Back to Reality, Please: A Man and a Woman Make Babies

By Jennifer Hartline Published on September 30, 2016

Newsflash! A man and a woman in South America made history because they had a baby together.

Why should this be newsworthy? Because this man claims to be the woman, and this woman claims to be the man, and for that reason, they should go down in the history books as the first “transgender” couple to give birth in South America. The article’s subheading reads:

The pair are the first transgender couple to fall pregnant in South America

Now, I’ve had four babies in my life, so that makes me pretty much an expert on pregnancy and childbirth. Never once did I “fall” pregnant. I’ve fallen over toys on the floor. I’ve fallen in a hole in the ground. I’ve even fallen out of a moving vehicle once, but I’ve never fallen pregnant. Pregnancy (naturally) requires sexual intercourse. Falling has nothing to do with it. The author and the Independent should be embarrassed to have published something so stupid. I guess we’re supposed to read that and gasp in awe at this unlikely and amazing event.

A transgender man has given birth after conceiving with his transgender wife. The couple have made history as the first transgender couple in South America to do so.

No, this pregnancy of theirs didn’t happen by some unique magic. It happened the way human biology dictates. This man and this woman came together physically in the way that their bodies are created to do, and the woman conceived a child in her womb. “He” was not a pregnant “transgender” man; she was a pregnant woman. Pregnancy and childbirth are the exclusive domain of women (a.k.a. biological females) — at least among those still tethered to reality.

Fernando Machado, who was assigned female at birth and his partner Diane Rodriguez, who was assigned male at birth, welcomed their first child.

Who knew that for millennia, doctors, midwives, or whoever was lucky enough to catch the baby at delivery, merely “assigned” sex at birth? How would that assignment go, exactly? “Well, we said the last one was a boy, so let’s call this one a girl.” Or maybe it’s like Male Mondays and Female Fridays or something. Maybe the other days of the week they close their eyes and throw darts at a blue or pink balloon on the wall.

That’s how utterly ridiculous this is. We are not “assigned” a sex at birth. Observable, biological reality is recognized. It is not an “assignment” that has no basis in fact. Yet that is what the propaganda of “transgender” would have us believe — that gender is some nebulous, ever-fluid concept separate from sex, and a woman can have a penis and a man can get pregnant and give birth.

The couple have not undergone full gender reassignment and were therefore able to conceive naturally.

Here is where the arrogance and selfishness of this madness really comes to the fore. They were able to conceive naturally because Diane’s male body and Fernando’s female body both did as nature dictates, yet they disdain nature by living in contradiction to their own bodies. Diane insists he’s a woman and Fernando insists she’s a man, but they’re happy to retain and use the sexual organs (of the sex they say they’re not) that allow them to make babies. Naturally, of course. They’ll use nature for their own purposes, but they reject the truth revealed by their nature.

It’s one thing — a very sad thing — for these two adults to live their delusion if they’re determined to do so. It’s quite another to impose this delusion on a child. This poor child will now be injured by the same inhuman, demonic ideology as the parents. They go on to say they want to welcome more children, so obviously they’re content to keep the equipment God gave them and use it. Naturally.

“We live as man and woman. I’m a transfeminine woman and Fernando is a transmasculine man. The process to get here was complex for each of us,” Mr. Machado said.

True. They do indeed live as a man and woman, because Diane is indeed a man, and Fernando is indeed a woman. No doubt about it — it is a complex process to portray absolute madness as something reasonable, normal and healthy.

I realize many, maybe even most people would balk at the label demonic when it comes to “LGBTQ/transgender” ideology, but we have to call a spade a spade. I say it is demonic because it is truly inhuman. (Back up and read that again before you accuse me of calling “transgender” people inhuman.) It seeks to redefine human beings according to irrationality and confusion.

To insist that the human person exists in an ever-growing multitude of bizarre genders, and that a man can “transition” into a woman; and to assert the pregnancy and child-bearing of a “man” is not human. It is a mockery and a perversion of the human person whom God has made.

Satan is the author of lies and confusion, and what greater triumph for him than to cause us to deny what it means to be human, made in the image and likeness of God? We are created male and female, and our bodies clearly evince the union of male and female, for the purpose of new life.

I challenge anyone to explain the distinct difference between the 50+ gender types we’re being required to accept and use under threat of fines and punishment. Tell me how “genderqueer” actually differs from “gender fluid” or “pangender” or “gender variant” or “two spirit”. Go ahead. Then tell me what “ze”, “zir”, “ver” and “vis” mean.

See, I can clearly explain the distinct differences between men and women, and so can you. Because that’s real. A “transgender man” having a baby is not real. Fernando gave birth because she’s a woman, and the female body is endowed with that miraculous ability. A man’s body is not. That’s the truth.

Remember when we had the courage to tell the truth?

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