Antifa, Communism, Socialism — Same Playbook, Same Lust for Power

By James Malloy Published on June 20, 2020

“We believe that working people should run both the economy and society democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few.”

— Democratic Socialists of America

The neo-Marxist youth movement today is more confused than ever. Antifa and its comrades have an ugly influence. They seek our college kids and those susceptible to radical ideas. Believing their ideology can give an angry and confused person meaning in life. They’re among the most disturbed young socialists.

They claim they’re anti-fascist, but use fascist tactics and violence. Their benefactors’ Marxist rhetoric exposes their cartoonish fraud. They’re communists violently attacking and defending the country from “fascists.” They seem to want the Spanish Civil War, but right here in America.

The Media’s Pet Terrorists

For the most part, they aren’t assaulting fascists, but traditional Americans. We love freedom. The news media makes a huge hype of when they attack a usually much smaller group of neo-Nazis. They call them counter-protesters against a hate group. The truth is that both groups consist of socialist punks.

Looking for trouble is Antifa’s modus operandi. They’re a much more prevalent and openly violent problem today than other radical groups. There isn’t an American flag that they don’t want to tear down or burn up. Why do the mainstream media cover for them?

It seems that those behind the scenes, pulling the kids’ strings, want agitation. It leads to the anarchy that destabilizes the system. They organize amazingly well, then turn up the heat. How do protests pop up in many cities across the country on the same day? The kids hold the same signs and chant the same slogans. Do you think kids who can’t even explain what they believe or why they’re protesting organized it all so well by themselves?

These “useful idiots” are susceptible to these nasty specious beliefs. What’s the cure? Knowledge, strength, and understanding. Skillful persuasion and perseverance in the face of it.

Teach Your Kids Real Economics

Better parenting is vital first. We must lead by example. From early on, our youth must learn about real economics. Teach them about productivity, growth, and how we create value and exchange with each other. These movements always use redistribution of wealth schemes, whether they’re openly violent or claim they’re peaceful. Today, revolutionary socialism is rearing its ugly head in the fringe, but long ago, “progressives” embedded Keynesianism into our system.

Keynes came on the scene when many academics still hoped for a Marxist future. He visited the Soviet Union just a few years after its inception. In those days, many called it the new model society. Although Keynes was a quintessential progressive, progress toward justice and prosperity in an enlightened society was not possible with Soviet brutality.

Infiltrating the Democrats

Keynes then openly ridiculed Marxism. He supported the Labour Party in Great Britain, but many of his closest friends were Fabian Socialists. Their goal still today is Democratic Socialism. How similar is today’s Labour Party in England to America’s Democratic Party? How far removed philosophically are either from Democratic Socialism? The Democratic Socialists of America now openly infiltrates the Democratic Party.

Like our friends and allies in the feminist, labor, civil rights, religious, and community organizing movements, many of us have been active in the Democratic Party. We work with those movements to strengthen the party’s left-wing, represented by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. (Democratic Socialists of America, 2009.)

According to this statement, they work alongside those other groups to pull the Democratic Party to the left. Their attack is from within. How radically left wing are those other groups? Very. How successful are they? Today, moderate Democrats seem nearly extinct. In this recent election, several Democratic Socialists won election to Congress as Democrats.

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An exception is traditional religious institutions, but socialists are on the inside working on them wherever possible. They undermine and destroy them by attacking their foundational moral beliefs. They may even believe they’re changing them for the better. If the corroding trend doesn’t stop, they’ll become a hollow shell. Soon they’ll become culturally irrelevant. Next, the church sells off its buildings.

Hungry for Power

The Fabian Socialist Society, still active in England, doesn’t officially call for immediate violent overthrow. Instead, it promotes Democratic Socialism through incremental societal re-formation. They preach patience, waiting for the right moment. They want to mold the world with collectivist ideas. Preparing themselves and the world—to hammer it into the proper formation. Their website shows this in their traditional motto:

For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain, and fruitless.

They claim they’re peaceful, but the anticipation of war before they “strike hard” is their motto. Even before any active assault, “progress” is always toward more control and bureaucracy. The philosophy is collective, by committee, typically led by a dictator.

