Bad Laws and a Corrupt Congress

The humanitarian crisis is a "political goldmine."

By Jennifer Hartline Published on June 23, 2018

As someone who believes strongly in the primacy of the family unit — father, mother and child — I’m glad to hear that President Trump signed an order making changes in how immigrant families are treated at the border. We should be reluctant to separate children from their parents.

What is dangerous now is the ongoing manipulation of events and news, images and emotions surrounding the entire immigration quagmire. What we’ve seen and heard in the last two weeks, particularly from our precious elected elite, is disgusting.

Adding to the muck is a blatantly dishonest media, determined to manipulate and destroy rather than inform. According to them, Federal centers at the border where children are fed, clothed, educated and given medical care are exactly the same thing as Nazi concentration camps where people were gassed to death by the millions. These reckless ignoramuses care nothing for the truth.

Only One Mission: Annihilate Trump

The kind of viciousness now being spewed forth on a daily basis is genuinely alarming.

The men and women whose job it is to fix it refuse to do so. They do not have the desire to fix it. The humanitarian crisis is a political goldmine for them.

Blind, seething hatred for one man has seized the minds and hearts of a great many people who have power and prestige. Their only goal now is his destruction, no matter the cost to the nation.

From celebrities to billionaires to our media and Congress, the raging hatred flows like a flash flood of sewage. It’s just as bad from ordinary folks on social media. It is nasty out there.

Misdirected Malice

Let’s back up a few paces. I hope we all learned in junior high school that our Republic has a system for getting things done. We have a Legislative branch of government whose job it is to craft and pass bills that become the laws by which we are governed.

The President is not part of that Legislative body.

We now have the most dysfunctional immigration system in our short history. We go on, year after year after year with this horrible immigration mess at the southern border for only one reason.

The men and women whose job it is to fix it refuse to do so. They do not have the desire to fix it.

The humanitarian crisis is a political goldmine for them. They depend on the drama, the photos, the carefully manipulated talking points, and the ginned-up outrage to pad their own sorry bottoms. That’s some lucrative hay, and they know it.

These self-serving hypocrites make sure the immigration system remains a quagmire, so the other party can always be blamed for the mess.

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Children and families will be used in whatever way suits these elites best. If it’s the child at the border, we get violins, tears and teddy bears, but the child in the womb gets vacuums, scalpels and dismemberment. The family at the border is inviolate. The family at the abortion mill? Wait — what family?

Mothers being separated from their babies is a wicked injustice or a sacred right depending on your politics.

Consistent, coherent morality requires more. The child in the womb is the child at the border. The family at the border is the family forever separated at the abortion mill.

Americans Still Want to Welcome Immigrants

We live amidst the constant threats of terrorism, human trafficking, and drug and weapons smuggling. We can’t afford to be naive or sentimental about border security. Even so, decent and caring people — I daresay nearly all Americans — want the same thing.

We want children to be safely cared for. We want families to remain intact. We want the bad guys identified, caught, and taken out immediately. We do not want criminals to find refuge here. We want secure borders.

We want an immigration system that allows people to enter legally, with a minimum degree of difficulty for everyone. We still want the tired and poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free to find welcome here in the United States.

We want sensible laws that not only treat immigrants humanely, but also address the safety interests of the United States. It is not immoral to safeguard our homeland and our citizens.

Nobody but Congress

So let’s get back to brass tacks here. Who are the people charged with fixing a miserably dysfunctional immigration system?

Congress. Nobody but Congress.

What was Senator Chuck Schumer’s response to the call for a legislative correction? No way, no how, said he.

How many times has immigration legislation passed in this Congress? How many times? Zero. It’s an excuse from our Republican colleagues who feel the heat, don’t want to attack the president, even though they know, they know legislation will take a very long time and is unlikely to happen, and the flick of a president’s pen could solve this tomorrow.

Wrong, Chuck. It’s YOUR job to solve it, and solve it for good. We aren’t supposed to live by the flick of a president’s pen, mandating this or revoking that.

Better Than This

They say America is better than this.

And America should be better than a corrupt Congress and an equally corrupt media behaving like rabid wolves out for the kill.

We should be better than raving lunatics incapable of an honest, mature conversation.

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