.

          • Cody

            Your an idiot.

        • Ray

          Are women supposed to have the right to take the life of another human being in their womb, even as it is obviously not “just a part of their body”? Do you think most women in America are ready to take responsibility for their actions?

          • Karen

            Yes, we should be able to have abortions, whenever we want them, without any opinions from any males at all. (And guys, if you don’t want to pay child support, don’t have sex, or have a vasectomy.)

          • Paul

            In other words you want women to have the right to discard their responsibilities but demand that men be forced to fulfill their responsibilities. Interesting.

          • Karen

            Men have been in charge of absolutely everything without any input from women at all for 5,000 years, and you’ve almost destroyed the natural world entirely. Go away and let us run things.

          • Paul


          • So this is about power for you. Tell me, what actually happens to “useful idiots” like yourself after “revolution?”

          • Karen

            Everything is about power. You’ve had it and misused it. Now it’s our turn.

          • So you are a neitzchean.

            How does one explain Love by power? Like for a mother and her child?

            That is something you should intrinsically understand, why don’t you?

          • Karen

            There is no love without power. Men have all of it; women are your helpless victims, at least until about 40 years ago in the industrial world. We are going to take as much power away from men as possible. Maybe after being forced to be doormats for a few millenia you’ll be worth something.

          • AndRebecca


          • So you have concocted a strange mythology built on the sad premise about not understanding anything but power.

            Again, let me first define a term for you: Love is to will the Good of the other as other. This is refuted by love in all its forms. So how do you explain love by your idiotic power fixation?

            The things you were told by feminists never took place. you will however suffer those same things in the push-back against you.

          • Cody

            Your wrong.

          • AndRebecca

            You must be living a self-imposed horrible life.

          • Cody

            That would mean the world would end even sooner, God himself put man in charge over women, just maybe He knew something you don’t. If it weren’t for a man you wouldn’t even be here.

          • So you support the worst sin of all? That will bite you in eternity.

            your other argument is to mutilate men’s genitals, no doubt in the same power trip you use to excuse sacrifice of children to the devil.

          • Cody

            Abortion is murder and murders go to hell, don’t put all the blame on males its you who dropped your drawers and invited him in.

        • ymhayuociotlc .

          No it doesn’t make him a hypocrite, it makes you a liar. The fact that his wife works for Goldman Sachs is proof that what you say about Cruz and his view of women isn’t true.

          • Karen

            No, it shows Cruz to be a hypocrite. He opposes anything that helps women other than the one he lives off of. (And the one whom he is okay with Trump calling ugly.)

          • Paul

            Ted Cruz has a Senate salary of $174,000/year, and has been paid about $500,000 in book royalties. If that isn’t a kept man I don’t know what is.

          • Aloha12

            You fight against God and how He ordered the world. If you didn’t fight, you would be happy and at peace. Women who chose to be, for example, homemakers are usually quite happy. That probably upsets you inside because you’ve believed the lie that men and women are no different so you live a life of contention and strife as most feminists do (see Kavanaugh hearings).

        • AndRebecca

          Cruz’s wife and mother are doormats? What a joke!

        • Kelly B

          You sound like a humorless pill. Leftist women ooze hatred and intolerance for men, but what they really hate is God, whose ways are ways of life, light, health, wholeness and peace. As a Christian woman who had unfortunately walked away from the Lord for a few years in the late 90’s, I know exactly where you are coming from – and it’s not from ANY good place, I can tell you that with certainty.

      • It appears dear karen loves men she can “dominate”

    • VesaLocalBus

      Although your argument has nothing at all to do with this article, You purposely convolute the issue. I don’t believe that you really don’t know the difference between feminine and effeminate. Calling a man who acts like a woman effeminate is not an insult, it’s using the word as it is factually defined. But again, I don’t really believe that you don’t already know this.

    • FozzieT

      Karen is an NPC, obviously. Just look at her avatar.

    • AndRebecca

      Where did you find out “Beto” has been his nickname since childhood? I need to look it up. Why do you use a female name and a male silhouette to comment?

      • Karen

        1. Google Beto. It’s in his Wikipedia.

        2. I use the avatar that comes with disqus and see no reason to change it, especially if doing so annoys conservatives.

        • AndRebecca


  • Alleena

    Your post is irrational. I see no hatred of women in the article or using feminine adjectives as cuss words. You are simply making things up. The article clearly shows how Beto would be a disaster for Texas, nothing more, nothing less. I live in Texas and will vote for Ted Cruz.

    • Karen

      Zmirak uses “Beta” to describe the Congressman. “Beta” is a term used by Men’s Rights Activists to describe men who are kind to women instead of beating us, like Zmirak and the MRA’s think men should do to women. Zmirak has a long history of using “effeminate” as an insult, and writing that women should be confined to a purely domestic and inferior life as men’s doormats. I want him to answer for that. Are women human or not? What should we be permitted in his ideal world to do?

      • No, “Beta” is a term used in comparison to “Alpha” (as in the leader of the pack, with a Beta being one who is either unable, or too cowardly, to unseat the Alpha), having nothing to do with women.

        • Karen

          No one ever uses ‘beta’ other than as an insult to men they perceive to be insufficiently abusive to women.

          • Paul

            Where do you get this nonsense?

          • Karen

            From reading conservatives. Can you show me one instance where any of you described a woman as an ‘alpha’ and meant it as a compliment?

