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Jason Jones is a film producer, author, activist, popular podcast host, and human rights worker. He is president of the Human-Rights Education and Relief Organization (H.E.R.O.), known for its two main programs, the Vulnerable People Project and Movie to Movement. He was the first recipient of the East Turkistan Order of Friend- ship Medal for his advocacy of the Uyghur people. Jones was an executive producer of Bella and an associate producer of The Stoning of Soraya M. His humanitarian efforts have aided millions in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and the Ukraine, as well as pregnancy centers and women’s shelters throughout North America. Jones is a senior contributor to The Stream and the host of The Jason Jones Show. He is also the author of three books, The Race to Save Our CenturyThe World Is on Fire, and his latest book, The Great Campaign Against the Great Reset. His latest film, Divided Hearts of America, is available on Amazon Prime.

Armen Chakmakian is a Grammy Award-winning recording artist and composer, and works with the Vulnerable People Project as Refugee Evacuation and Resettlement Database Manager.

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