Smearing Businessmen as Thieves

They miss the individual’s drive to create and stand out successfully. How many historical examples are there of one inspired free businessman changing the world? They would demonize a greedy Steve Jobs for building an empire. They may accuse him of stealing resources from the community to make computers for so many people. Or they might call him a thief, as Karl Marx would.

The Democratic Socialists of America’s website introductory video called “Thanks Capitalism” says as much:

Here’s a choice quote from the video:

Capitalism is a man-made economic system based on profit. It takes wealth and resources away from the public and puts it in the hands of private capitalists. A few become enormously wealthy on the backs of the many. This consolidated control of profit and political power leads to extreme inequality. These factors all make capitalism profoundly alienating. Which is why everyone and everything seems so distant, so hopeless, so odd.

It sounds like Marx wrote it for them, except it might be more sophisticated than his starkly driving prose. Underneath their softer words, they disregard entrepreneurship. They describe social evolution beyond capitalism and champion collectivism. You don’t need to scratch the surface to see Marxist economic theory.

Preying on Troubled Youth

But there is something else. Look at the words in those last two lines! “capitalism profoundly alienating” and “everyone and everything seems so distant, so hopeless, so odd.” They are psychologically preying on the potentially depressed. Our emotionally vulnerable youth! It’s chilling. Do you want your kids falling into these peoples’ hands? Do you know any Bernie Bros?

In reality, the market isn’t “a man-made economic system.” It’s quite natural. We produce and trade, or we don’t eat or improve our lives. We’ve done it farther back than all ancient records show. People become wealthy because they produce valuable things for others and trade with them. We can think freely, imagine, and create, so resources are unlimited.

Tactically they work inside societal structures, including our schools. Just like Marx wrote in The Communist Manifesto, they have replaced traditional education with “social.”  They attack by accusing their targeted opponents of racism, sexism, and discrimination against LGBTQ and whatever other letters they can add. They complain of “capitalist” alienation, but this creates strategic wedges between people. They appeal to young peoples’ emotional pain, talking about “safe spaces” and “triggers.” They are at war with free speech. But they think nothing of demonizing political opponents personally. Destroying individual lives is all part of the ends justifying the means.

The Same Marxist Playbook

In the short term, it’s a design for instability. Shake things up and break down traditional society. In the long run, they take control. What does “wait” to “strike hard” mean? Our leftist politicians use softer precursor buzzwords. They say the government must “right wrongs” and “level the playing field.” Don’t you see the underlying philosophy emerging in violent radical kids we see on the news daily?

Who are these youths donning black masks and attacking older folks while blocking the street? They smash their car windows and derisively mock their white skin. They look like middle-class white kids. Is this crazy? During the Supreme Court Senate approval inquest, did you see the various images on the news showing kids chanting slogans robotically? Older leaders had schooled them in what appears to have been like brainwashing sessions. These “heroes” then went out violently “protesting” Supreme Court nominee, Judge Kavanaugh. It didn’t look like peaceful public dissent but threats and violence. Are these the first stages of domestic terrorism?

Now we see them driving into our cities just before curfew, handing out bricks, and instructing young inner-city kids. Throw them at cops! Smash small business windows and loot! Isn’t arson evil? What kind of people spray paint graffiti on the Lincoln Memorial? Those who want justice for a black man murdered by an agent of the state? No, but people with no operational grace in their hearts. Any grace present becomes overwhelmed by confusion. The mob.

What We Can Do

There’s a short-term solution and a long-term solution. In the short term, we must listen to those like former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani who know what they’re doing. Stop the mobs quickly before they grow with smart, aggressive policing. Tell them they’ll spend at least a night in Riker’s Island before their parents find out. Warn them, and then arrest the first, second, and third who misbehave. They then disperse in fear.

In the long run, we must teach our kids about natural liberty and free enterprise at home. We must only send them to schools that give them a traditional education. We must lead by example. The moral values that brought Western Civilization will keep it going. It requires generations to follow with productive adults. Put our flaws, evils, and historical mistakes in a broader context. An honest and reasonable view reveals America’s goodness.


James Malloy is the author of Economic Clarity or Political Confusion.

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