A Post-Election Lament, By a Disappointed Voter

By Joe Long Published on November 7, 2018

“The Most Important Election Of Our Lifetimes”

We will wait in long lines
And to little avail,
Place our thumbs on a screen …
But a thumb’s on the scale.
I’ll vote against one;
You will too, as expected —
But we already live in
The world we’ve elected.

More important by far
Than our ritual dissent,
Were the energy, money
And time we all spent
Promoting the thing we
Ineffectually curse —
How could our votes improve
What our choices made worse?

Lies we won’t contradict,
and opinions we fear,
Idols we indulge
And truths we won’t hear,
We lament as we watch
Our society fall —
But our character issue’s
The gravest of all.

Even fads that we follow,
Songs that we’ll sing along to;
Or shows that we watch
(While admitting it’s wrong to),
Compromises we make
(And pretending we’ve got to …) —
Thus we’ll ruin our culture
‘Til we decide not to.

Let us carefully choose
What we give precious time to,
Tell uncomfortable truths
Now, before it’s a crime to,
Teach the next generation
Virtues worth respecting —
Then perhaps someday we’ll get
Someone worth electing.

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