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Before joining Human Coalition in 2012, Sean Martin served as a church pastor for 12 years, leading churches in Sharon, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Missouri; and most recently in Simsbury, Connecticut. Since 2014, Sean has been the Senior Director of Church Outreach, overseeing Human Coalition’s efforts to engage and equip the American Church to rise up and lead the charge to end the atrocity of abortion.

Having served on a number of ministerial committees, including the Ethics Committee of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Sean brings to Human Coalition a comprehensive philosophical and biblical understanding of the sanctity of life.

Sean holds a BA in Sociology and Religion from Westminster College (PA) and a Masters of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

Sean and his wife Jill have been married more than 20 years, and they have 11 children. They’ve lived out their pro-life convictions through the adoption of 9 children many of whom have special needs.

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