Be Careful What You Cheat For

Could the Democrats have been better off with Trump winning in 2020?

By Al Perrotta Published on November 12, 2020

Guess what’s got the Biden Camp worried? They’re worried that should Biden actually be inaugurated no one but Trump supporters will show up. Yep. They are scared that Biden’s inauguration will turn into a Trump rally. Read about it here

Maybe he can just give the speech in his basement.

However, this story does point to a huge problem for Democrats should Biden actually be sworn in. Getting what they wanted by hook or crook may well get them what they deserve.

He Enters as a Lame Duck

Start with the reality that by January 20, 2021, it will have been proven Democrats cheated to win. Oh, it might not be enough to overturn anything, but it’ll be well established. Joe Biden would enter the White House a lame duck. (And with the ruthless Kamala as his VP, likely worse than that. See below.)

Trump supporters aren’t the type to wail in the streets or wear p-hats as Madonna threatens to blow up the White House. They brush off the mud … and there’s been plenty thrown at them, including by Biden himself … and they get to work. Their work? To reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

Right off the bat, Joe Biden is looking at over 70 million people he disrespected by not respecting their call to ensure every legal ballot is counted, every illegal ballot tossed. He called Trump’s desire to fight for the rights of those 70 million “embarrassing.” That’s not unity, Joe. That’s self-sabotage. We don’t riot, Joe — but we don’t forget, either.

Joe Biden would also be looking at a Donald Trump with one mission: Vindication. You think he campaigned hard the last few weeks of the election? What’s it look like when he runs around the country the next two years campaigning for, raising funds for, Trump candidates? Heaven help those who stand in the way of a billionaire on a mission. 

The Result? Since the fix was only at the top of the ticket, Trump’s red wave brought Republicans to the very edge of regaining the House. In 2022, you are looking at a Red Tidal Wave. The House will fall into the control of Trump Republicans. Not the Swamp Republicans. The Trump Republicans.

As the Biden-Harris lockdown, economic and immigration policies sink the fortunes of urban minorities, the GOP outreach to Blacks and Latinos will grow much stronger.

Bye, Bye, Joe, Goodbye

Meanwhile, Joe Biden will be shoved aside. Will it be in time to break William Henry Harrison’s record for the shortest presidency? I can’t say. But who doubts it’s going to happen?

First off, he is clearly incapable of serving as president. His handlers could hide him, and the media could cover for him like a thick blanket during the campaign, but not when he’s president. Not even with Big Tech censorship.

Second, since Joe can’t control his thoughts, let alone an administration, you’ll be looking at an internal war for power that makes House of Cards look like the Hardy Boys. How soon before we see the “Dr. Jill Camp vs. Kamala Camp” stories? Despot-in-Waiting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be in Biden’s face more than his precious mask. 

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Third, Joe has served his purpose. The goal was to have the once-moderate Biden be a Trojan horse for the progressives and socialists and radicals. Come January 20, that Trojan horse will be put out to pasture.

Related, Kamala Harris is ambitious, corrupt, and ruthless. And she’s got the even worse Obama in her corner. Suddenly, all those stories the media covered up about Joe’s involvement in the Biden family corruption will spring back to life. Or, they’ll sit Joe down and say, “Perhaps you should retire. For health reasons. Of course. Before these stories spring back to life. I mean, there is that FBI investigation into your family.”

Hello, Kamala

One way or another, Kamala Harris will be sworn in. And let’s be honest. Even most Democrats can’t stand her. They’d choose waterboarding at Gitmo over hearing her speak for more than five minutes. Worse, she’s shown zero capacity to govern and plenty of evidence of being a horrible administrator. (See: Kamala Harris 2020 primary campaign.)

Plus, once there’s a Trump Republican House in 2023, she can forget any progressive legislation. And any garbage she and Joe pulled will go under intense scrutiny.

2024 Election

So, where are we, going into the 2024 election?

You have a Trump Republican House Majority, and a strengthening Trump movement among minorities. You have a failing and thoroughly disliked Kamala Harris up against either a Donald Trump hell-bent on getting justice, or a fresh, hand-picked successor with the Trump moxie. (Gov. Kristi Noem?) Either way, Harris will be beaten so thoroughly even Dominion hackers and sleazy ballot harvesters can’t save her.

America in 2025 will head towards our 250th birthday with a New Birth of Freedom.

Democrats Can Still Avoid This Fate

The Democrats don’t have to suffer this fate. They could insist right now on a full audit of all elections and a forensic study of the voting systems. They can acknowledge the fraud, and accept Donald Trump as the legitimate winner.

Then in 2022, pick up a bunch of House seats, as always happens for the party not in the White House. Maybe win the Senate. They can watch as Trump’s second term goes stale as most second terms do … with the added benefit of Trump fatigue.

Then they enter 2024 with both House and Senate, an open race for the White House, and America in the mood for a change. Socialism here we come!

The good news for Trump supporters? The Democrats are too bitter and obsessed with Trump to do what is even in their best long-term interests.  

My friends, win or lose now, the Trump Nation still wins in the end.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl. And if you aren’t already, please follow The Stream at @Streamdotorg.

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