Bad Christian! On Immigration, No Thinking’s Allowed

By John Zmirak Published on July 8, 2018

Pope Francis is celebrating the anniversary of his own sermon five years ago at Lampedusa, Italy. When Francis arrived at the small, poor Sicilian city overwhelmed by African economic migrants, his message for Westerners was fierce. Even “judgmental.” There was not a nuance in sight. Francis compared those who resist the mass influx of poor people into developed countries to the bloody tyrant Herod and the brother-killer Cain.

Last year, Jason Jones and I addressed an “Open Letter” to Francis on this point. We wrote:

This is frankly unfair, and deeply misleading. Was Cain protecting the common good when he slaughtered Abel? Was Herod concerned for the religious liberty and civic peace of Bethlehem when he butchered its infants? Yet those of us who differ with your optimism about mass Muslim immigration found ourselves linked to each of those villains in your remarks. We do not think it wise or prudent to reward migrants for making a potentially deadly journey to Europe on makeshift boats with the “prize” of long-term residence and public support — a prize which cannot help but encourage millions of others to attempt the same deadly journey, to lands that do not require their labor and are already suffering from the intolerance and militancy of resurgent political Islam.

Put On Blinders, and Let the Elites Lead You

But reality-based, prudential arguments fall on deaf ears with liberal Christians when their pet issues are the ox logic gores. They simply forbid you to consider the almost-certain effects of extending “compassion” to their victim group of choice. (In this case economic immigrants.) Instead they expect you to slap on a set of blinders, and only consider one person in the equation: the would-be immigrant.

Nobody else counts. Not the poorest citizens in the U.S., Italy, or Hungary, whose wages low-skill migrants might suppress. (Or whose taxes will support these migrants on lavish benefits.) Not the women who will fall victim to Muslim rape gangs or MS-13. Not the citizens who’ll see their countries changing before their eyes. Changing into lands where female genital mutilation or cartel murders — once unheard of — become running sores affecting thousands. Where sharia law or Chavez-style socialism go from being obscure crank positions to planks in major party platforms.

Nope. Liberal Christians forbid you to think such impure thoughts.

Or really, any thoughts at all. Instead you should just emote. You will nod at the video footage that has been put together for you. Then you’ll cry at the carefully chosen photographs. You should let your sentiments of good-will, guilt, and (most of all) fear of “racist” opprobrium inundate your brain.

The Seamless Muddle

Of course, this isn’t how we make rational moral decisions — except when the issue at hand is a clear and obvious human right. For instance, an unborn child with an absolute right to life. Or a slave in chains with an absolute right to liberty.

Liberal Christians forbid you to think such impure thoughts.

The goal of the “Seamless Garment” is to muddle together such absolute claims with much more complex questions. (Such as the right criteria for choosing immigrants.) Social justice Christians expect to you to pretend that every person in the Third World has the same right to come live on Swedish or Texan welfare and Medicaid as babies have to be born alive. Balderdash. Ten seconds of thinking refutes it.

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That’s why they’re keen to prevent it. To forbid you to think about it. The religious left labels that a sin. They accuse you of being a Pharisee, a “doctor of the law,” for using the brain God gave you.

Break Windows: It Creates Jobs!

Philosophers have spotted this mode of argument as a fallacy. Economists have specified what kind. They call it “the Broken Window.” Catholic free-market thinker Frederic Bastiat was the first to explain it. I wrote about it back in 2011, showing how it moves “social justice” Christians to get both economics and abortion wrong.

Certain economists seem to think it’s a good idea to run around breaking windows in order to create jobs for glassmakers. Such thinkers fixate on what is seen — the newly employed glassmaker — and completely ignore what is not seen: the other, more prudent uses of the money that was wasted fixing the window. Once you have smashed the window, you can see with your own two eyes the friendly glassmaker who’s happy to earn some money fixing the thing; what you’ll never see is the person who might have been hired to plant the garden if the window hadn’t been broken, or the roses that never grew there….

Far too many Catholics, in reacting to political and economic issues, seem to make a virtue of fetishizing what is seen and ignoring what is not seen….

The case gets even more poignant when what is seen is a person who’s palpably poor, demonstrating outside the statehouse asking for benefits. It’s all too easy (and common nowadays) to airily dismiss the people who are not seen — the overtaxed working-class people who can’t afford parochial school, or SAT prep classes, or other worthy uses of their own money, for which they have worked….

