Al’s Afternoon Tea: Tear-Jerking Pro-Life Ballad Rockets Toward Top of Country and Pop Charts

By Al Perrotta Published on June 24, 2024

Welcome back in for Al’s Afternoon Tea. We actually have some music to accompany today’s serving.

Pro-Life Ballad “I Was Gonna Be” Hits Country Top Five

“Some don’t believe I’m some living soul, just a bad mistake that needs to go … “

On this second anniversary of the fall of Roe v. Wade, a powerful pro-life ballad called “I Was Gonna Be” is rocketing up the charts, reaching Number 5 on the iTunes Country charts Sunday (only two days after its release!) and is now sitting at #13 on the Top 100.

Recorded by 18-year-old Rachel Holt and composed by top Nashville songwriter Chris Wallin, “I Was Gonna Be” is sung from an aborted baby’s point of view.

Wallin told Breitbart he didn’t even know if anyone would be willing to record the song, and had no expectation it would be a hit. Rather, he said his process is just to “make great music first that just happens to say what we believe and the rest will take care of itself.”

In the second verse, the lost baby directly addresses her mother. It’s devastating.

First thing I was gonna do

Was to breathe and fall in love with you.

But a couple weeks before I saw the light

Mine flickered out when you changed your mind.

Later …

I’m more than just some one-night stand

Or some burden that you think I am.

And there ain’t no man who’s ever gonna be

What I was gonna be.

The battlefield for life is in the heart. “I Was Gonna Be” is a direct blow. Let’s pray it pierces the fog and fictions constantly being thrown into our society by the abortion industry and its enablers.

Lord, let this song reach those who need to hear. Let young Rachel Holt’s career be filled with fans who greet her with, “Thanks to your song, I canceled my appointment” and “Thanks to your song, my mamma threw away those abortion pills.”

Pro-Hamas Thugs Attack Jews in Los Angeles

Call it “The City of Fallen Angels,” because things in L.A. have turned further toward the demonic recently. On Sunday, pro-Hamas thugs set their sights on Jews in the Orthodox Jewish Pico-Robertson neighborhood, roaming the streets looking for victims. They gathered at the popular Adas Torah synagogue, where they were quickly met by pro-Israel counterdemonstrators.

Violence erupted. Here, a pro-Israeli woman is pummeled.

Thankfully — perhaps miraculously, according to the L.A. Times — no one was seriously injured. At least, not this time. (After the October 7 terrorist attack in Israel, a 69-year-old Jewish man named Paul Kessler was killed by a pro-Hamas demonstrator in an L.A. suburb.)  Mayor Karen Bass called the violence “abhorrent” and ordered more police patrols in the Pico-Robertson area and at houses of worship.

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It’s telling how many mainstream media outlets are talking about a “clash” between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protesters as if they were equivalent — like the Crips meeting the Bloods or the Celtics meeting the Lakers. They are not speaking of this as thought it was an attack by rampaging pro-Hamas supporters against Jews who acted in self-defense.

In a thread on X, Sam Yebri, who attends Adas Torah, laid out the reality. “These violent masked domestic terrorists bludgeoned Jews, vandalized synagogues, schools and stores, keyed cars, assaulted anyone who appeared Jewish, blocked Jews from entering their synagogue and chanted for the genocide of the Jewish people.”

Again, this did not take place in 1930s Berlin, but in 2024 Los Angeles.

Nothing to See Here, Just Another Inch Closer to All-Out War With Russia

We may be soon hearing a new nickname for Joe Biden: “Mission-Creepy Joe.” “Mission creep” is the gradual broadening of the original objective of a mission or  organization. In American military terms, you can say it’s what happens when a foreign military entanglement keeps getting wider and deeper than the original policy sold to the taxpaying people.

We’ve been getting ever more deeply involved in the Ukraine-Russia war. Now, after a deadly missile attack Sunday in Crimea, Russia is blaming the U.S. and vowing retaliation.

The Russia Health Ministry says at least five people, including three children, were killed and at least 124 injured during a missile attack on the beach city of Sevastopol. Five U.S. Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) were involved. The U.S. began supplying those long-range missiles earlier this year. That’s mission creep with innocents in the way.

Shrapnel from an intercepted missile rained down on a beach filled with sunbathing tourists. The Russians claim it had been armed with a cluster munition warhead that exploded over the beach.   

According to the Russian Defense ministry, the U.S. is directly at fault.

All flight assignments for US ATACMS operational-tactical missiles are entered by US specialists based on the US’s own satellite intelligence data. Therefore, responsibility for the deliberate missile strike on civilians in Sevastopol lies primarily with the United States, which supplied these weapons to Ukraine, and with the Zelensky regime, from whose territory this strike was carried out. Such actions will not go unanswered.

Does the White House Only Hire Sideshow Rejects, Radicals, and DEI Retreads? 

Fortunately, we can be assured our White House is on top of these crises at home and abroad, and has only the best, most top-notch people hard at work on its communications team.

For example, meet your new associate communications director, Tyler Cherry. He’s the one on the left.

The Media Matters veteran doesn’t just check the LBGTQIA+ box with a huge rainbow crayon; he’s also trashed America as racist, complained that there are “too many white people,” pushed all the right hoaxes and radical gender ideologies, and described police as “slave patrols.” Libs of TikTok has the receipts.

Now Cherry’s trying to say that was his younger self, and he no longer holds those views.

Sure. And Cherry’s now dating Victoria’s Secret supermodels.  

Cherry will be the White House’s top climate communications aide.

Honest question: Is there anybody this White House has hired who isn’t gender-confused, a dangerous radical, or a clueless DEI hack? Just one? A deputy assistant undersecretary of agriculture? An administrative assistant? A mechanic in the White House motor pool? We’d love to find that person.


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Al Perrotta is The Stream’s Washington bureau chief, coauthor with John Zmirak of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, and coauthor of the counterterrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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