Abortion Kills More Than Babies

By Jennifer Hartline Published on March 23, 2019

The target of abortion is the child in the womb, and the child is the principal victim of this legalized slaughter. Baby is not the only one being destroyed, however.

Abortion Corrupts the Nature of Women and Men

It is not normal for a mother to forsake the child in her womb and pay someone to kill her baby. It is a perversion of a mother’s instinct to protect her child at all costs. But now our society insists it is a moral good for a mother to have her own child killed. There’s nothing normal or healthy about it.

Neither is it normal or healthy for fathers to smile and cheer as their sons and daughters are butchered for profit. Men who shirk their manly duties to women and children are nobody’s hero.


The message of legal abortion is that the “choice” is up to women alone — and indeed, abortion truly does leave women alone.

Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke (whose child-killing fantasies began in his teen years) was asked this week whether he supports late-term abortion even though it is never medically necessary to save the mother’s life. Beto answered the way every male Democrat politician has been programmed to do. First, he changed the question so he could talk about “reproductive rights” and then he delivered the applause line: “I trust women.” And right on cue, the audience whistled and cheered.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam talked openly about ending the life of a baby born alive after an abortion attempt by using the same oily tactic: If that’s what the mother and her doctor decide. “I trust women.”

Men Made Impotent

Every man running for political office who endorses legal abortion-on-demand — now even after birth — relies on this deceptive bait-and-switch and this loathsome flattery. Congressional Democrats have refused 19 times to consider legislation that would protect a child born alive after an abortion attempt, and they dishonestly claim it’s because A) infanticide is already illegal (not quite, though that makes Northam’s remarks even more breathtaking, eh?) and B) because this would somehow restrict women’s “reproductive rights.”

Then they stare into the camera and earnestly declare that they “trust women.”

Legal abortion has produced the greatest number of impotent men the world has ever known. Impotent to the core. They are cowardly impostors barely recognizable as men.

“God has assigned as a duty to every man the dignity of every woman.” — St. John Paul II

Abortion is About Men, Too

Abortion is never, ever, just a woman’s issue. There is a man involved in every single pregnancy. Babies are not conceived by magic.

Yet the message of legal abortion is that the “choice” is up to women alone — and indeed, abortion truly does leave women alone. It leaves a woman shouldering the entire weight of responsibility for the life of the child all by herself.

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Abortion gives men not just permission to abandon women and the children they help create, it gives them leverage and cover. They can easily disappear behind all the rhetoric. He “respects a woman’s choice” because it’s “her body.” (And ain’t he glad it is. Phew!)

He could be an abuser or predator and drive her to the abortion mill to get rid of the evidence of his crimes. He  could rest easy knowing the “choice”-loving folks inside are more than happy to assist him in victimizing her again. Shhh, we mustn’t talk about the fact that many women are coerced or forced into this “empowering choice.”

The Unequal Cost, the Unequal Burden

The “trust” that weasels like O’Rourke and Northam speak of is really like Boardwalk and Park Place stacked with hotels for the guys. They play the sexual game and walk away satisfied and victorious, while women and babies pay the incalculable price.

Conversely, abortion steals the fatherhood a good man wants to claim, and renders him powerless to save his own child from slaughter. And he lives with the grief he is never supposed to speak of because that might threaten women’s bodily autonomy.

Either way, women are alone in this “choice” that impotent, worthless men “trust women” to make. The burden, the cost, the guilt, the regret, the pain and the blood — it really is all on her.

Women Have Become Their Own Worst Enemy

You have to question the logic and intelligence of a feminism that considers all this a victory for women. Here’s New Mexico governor Michelle Grisham, on learning that the bill to legalize abortion up to birth in her state was defeated because 8 decent Democrats had the courage to vote against it: “That… it was even a debate, much less a difficult vote for some senators, is inexplicable to me.”

The violence of abortion has turned mother against child, and bred men who despise manliness and honor.

She cannot comprehend how anyone could not be in favor of killing the child in the womb, even to the moment of birth. She simply can’t imagine why that would give anyone pause or why it should be opposed. This is the poisoned, darkened state of conscience for far too many women today.

The violence of abortion has turned mother against child, and bred men who despise manliness and honor. Now the champions of “choice” will not even condemn the horror of killing a child born alive after an abortion attempt, for fear that abortion might be too closely scrutinized and seen for what it is — brutality that deforms women and men as it kills their children.

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