[T]his habit [is] at the heart of the pro-choice mindset. Those who are addicted to choosing the seen over the unseen look at the issue of abortion with the same unthinking concreteness of the window-smashing economist. They hear the distress of women with unintended pregnancies. They see their distressed condition. They can picture themselves in their place and empathize with their suffering. What they don’t see, can’t hear, and will not imagine are the merely “abstract” rights of the unborn child who waits in the darkness. And so, in the name of compassion, they side with what they think are the best interests of the person whom they can see. They weave thereby a seamless garment of tyranny and injustice, all the while congratulating themselves. As Christ said of the Pharisees: They have their reward.

Predicting the Weather 100 Years from Now

This isn’t even how the religious Left operates on other issues. For instance, “climate change.” On that subject, the Left doesn’t want us to look at the concrete, suffering poor. For instance, the millions of people in developing countries who’d lose reliable access to electricity without fossil fuels. Or the people in hot climates who’d swelter without air conditioning — a “luxury” Pope Francis took time to denounce.

We don’t need computer models to see the effects on advanced societies of importing millions of poor people for whom no jobs exist. Whose cultures, politics, and deeply held beliefs are incompatible with the country that takes them. We can see it all across Europe, and in many American states.

Move along, move along, nothing to see here. We should instead look at what the magician is waving around in his hand: Computer models that try to predict the weather 100 years from now. Of course, the last models failed even to predict the temperature trends of the last 10 years, but never mind. Trust the experts. If need be, climate controllers will even pretend that God demands you accept the shaky scientific “consensus.”PIG Immigration

Don’t Notice the Hole, Just Keep Digging

We don’t need computer models to see the effects on advanced societies of importing millions of poor people for whom no jobs exist. Whose cultures, politics, and deeply held beliefs are incompatible with the country that takes them. We can see it all across Europe, and in many American states. In the growing Islamist parties demanding sharia for Britain. For Germany. For Belgium. In the one-party failed states that massive Latino immigration is helping to create across the U.S. Or the fact that a pro-life candidate only won the popular vote for president ONCE since 1988. Politically, mass immigration today guarantees that abortion stays legal. If it had no other ill effects, that would be enough reason to oppose it, as abolitionists opposed admitting new slave states in 1850.

Our climate has already changed. Europeans are feeling the heat from orthodox Muslims. We see Venezuelan-style socialism, and demands for open borders, now fueling the Democratic party. The water’s bubbling over, and the frogs are starting to boil.


John Zmirak is co-author, with Al Perrotta, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration.

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  • alaneason

    Did the Vatican answer? Still amazed that The Vatican has such walls.

    • Kevin Carr

      Since it has walls, he should either open the gates.

      • Micha_Elyi

        Your apartment has walls. Now you too may “be quiet”, Kevin Carr.

        • Kevin Carr

          No I will not, I advocate for walls, the Pope is calling for others to take in unrestricted immigrants, but hypocritically, the Vatican has walls and isn’t taking any. I have a house with walls and doors and windows I lock at my choosing. Just because you have walls (doors) doesn’t mean you hate those outside, but because you care about those inside.

    • Micha_Elyi

      Who is “the Vatican”?

  • Chip Crawford

    To whom does the Pope answer? Any earthly accountability for him?

    • ArthurMcGowan


    • Don_in_Odessa

      Except for judgment day and the big kahuna sitting on His throne up there in gold street and many mansion land, He answers to no one. But he might wake up a bit if those who willingly give this antichrist their offerings decided to leave the flock. A whole mess of preachers are like voters, they always vote (preach) their pocketbook. I put this Pope character in that group.

      • Chip Crawford

        I reverence God

      • Micha_Elyi

        I put you “in that group” and you fit the profile much more firmly than the present Pope, Don_in_Odessa. Repent.

        • Don_in_Odessa

          Member of the “Catholic” church? With this reply to me, you are at least a supporter of this Pope. I got news for ya bubba, the Pope is not infallible and this one especially so.

          Throwing stones? Jesus had something to say about that too. Read my Disqus history before you pick up that second one. I might surprise you.

          • It seems more likely that this Micha Elyi is of the perfidious Christ-killing tribe. Hence it’s no surprise that he supports Pope Francis the Groovy.

  • nickstuart

    Thank you.

  • Don_in_Odessa

    Jesus never asked us to take the poor into our home, and give them the keys to the front door in perpetuity. Help them after He passed yes. But the scriptures also teach us that the man who does not provide for his own household is worse than an infidel. When all are sated, when all are clothed, when all are housed and healthcare insured, then and only then is it wise, to take in the poor. Not one second before.

