Al’s Afternoon Tea: Congress Plays Ball, DOJ Plays ‘Hide the Tape,’ Nashville Manifesto Shows Trans Shooter’s Deep Hatred Christians

By Al Perrotta Published on June 13, 2024

Welcome back in for Al’s Afternoon Tea. Today’s serving includes peanuts and Cracker Jack.

Protestors Interrupt Congressional Baseball Game

Republican lawmakers crushed their Democratic counterparts last evening in the annual Congressional Baseball Game, 31-11. Democrats blamed Russian interference for the defeat.

Oh, wait. I’m sorry. It looks like the Democrats gained 21 more runs in the middle of the night to squeak out a victory. 

The game was interrupted by climate change protesters who stormed the field. Capitol Police quickly arrested eight of them. Look at the bright side: At least this time, none of the lefties opened fire on the Republicans.

Speaking of which, Rep. Steve Scalise — who was shot and critically wounded by a gay activist while practicing for the game seven years ago –played last night, despite his recent battle with cancer.

The annual Congressional Baseball Game was first played in 1909. Nancy Pelosi led off and played a mean shortstop.  

We’ve got more on the game below. 

White House Isn’t Ruling Out Joe Commuting Any Sentence Hunter Gets

Joe Biden has said he won’t pardon son Hunter Biden after his conviction on felony gun charges, saying he respects the verdict and all that. However, on Wednesday, the White House refused to rule out Biden commuting any sentence that Hunter gets. So the chances of Hunter spending any time in the slammer are about the same as him passing up an Asian hooker.

And you can forget the idea of Biden himself holding his son accountable. Biden is “privately” telling people the charges against Hunter were politically motivated; that his son never were he himself not running for reelection.

Just last week, Biden called that kind of talk “undermining our system of justice” and “a threat to democracy.”  

Garland Contempt Update

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland was held in contempt of Congress Wednesday night for refusing to hand over the audio of Joe Biden’s five-hour interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur. It’s worth noting the opposite reaction of two liberal cable news channels.

MSNBC called the contempt vote an “unfortunate stunt.” Amazingly, nowhere in its long article does anyone mention why the audio is important: that according to Hur himself, it demonstrates Biden’s mental incapacities – even beyond the shocking mental lapses seen in the transcript (which the White House admits was cleaned up.)

CNN, on the other hand, wants the audio. It is among the many news organizations that sued the U.S. Department of Justice to get the tape. Even Jake Tapper told Biden-defender Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) there’s “no basis” to hold the tapes.  

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Of course, Biden can release the tape himself. He can waive privilege right now, but he’d rather let Garland take the fall. (Just as he could come clean on his foreign business dealings, but is letting Hunter take the fall — for now.)

Advice to the White House: Release the tapes. Do it during the July 4 holiday when nobody’s paying attention. It’s not like there can be much worse on it than what we’re seeing every time Biden speaks in public. Shaking hands with invisible people, sitting on invisible chairs, bragging about talking to dead leaders, talking gibberish, going blank, forgetting what he’s saying, making up fantastical stories about cannibals feasting on relatives.

The DOJ keeps talking about how the audio would be used for political purposes — but that won’t happen to anywhere near the degree that video of Biden’s public displays are already being used for political purposes. Holding onto the tape just makes the situation worse politically.  

Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto Filled with Anti-Christian Comments

When a transgender woman who identified as male shot up a Christian school in Nashville last year, killing six people before being shot herself, officials went out of their way to insist she didn’t commit the massacre because of any religious animus. Now writings, buried for a year, uncovered by the Daily Wire, show Audrey Hale had a particular beef against “conservative religion” and Christians, including her parents.

Police previously insisted the Covenant School shooter was not motivated by transgender ideology. Writings published last week by the Tennessee Star show that to be false: Hale was driven in part by her obsession over wanting to be male and anger at those who wouldn’t accept her gender identity.  

We also learned that the Biden White House leaned heavily on officials to keep Hale’s manifesto buried. They didn’t want any “conspiracy theories” emerging. By that, they meant they didn’t want the narrative out there that a violent transgender person pumped little Christian children full of lead because people wouldn’t accept her belief that she was really a boy.

If you recall, the White House went out of its way after the massacre to paint transgender people as victims.

Final Notes from Last Night’s Congressional Baseball Game

Bernie Sanders said the Republican team wasn’t “paying their fair share,” and demanded they hand over 70% of their runs to the Democrats. 

The Squad complained that the game was racist because the bases were white.

AOC was heard in the dugout boasting about how all the Republican players wanted to get to first base with her. (Meanwhile, Eric Swalwell didn’t get on base. But he did score with a Chinese spy.)

Poor Mitt Romney couldn’t decide which team he was on.

Enough kidding. The game drew 30,000 fans and raised a record $2.2 million for local charities.

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Al Perrotta is The Stream’s Washington bureau chief, coauthor with John Zmirak of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, and coauthor of the counterterrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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