Battle for the American Mind: James and Betty Robison Interview Author and Fox News Host Pete Hegseth

The Fox News host opens up about his faith, his new book and the fight to preserve freedom for our children.

By The Stream Published on June 28, 2022

“Look at what’s coming home in their homework. Look at what they’re talking about with their friends and what they’re doing on social media and where they’re getting it from. And intervene now as a parent or grandparent,” said Fox News host Pete Hegseth during a fresh and fascinating conversation with James and Betty Robison.

Hegseth is the author of the new book Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation, which details a century-long agenda to get God out of our schools and teach our kids conformity instead of critical thinking.

“Not only is God gone from the classroom, it’s openly hostile to any ideas of faith whatsoever — condescending to it,” said Hegseth. “And if you look at the people that originally pulled God out, they were atheists. This was not an accidental thing. They knew for their utopian humanistic schemes to work, they had to pull God out.”

Hegseth was clear that “this book is an action book. Yes we want you to read it and we want you to understand the depth of the problem and the history behind it. That’ll probably rattle your cage. And we want to. But more importantly, I want everyone to self-examine what they can do to put those principles to work in their lives right now with their kids and grandkids.”

The Robisons: Fifty Years of Love (Part 1 of 2)

Watch the full interview above, where James, Betty and Pete discuss the situation in our schools today and what we can do about it. Pete also opens up about his Christian walk, and the growth he’s experienced in just the past few years.

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