    • Ryan

      Please tell me where it says any of this in the bible. I doubt you’ll find it. God helps those who help themselves is NOT in the bible. But “Do unto others and you would have them do to you” is.

      • Don_in_Odessa

        This is the scripture that says a man is worse than an infidel … 1 Timothy 5:8.

        You are correct that Jesus taught us to treat others as we wished to be treated. But there is also something called common sense. The word you missed in my comment was “perpetuity.” In the context of my comment, it means keep on giving to the same person or in this case people, over and over while your own people go without. That is not what Jesus taught.

        • Ryan

          You are correct on the verse. I will concede that. But I feel that verse pertains to households and not states.

          But yes we should not be helping the same people forever. We should help them get on their feet and if they fall help them again. These people are crossing the border due to major strife in their country. We are blessed by God and should in turn bless others.

          • Don_in_Odessa

            The verse is speaking of households. The concept however, the ideal, is inclusive, as I explain next.

            “Strife” they caused by their very own Socialist vote in their own countries. Is that what you want for your own house (read country)? Because those who do are indeed, “worse than an infidel.”

          • Ryan

            No they did not cause the strife in their own countries. We did through backing of dictators during military coups in the Cold War and the war on drugs which has enriched the cartels throughout South America and especially in Mexico.

          • Don_in_Odessa

            The fact that America backed bankster corrupt politicians is incidental. My point was and still is these folks voted into office politicians that promised Socialism and bankrupted their countries by doing so? Are you actually going to deny that is not true.

          • Ryan

            Mexico isn’t socialist, Honduras isn’t socialist, in fact there is only 1 socialist country in SA and that is Venezuela. There are 2 in Central America and they are Cuba and El Salvador.

            We get refugees from Cuba (not many overall) and almost none from El Salvador.

            So yes I disagree with you based on Facts.

          • Don_in_Odessa

            I think I need to clarify something here. I am not anti immigration. I am one hundred percent anti any deference to illegal immigrants. I am all for immigration for people who are willing to learn the language and integrate into American culture, holding the guarantee of equal opportunity for all, not equal outcomes, as the supreme law of the land. As for your reply, disagree all you want. By and large Mexico is ruled by a bunch of criminals. Who voted them into office? As for the rest of the lower countries, why is it most vote for the Democrat party which in reality is Socialist, if they are not coming here with a Socialist mindset legally or not? I will say it again: Government is not and never will be your provider. Socialism only works until the government runs out of other people’s money. Whatever the cause of the countries demise, these people are responsible for it. They voted their governments into office and they are bringing that same garbage down on us.

          • Ryan

            Mexico has had over 133 politicians or running for office we’re murdered since September alone. Either you play by cartel rules or you die. We enrich and empower the cartels. Therefore this is on us. There were also over 30k murders in the country last year. There murder rate is 3x ours (5 per 100k people vs 15 in Mexico). There is a reason they want to come here.

            Also, why do they need to learn our language and integrate? Are we not a free county? Now I can agree not accommodating them for government purposes but even that’s not that big of a deal.

          • Don_in_Odessa

            Clearly we are on opposite sides of the issue. God willing, we will not have to meet on the battlefield over it. But I am finished discussing it with you.

          • Micha_Elyi

            “We enrich and empower the cartels.”–Ryan

            “We” don’t but I will accept that you do, Ryan.

          • Ryan

            We as Americans. I don’t use or buy drugs. But they get rich from legitimate means too (The Caballeros Templarios cartel makes a huge profit from the production of limes, avocados, mangoes, and tomatoes).

            Ever done banking with HSBC? They laundered billions for the cartels.

            Oh and an investigation by El Universal found that between the years 2000 and 2012, the U.S. government had an arrangement with Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed the organization to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs while Sinaloa provided information on rival cartels.

            So yeah we enrich the cartels. Please prove me wrong.

          • Don_in_Odessa

            There you go again. Although I one hundred percent disagree with Ryan on this matter. You took what he said out context. Learn the language bubba. Perhaps you need a refresher course?

          • Micha_Elyi

            To single out “politicians” as if they are a special greedy class entirely separate from the people who elected them is a fallacy, Don_in_Odessa.

