Al’s Afternoon Tea: Canceled Finals and a Final Patriotic Ride

Today' tray goes from students shouting "Death to America" to students who love America to death.

By Al Perrotta Published on April 29, 2024

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My Regret About the Anti-Israel Protests on Campus

Reading the news over the weekend, I was hit with a great regret. I really wish I had thought of siding with genocidal terrorists when facing my college calculus finals. That seems to be working for students in California.

California Polytechnic University-Humboldt announced it’s canceled the rest of the semester in the wake of anti-Israel protesters, in effect, taking control of campus. The occupiers have even dubbed a building “Intifada Hall.”


Due south at the University of Southern California, communications professor Sarah Rebecca Kessler canceled her class’s final as well, urging students in an email and social media post to join the school’s pro-Hamas protests. “I’m canceling the Final Project,” she announced.

You don’t have to do it. Everyone will get a good grade. I told you from the start I don’t care about grades anyway. How are we supposed to engage in “normal” finals-week behavior while our administration is criminalizing its students merely for opposing war and mass death and protesting its draconian policies? How are you supposed to take exams with LAPD helicopters loudly circling overhead?

The protesters are supporting a terror group that brought about mass death, which is why the Middle East is in its current mess. Such idiocy explains why Kessler teaches communications professor rather than logic. Also: USC is in South L.A. (formerly known as the gang-ridden South Central). LAPD helicopters are always circling overhead. But I digress.

“Anti-War” Protests?

Kessler’s not the only one dubbing the antisemitic, pro-Hamas rantings of the students “anti-war protests,” as if the students taking part are like the stoned hippies of 1967 chanting, “Make love, not war.” As we mentioned on The Brew this morning, the Associated Press has taken up that new party line. And like a drunken wedding guest joining a conga line, The View’s Sunny Listen is jumping right in.

Yo, Sunny. Do these protestors at UCLA sound like they’re singing “Give Peace a Chance”?

While so many college students are showing their contempt not only for Jewish people but this great land of ours, other students are showing that love of country is still alive and well.

Your Eyes Will Well with Tears, Your Chest Will Swell with Patriotic Pride

Do you remember the Indiana teenager whose school punished him for having an American flag on the back of his pick-up truck? Cameron Blasek responded by getting his entire truck painted to resemble the American flag. Pretty snazzy. Talk about protesting in style!

News of the Old Glory paint job caught the eye of a 13-year-old Oklahoma boy named Jaxon. 

According to Not the Bee, Jaxon’s family contacted Cameron out of the blue to say he had been battling cancer since age 2, and sadly, his fight was over. However, Jaxon had one dying wish: to ride to his final resting place in Cameron’s truck, “decked out in the Stars and Stripes.”

Immediately, Cameron and his father set off on the 16-hour drive from Indiana to Hollis, Oklahoma. And Jaxon got his star-spangled send-off and patriotic ride to the cemetery. Other trucks followed in support, and it seems all of Hollis came to say goodbye to the brave boy with a heart for America.

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Said Cameron afterward:

I never expected any of this from the beginning. All I wanted was to fly the flag on the back of my truck, and I’m happy that’s what I got. But I’m also happy to help out other people.

Like I said from day one, the flag is a symbol of unity. It’s something that everybody can come together on, no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from.

Recounting the full story of Cameron’s last couple of months, from the battle with his school to answering Jaxon’s wish, his mom declared, “I believe God had a hand in all those little things that worked up to this purpose.”

As she wrote on Facebook:

Back to the beginning, had Cameron got rid of his truck, had he not flown the American flag, had the post not gone viral, had Tj Bedacht GCI Digital Imaging , Brian Marimon Simple Solutions & Service, Finco Powder & Metal, and so many others not helped Cameron with his truck Cameron and Chris Blasek would not be in Oklahoma today for Jaxon.

Thank you to all and remember God does have a purpose whether it is big or small.


On the Menu for The Stream

Though the menu’s always subject to change, tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Eastern should bring Eric Metaxas’s videotaped interview with our own John Zmirak about his new book, No Second Amendment, No First.

Tomorrow’s Brew is looking at how Joe Biden officially has the lowest Gallup polling rating of any president at this point in his term than anyone since Gallup began polling 70 years ago, and the weird — you may even say creepy — way he’s raising money for his campaign. 

Al Perrotta is The Stream’s Washington bureau chief, coauthor with John Zmirak of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, and coauthor of the counterterrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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