Apparently One Gosnell Just Wasn’t Enough

By Jennifer Hartline Published on January 30, 2019

Not to be outdone in bloodlust by New York, the state of Virginia is poised to pass its own abortion legislation that may be even worse than New York’s. (If that is possible.)

Introduced by Democrat Kathy Tran, the Repeal Act would wipe out all existing restrictions on abortions in Virginia. According to Tran, her bill would allow for a woman at full-term, in labor, to still have an abortion if the doctor deemed it “necessary” for her mental or physical health.

This monstrous legislation also wipes out clinic safety requirements and informed consent; allows late-term abortions to be done at an outpatient clinic; removes ultrasound requirements and the 24-hour waiting period.

It’s NEVER Medically Necessary

Since the passage of New York’s horrendous bill, numerous Ob/Gyns and NICU nurses have come forward to educate Americans about something very important: it is never, ever medically necessary to abort a child because of some emergency to the mother’s life or health.

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Abortions in the second or third trimester take days to accomplish, and if the mother is truly experiencing an emergency, she doesn’t have days to wait for help. The medical intervention necessary may be a C-section to deliver the baby quickly, but it is never, ever necessary to kill the baby first. Killing the baby does not benefit the mother in any way. Listen to this former abortionist explain the facts here.

So for Tran to suggest that a doctor may deem it medically necessary — while a woman is in active labor — to kill the baby for the sake of mom’s “health” is simply preposterous. No reputable doctor would do such a thing because no necessity exists.

There’s No Way This Benefits Women

But it seems reputable doctors are no longer required either. Neither is a hospital, for that matter. Raise your hands out there if you’d be comfortable having, say, your colon checked and cleaned out in a little outpatient clinic somewhere, with any ol’ person in scrubs behind the equipment (which may or may not be up to snuff), and without having been fully informed of the procedure and the risks. Anyone?

But Tran and Governor Cuomo think it’s a victory for women that now women can just go to a clinic somewhere and get a very risky, complicated late-term abortion done by who knows who in who knows what conditions, because those clinics will no longer be held to safety standards thanks to this “progressive” legislation.

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How on earth can this possibly be considered a “win” for women? Do women not deserve clinics held to high safety standards? Clinics that are clean and equipment that is sterile? Do women not deserve the care of a licensed doctor? Do women not deserve the protection of being fully informed before they consent?

How is lowering the standard of care in every possible way considered a good thing for women?

Gosnell Over and Over Again

Remember how no one in the “choice” camp wanted to even talk about Kermit Gosnell when his horrifying office was revealed for what it was? Remember how nobody wanted to discuss the reality of Gosnell as an abortionist, except to dismiss him as an aberration more rare than a two-headed snake? I tried sincerely to believe that even pro-abortion folks could see the evil of Gosnell and reject it. Even they would want to make sure a monster like him could never operate in daylight again. I cannot believe that any longer.

This bill in Virginia, and the law in New York, actually encourages more Gosnells, and more gruesome holes like his filthy mill. And the future Gosnells can rest easy knowing they won’t be prosecuted and sent to prison like he was. With all legal and medical protections for the child eliminated, if baby has the nerve not to die during the abortion, the abortionist (whoever it may be) need not hesitate to do exactly what Gosnell did, because who or what is going to stop him?

Maybe that’s what Tran has in mind for the woman in labor. Maybe she thinks the doctor could say, “You know, mom, at this point just let me deliver the baby and slit its neck. That’ll be easier than trying to kill it now. I mean, baby’s gotta come out somehow, and it doesn’t matter when or how I kill it.”

That’s where Cuomo and Tran want to take us, America. It is absolutely no different than barbaric pagans who left their “unwanted” babies on a rock in the midday sun to be burned alive and picked apart by wild animals. That is all that remains for us to legalize. I said as much on Facebook last week, and the always astute Al Perrotta reminded me that our government would never allow that because then those lucrative baby body parts couldn’t be sold for more profit.

Shame on every legislator and politician who considers this beneficial for women, or any manner of victory for women. You wretched ghouls are doing demons’ work and using “choice” to sell women down the bloody river.

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