          • Don_in_Odessa

            Typical of the under educated, brainwashed, product of the American education system; You fail to understand the language. You read something into my comment I did not say and in no way excluded any others at all. In fact, had you read the whole thread you might have gleaned my comment was all about the voters. Although you appear to be Conservative leaning you have adopted the Left wing media’s tactic of twisting what the Right has to say or taking things out of context. Wise up bubba.

          • Don, with Ryan you’re dealing with a cuckservative. See my comments on this page regarding cuckservatives and their pathologically altruistic, suicidally xenophilic white ethnomasochism.

            Also, the LEGAL third-worlder invasion is far more of a problem than the illegal invasion. Start reading the great Vdare site, which enjoys the great honor of being labelled a “hate site” by the perfidious ((($PLC))) for being really real about the invasion.

          • Don_in_Odessa

            Google search: “Alphonsus Jr. ✠ Dᴇᴜs ᴠᴜʟᴛ days ago” + “months ago”

            I hate it when people cowardly hide their history. Makes me believe they are dishonest. At the least inconsistent, or your everyday run of the mill troll. At any rate, the comments I found from you seem a bit over the top, pretty insulting and generally a personality that is definitely not a reflection of the Christ. Please don’t respond to my comments again.

          • As I suspected, Don, you too are infected with cuckservativism. I suspected this the moment when, in typical cuckservative fashion, I saw you intimate that you’re just fine with white countries becoming third world hell holes via LEGAL immigration, not illegal immigration (this is what cuckservatives effectively declare when they lament only the illegal third worlder invasion).

            Cuckservatives refuse to see that the third worlder invasion is occuring mostly LEGALLY. As unconscious liberals desperate for mainstream respectability, cuckservatives live in perpetual terror of being called RAAAAAAAAAACCIISSS, hence they’re quite willing to let the West go third world as long as this fundamental transformation is done LEGALLY. Import a third world population, whether illegally or LEGALLY, and you get a third world country. For people—not culture, not politics—are the fundament of a society. Culture and politics flow from people. It’s no coincidence that, without exception, black countries are feculent hell holes. Do you call this really real observation RAAAAAAAAAAACCCCISSSS? I just don’t care.

            All those infected with cuckservatism—and thus with the pathological complex of WEOSX (white ethnomasochist oikophobia and suicidal xenophilia)—should read Jared Taylor’s priceless “An Open Letter to Cuckservatives.” They should read it 1,000 times. Note that the excellent Jared Taylor and his American Renaissance site enjoy the magnificent distinction of being branded as RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCIISSSS by the perfidious ((($PLC))). The disapproval of the ((($PLC))) is, of course, a great endorsement.

  • Sapient

    Great column. It reflects much of my personal frustrations on this topic. Too many Christians are so ignorant of applicable Biblical teaching, so reflexively guilted by accusation, and so prone to myopic and blinding emotional considerations that they are easily conscripted as unwitting accomplices to agendas that threaten the very freedoms and blessings which God has given them. If I were the enemy seeking the fundamental transformation or destruction of this God-blessed country—I’d be thankful for Christians foolish enough to help me.

  • Albion

    St Ignatius of Loyola made a comment that is of relevant to the question of mass migration: “Charity and kindness not wedded to truth are not charity and kindness, but deceit and vanity.”
    I hope that Angela Merkel and the Pope take heed of such advice when it comes to mass migration of Muslims.

  • Those unconscious liberals now known as cuckservatives (and CatholiCucks) are just as steeped in the pathological altruism of suicidally xenophilic white ethnomasochism as avowed liberals. It’s even more pitiful with cuckservatives, so burning with lust for mainstream (i.e., liberal) respectability that their supreme fantasy consists of being eternally and publicly gang raped by Paco, Jamal, Abdul, Wong, and Schlomowitz as the ultimate form of virtue signaling. Truly pitiful.

    For more on the pitiful, pitiful cuckservatives, see this essay on the Vdare site:

    Cuckservatism: The Cuckoo in the Conservative Movement’s Nest

    Happily, shrieks of RAAAAAACIISSS are becoming increasingly ineffective as more and more European people throw off the programming of suicidally xenophilic white ethnomasochism and hence subscribe to such Youtube channels as VertigoPolitix, American Renaissance, and Black Pigeon Speaks, and read such websites as Vdare, The Occidental Observer, and American Renaissance, all of which enjoy the extreme distinction of being labeled by the perfidious ((($PLC))) as RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCISSSS and thus as “hate groups.” Wonderful!

    RAAAAAAACCCCISSSSSSS??? I just don’t give a damn.

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