          • Paul

            I can’t even recall a woman being called an alpha, but what does that have to do with your absurd claim about abusing women?

          • Karen

            Your world is a hierarchy with men on top and women always underneath. Men get the sugar and women get dirt. If women don’t have to live in the dirt, inferior men will suddenly realize that they are in fact worthless and have never deserved the goodies they’ve hoarded. Maintaining this hierarchy requires that most women be kept miserable.

          • Paul

            I’m compelled by sheer curiosity to once again inquire where do you get this stuff?

          • Karen

            Reading conservatives. You always insult prominent women for being ugly, and only praise women for doing doormat-like things. You only see women as decorations or slaves.

          • Paul

            You are destroying your own narrative using words like “always” and “only”.

            You will find it extremely difficult to find my comments saying that a prominent woman is ugly. When it comes to political leaders I simply couldn’t care about appearance of anyone female or male beyond their discipline to maintain a reasonable weight and appropriateness of attire and general grooming.

            What is humorous about your remarks is I’ve heard some women tell me personally that they wouldn’t vote for Rand Paul because they couldn’t stand his hair or Mike Huckabee because he was too overweight. You act as if women are above such vain evaluations but facts tell a completely different story.

            I care about character and policy, this past election the policy options made for a very clear choice, and as much as there were aspects of Trumps past in business and family life that turned me off I couldn’t stomach the trail of lies and deceit while in govt that we witnessed from Hillary.

          • AndRebecca

            Name the conservatives you read. You can’t mean Zmirak.

          • Karen

            Zmirak’s “humor” is almost always aimed at women he deems insufficiently subservient or, like this, at men who are insufficiently brutal.

          • AndRebecca

            Only in your eyes. Alpha males are loved by the Democrats. When Bill Clinton was president, all the Left and especially Hillary were saying he was an alpha male and that excused his exploits. So you feel sorry for the childish Mr. Beto and have to defend him. How snowflakey of you.

          • Chip Crawford

            Awwwww , Shuddup …. Don’t you ever get tired of being a total jerk out of step with your persecution complex. You should be glad for everyone who puts up with you. How about giving the people in your life a break rather than making it all about poor pitiful pearl. How about doing some giving to others, being a blessing instead of imagining yourself put upon at every turn.

          • AndRebecca

            It sounds as if you’ve read and buy into F. Engels “Origins.” Or more likely you don’t read at all and just spout off.

          • Women are mothers, not misused zoological terms.

          • Karen

            And mothers are supposed to be constantly miserable.

          • Is this what you told yourself when you sacrificed your shield to the devil?

          • Complete and utter BS. You have no clue what you’re talking about. “Beta male” is a designation of men who are very clearly NOT the big dog on the porch. Note that the big dog doesn’t leave the porch unless there’s something that needs fixing, including stomping down an abuser of women. The Alpha is your defender, not your abuser. Your abuser is the Beta. He abuses women because he can’t stand up to the real men.

          • Aloha12

            I use ‘beta’ frequently exactly how William above suggests. You are wrong.

  • Jack Danner

    You know what’s great about old Bob? He’s such a stereotypical socialist hypocrite. Google, “beto share money”, or something similar to that. Dude’s raised $38mm in cash, but won’t share one thin dime with his fellow dems. But of course, that doesn’t stop him from preaching to the masses about how we all should be sharing our wealth with our fellow man.

  • NewWest 123

    If Cruz wins, and I think he will, it will still be a win for the left. They probably know Robert would lose. What will make them comfortable is that the race will be way closer than it should be…

    • Aloha12

      Yeah no. Pouring in more $ into a Senatorial race than ever before and still losing is a big loss. That and I suspect Cruz will win by double digits will make it a crushing loss for the Dems which should also serve to depress younger zombie dem voters in the future. Good!

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Well seems like I’m late to the party here. Happily to quote a fictional character not noted for being one who is subtle ; “ I thank God I wasn’t born a “woman” ..!
    Mr Zmirak”s insightful article seems to have taken second place to our “ friend” Karan’s hyperbole. While I am confident her intent is not hyperbolic her conclusions present themselves as such.
    Interesting though is the parallel between “Beto’s” dialogue & Karen’s. Both create a false premise to promote an absurd conclusion.
    One that disregards ethical responsibility while touting moral supremacy.
    With no disrespect to Karen implied, her fallicious logic like Mr O’Rourke”s campaign are both losing propositions ….

  • bbb

    O’Rourke is a Schumer puppet. He will vote as Schumer tells him; because his master Schumer gives the orders he will lie, steal, cheat and betray every person who votes for him.
    A vote for O’Rourke is a vote for Schumer, for abortion baby butcher-shops, for sending jobs overseas, for shutting down Texas energy industries, for confiscating guns while at the same time inviting MS 13 and cartel gangs to flood the US, and the biggie on the DNC platform is the promise to RAISE our taxes and abolish the tax cuts provided by President Trump and the RNC. The DNC proved it wants to end Due Process and believe every woman who make a claim of abuse against a man no matter how many decades ago and without her providing evidence.
    O’Rourke stands for everything anti-American and anti-Texan and Cruz was being a gentleman when he explained the demonic horrors the DNC plans to inflict on Texas. Democrats hate Texas.
    Good article. I hope Christians read it and vote for Cruz.

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