After the Wrecking Ball

If the wrecking ball approach is to return evil for evil, insult for insult, then we shall have chaos.

By Dudley Hall Published on July 16, 2017

According to some polls a relatively large segment of American society believes the seemingly unhinged tweeting of President Trump is a good thing; a wrecking ball to the stifling political-correctness culture that has engulfed our national conversation. I join all those who loathe the PC culture.

The straw men and sacred cows of the attempt to redefine the meaning of reality are tiresome and ridiculous. We can’t even use common language to express our viewpoints without fear of the language police knocking at the door. I long for some honest conversation between people who share the same citizenship but different perspectives on how to make our country work.

I join all those who loathe the PC culture.

The Wrecking Ball of Chaos

But the wrecking ball? It is a useful tool if you know what you want to build in place of what is being wrecked. I wonder about the situation if the wrecking ball that tears down the structure is also the tool of replacing it. When we are talking about buildings we see the benefit of the quick demolition. Another building crew comes in to build something better and more useful. My concern when talking about government and communication structures is that it will be the same crew charged with rebuilding that did the demolition. If the wrecking ball approach is to return evil for evil, insult for insult, then we shall have chaos. That is not the way to build.

In addition, chaos begs for a deliverer and is not very discriminating about his or her character. It is fertile soil for a tyrant to arise, offering the solution while demanding control. To escape the pain of chaos, people will even tolerate the loss of liberty.

If the wrecking ball approach is to return evil for evil, insult for insult, then we shall have chaos.

Building God’s Way

The same God who created all things delegated authority to various jurisdictions to prevent both chaos and tyranny. As we look at his creation we see order and partnership. If in our attempts to correct the chaos of political correctness we facilitate the chaos of hateful partisanship, we are building toward civil war rather than a healthy union.

We have heard that a vanquished but unconvinced enemy is an enemy still, and we must take heed. The inspired Scriptures humanly penned by Saint Paul give some fantastic instructions about leadership and building people. 

And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth, and they may escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will. (2 Timothy 2:24-26)

I am aware that Paul was addressing a church leader. I am also aware that God sees civil leaders as his servants as well. (Romans 13:1-2) If it works for leading people in church, it is right for the nation. Respect for the dignity of even those who disagree is vital. Demonizing the Left or Right is the easiest course, but fatal. None of us has everything right, but our perspective is not to be ignored, and we allow that what is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Let’s pray that the spirit of wisdom and discernment will be given to those charged with leading us in this critical time.

Childish Tweets

I do not applaud the bitter back and forth childishness of blame, accusations, smears and disrespect that characterizes the White House, the Congress, the press and the faceless tweeters. I will not acquiesce to justify such childishness as a necessary wrecking ball.

Wisdom of God

Our God is sovereign and has often used the wicked to finally accomplish his purposes, but it came with much pain for the people involved. He may in fact use a wrecking ball to demolish a wall that has divided the people of the USA. But he is not trying to destroy the people he loves. He offers a way that builds according to his order. Earlier statesmen understood and sought to build his way. Let’s pray that the spirit of wisdom and discernment will be given to those charged with leading us in this critical time.

Let’s pray that God’s wisdom will be desired and requested.

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  • GPS Daddy

    Ephesians 5:19
    speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord;

  • Andrew Mason

    The frustrating thing is elements of the Left have already supported the suspension of democracy, and punishing their political enemies. They’re also fomenting chaos – tribalism and societal division whilst holding themselves out as the solution to societal problems. There is no doubt that Trump is a very flawed man, and I’d never attempt to claim that his responses are Christian, but rather than suggesting his administration is a wrecking ball, might not it be a searchlight? Might not his tweets and acts be instead revealing just how fractured American society has become after 8 years under Obama? It may be a good opportunity for the church to reach out, but so many elements of society are now implacably anti-Christian that it is dangerous to do so. And while it’s easy to say so from the safety of a comfortable chair in front of a computer, that didn’t stop Jesus or His disciples, but it did cost them!

  • obamasux

    The American Left cannot handle Trump. He fights back. He is not demonizing the Left, he is refuting them, as Jesus refuted the Pharisees. To do anything less against the atheist, humanist, totalitarian Left invites destruction of Christian America. Would you argue that Christian America should not have opposed the totalitarian Axis powers in WWII? Please, wake up!

    • Linda

      Fine if he refuted with policies and legislation, but spitting out vicious and childish names such as “crazy”, “nut job”, “low IQ”, “failing”, “wire-tapper”, “bleeding from facelift”, etc, is not leadership no matter how you spin it.

      • obamasux

        You need to study your American history, my friend. Today’s political fistfights are benign compared to some of the brawls of yesteryear. Did you know, for example, that the sainted “honest Abe” Lincoln cheated by printing false admission tickets for his delegates to the convention? That candidates routinely accused each other of fornication and syphilis? OBTW, Obama was MASSIVELY wire-tapping in the sense of collection electronic evidence about political opponents in a grossly unconstitutional manner. As you know, most communication does not go through simple phone wires anymore – it’s mostly digital and very easy for government to intercept, which it does incessantly. Trump tells the truth in a way that everyone understands, and it shocks the hell out of the Deep State. OBTW, Harry Truman was famed for his foul language, and you will remember he said that he doesn’t give ’em hell – he just tells the truth and they think it’s hell.

    • Paul

      Drawing analogies between Trump and Jesus are dangerous waters.

      • obamasux

        I think you missed the point of the analogy, which was the comparison between the modern loony Left and the Pharisees. The “do as I say, not as I do” crowd. As in, “I am going to burn tons of jet fuel going to conferences on global warming,” or “I am sending my kids to uber-expensive private schools, but you get stuck in useless inner-city public schools with no hope of school vouchers, especially if you are black,” or “I get primo federal insurance, but I legislate the living hell of Obamacare for you,” or “Hillary can violate the Espionage Act and give 20% of our uranium to Russia, but a pointless meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Fusion GPS stooge who happen to be Russian is intolerable.” Get it now?

        • Paul

          I agree with your points here, I simply have a hard time drawing parallels between the Messiah and a thrice married, philandering casino operator who bragged about grabbing women amongst other things. When I look at Trump I don’t see Jesus, rather yet another person desperately in need of Him.

          • obamasux

            Which is why Jesus spent so much time with such people, and NOT with Pharisees. LOL.

          • Paul

            Indeed, though I’m hard pressed once again to draw parallels between them and Jesus. Trump needs Jesus just as much as everyone else and will persist in praying for him and his family.

  • faithful

    Beautifully expressed. Thank you. I wish you would/could put it on a billboard throughout the nation…

  • joshuaalayon .

    Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

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