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Patrina Mosley serves as Family Research Council Action’s Assistant Director. She oversees daily operations and inter-department communications, alerts to the grassroots on important news and legislation, facilitates communication with officials and candidates, and content marketing for voter education, activist tools, and grassroots mobilization projects. Patrina was the Project Coordinator/Writer for Concerned Women for America and pioneered biblically based curriculum and educational materials on public policy issues. She has directed collegiate initiatives in conservative activism through leadership training, education, and recruitment. While serving at Liberty University as a public relations representative and she also led efforts in producing creative projects that marketed the mission and objectives of the university. Patrina is a speaker on the importance of advancing the pro-life movement in the African-American community and is an opinion columnist for The Christian Post. She holds a bachelor of science in Religion with a specialization in Biblical Studies and Masters of Arts in Public Policy from Liberty University. She and her husband are church planters in Northern Virginia.

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Opinion, Society, Religion | 6 years ago

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Time and time again, the media and the left try to discourage Christian conservatives after we score major victories. Take the Public Religion Research Institute’s (PRRI) latest research on “America’s changing religious identity.” CEO Robert P. Jones tries to eulogize…

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