Al’s Afternoon Tea: Hunter Guilty on All Counts as Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Collapses

By Al Perrotta Published on June 11, 2024

Welcome back in for Al’s Afternoon Tea, our chance to stop and sample some of the latest news.

Hunter Biden: Guilty on Three Felony Counts

Hunter Biden has been found guilty on all three felony counts by a jury of his peers on charges connected with lying on a federal gun form about his drug use.  The verdict came so quickly, First Lady Jill Biden couldn’t even make it back into the courtroom before it was read. According to those present, Hunter showed little emotion and stared straight ahead as the verdict was read. 

Sentencing is expected to take place in a few weeks. The first child of a president to be convicted of a felony faces a possible 25 years in prison, though that is very unlikely. 

Ironically, Joe Biden attended a gun-control event this afternoon, just hours after his son was convicted on gun charges. 

Hunter Biden will face another trial, this time on tax charges, on September 3 in California, in the heat of the presidential campaign. That case will be hot since it involves the millions Hunter made in deals connected to his father’s official duties. The U.S. Department of Justice has bent over backward to keep the focus away from the Big Guy. But with this case starting during the final weeks of the presidential campaign, will they be able to? 

Breitbart: November 18, 2022 Is the Day the Lawfare Was Born

Remember way back when it was a conspiracy theory to say that all the cases against former President Donald Trump were coordinated by the Biden administration? Well, Breitbart posted an article Monday that might actually change some minds about that. Or perhaps it’s just one of those crazy coincidences that always seem to point in one political direction. 

On November 9, 2022, Joe Biden was asked about the prospect of Donald Trump running for president again in 2024. His answer is still shocking. He didn’t say, “So what? I beat him once, I’ll beat him again.” He said, “We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power, if he does run, making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next president again.” 

What meaning can there be other than, “We will use the full force of the legal system, the full force of the American government, to stop Trump.”

It’s one promise he kept, according to Breitbart.

Mere days later, on November 18, three things happened that are directly connected to all four criminal cases against Trump.

  • Jack Smith, a man who notoriously wrecked the political career of rising GOP star Bob McConnell when he was governor of Virginia, was appointed special prosecutor to similarly go after Trump.
  • Fani Willis’s special prosecutor/paramour, Nathan Wade, spent a full day in D.C. meeting with White House counsel. (We know because he billed the state of Georgia for his eight hours there. Strangely, that is not recorded in the White House visitor logs.) What other business would Wade have there, but to coordinate Willis’s pursuit of Trump with the Biden administration? It’s not like they were meeting to discuss great vacation spots to take your boss/lover, is it?
  • The third highest-ranking official in the DOJ, Michael Colangelo, likely submitted his notice to leave his federal post to join Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office to help facilitate the prosecution of Trump. (He left the DOJ precisely two weeks later.) 

That all happened on the same day.

This morning, the attorney general who appointed Smith and let Colangelo take a demotion to join Bragg wrote an editorial for The Washington Post blasting allegations that the DOJ is politicized. Merrick Garland whined about “conspiracy theories,” “falsehoods,” and criticism being — wait for it — a “danger to democracy.” It “has to end,” says the man who’s been gathering up Biden’s opponents like so many recyclable soda cans.

Garland’s claim that the DOJ is a victim, pure as the driven snow and free of political bias, comes as newly uncovered documents show the FBI grilled witnesses about whether a bureau employee undergoing a security check supported Trump and the Second Amendment. The employee — who said yes — then had his security clearance pulled. Just the News reports the episode prompted a complaint to the DOJ Inspector General, and said this particular case appears to be part of a widespread effort within the Bureau to purge employees who support Trump.

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Also, the House of Representatives is set to vote tomorrow on whether to hold Garland in contempt for ignoring their subpoena and refusing to hand over the audio of Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur — which Hur says informed his decision not to prosecute because of his diminished mental capacity.

There’s absolutely no public evidence of that diminished capacity. None whatsoever …

Confused Biden Freezes But Inspires Dance Craze

Here’s Biden from last night’s Juneteenth event at the White House.

The internet is awash with videos of people doing a new “dance” called “The Biden.” You can’t say he isn’t inspirational: The Charleston. The Twist. The Hustle. And now The Biden.

The move is inspired by Joe Biden’s bizarre viral moment at the D-Day commemoration where for reasons still unknown, he seemed to start trying to sit down before being told by Jill Biden to stand straight.

We mention this only to emphasize that America is a strange country that manages to have fun despite the frightening prospect that its fate is in the hands of someone whose mental failings can easily stumble us into a world war.

Oh Look. Russian Warships Come to Cuba

Think I’m exaggerating? Last week, Biden casually admitted that Ukraine is using American weapons to attack Russians on their home soil. Putin said he was thinking about retaliating by giving weapons to nations near us. Tomorrow, four Russian warships will arrive in Cuba. A Russian TV host is calling for Putin to deliver intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles to Cuba, Venezuela, and Mexico. While there’s no confirmation this will happen, Putin has said on several occasions that he’s ready for “another Cuban missile crisis.” Is he bluffing? Will he be dropping off missiles in Cuba?

When Putin looks toward the White House and sees this ….

…. why wouldn’t he?

Pelosi Fires Back After Video Emerges Showing Her Admitting on J6 She Is Responsible

Yesterday, shocking video emerged of a highly agitated Nancy Pelosi admitting “I am responsible” for the lack of protection for the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

If you expected Pelosi to respond to the emergence of the footage with contrition or apology, you’d be wrong. Pelosi jumped onto MSNBC last night to blast coverage of the video, accusing Republicans of “revisionist history.”  

Sure, if new facts come to light, like proof that the Speaker of the House knew she blew it, history gets revised.

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