A Night of Firsts and Not a Night to Fret

By Al Perrotta Published on November 7, 2018

It was a humdinger of a night. With most of the results in now, America has seen its youngest female member of Congress elected, its first Native American woman, first openly gay governor, first female Senator from Tennessee, and first Muslim woman. We even saw our first dead brothel owner elected to office. It was that kind of night. It’s that kind of season in American politics. Better than anything you’d find on Netflix. 

And today is a hopeful morning.

Consider these two figures: 

CNN’s Van Jones bemoaned the fact there was no “blue wave.” By night’s end, he was happily declaring a “rainbow wave.” 

President Trump saw the House slip back into the hands of Democrats. But by night’s end, he was calling it a “great night.” 

As it happens, Jones works with the Trump Administration on prison reform. Can their optimism and willingness to work together signal a possibility of greater cooperation between the Democrats and Republicans, rather more than stagnation, rancor and showboat hearings? 

Reason for Optimism?

My Stream colleague John Zmirak in his (typically) excellent take on the election feels the Democrats will have about as much chance of holding back on their crazies as he does of playing in the NBA. True enough.

However, my initial sense is the wind will let out of liberals’ two-year temper tantrum over 2016. Sure, the baby is still having fits, but his arms and legs are getting real tired, and that piece of candy Mommy Nancy’s dangling looks awfully yummy, and gee maybe things aren’t so awful after all. 

Put another way, I suspect the hostile half of the country will simply be in a better mood. You know, maybe I don’t have to defriend my cousin because he has a MAGA hat. You know, maybe at Thanksgiving I can debate issues rather than tell him he’s the devil. Or better still, give partisanship a break, realize politics is not life … heck, it’s not even football. 

As for Trump

As for Trump, some will try calling the results a “rebuke” of the President. First off, when you lose only half as many House seats as Obama did and gain big in the Senate, that’s no rebuke. Second off, even if it was a “rebuke,” it’s not like this guy even processes rebuke.

Sure, he’s already stated he regrets some of his tone the first two years, but it’s not like Donald Trump is going to wander the halls of the White House wondering “Where did I go astray?” Or reinvent himself like Clinton in ’94 after massive Congressional losses. No, Trump will be Trump, and won’t CNN and SNL be grateful. 

Trump’s a pragmatist. He is, at his heart, a builder. Buildings fall if you fail to consider the ground you’re on and the materials you have to work with. 

But there’s something else about Trump people tend to forget. He’s seen efforts go bust. Ventures that didn’t work. Airlines. Magazines. Universities. He’s suffered massive losses. Trump was down, what, $900 million at one point? You think losing a few House seats is going to sweat him? This is the guy who actually wrote a book called, The Art of the Comeback

Going Forward in the Swamp

Democrats are talking about launching all sorts of investigations and hearings. That’s about the dumbest thing they could possibly do. They’ll be lunging off-balance against a guy with a wicked parry-riposte. Any attack means a counter-attack. He’s already talking about it.

But his riposte goes deeper into the flesh. 

Trump will get to spend the next two years saying, “They’re more interested in my tax returns than they are in lowering your taxes.” He can actively campaign in inner cities. “Democrats are more worried about getting my neck than you getting a job. More concerned with kicking me out than keeping you safe. I’m bringing you jobs. They’re just bringing subpoenas.” 

Anything that goes right with the economy he can say  happened despite the Democrats. And if anything goes wrong, “Things were going great until the Democrats came in.” 

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Wanna beat Trump? Work with him. Work with him and you get more than you hoped. Fight him, and he’ll stomp you like a bug.

Real Reason for Optimism

That all said, my optimism isn’t based on man. It’s endowed by our Creator. Yesterday, my wife was fretting the election, then launched into prayer. As she was praying, a verse popped into her head. “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6, NIV)

Then a small still voice: “Wouldn’t this apply to countries too?”

Deny it all you want, rewrite history all you want, this nation was consecrated to God. Its most sacred documents declare that the life and liberty of this nation were bestowed by God. Not by kings or despots. Not even by congresses. 

In Him we trust. We even have it on our money.

You can take this to the bank: His hand remains on the United States of America, no matter how any particular vote turns out.

Meaning, not only can we breathe easy, we should be breathing easy.

And maybe, just maybe, we can learn to enjoy each other again regardless of party. 


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  • m-nj

    IMHO, the only thing better than a Republican controlled congress is a gridlocked congress.

    • Paul

      In some respects we had a degree of gridlock thanks to RINOs

  • Sarah Pierzchala

    Thank you for this! I agree!

  • Patmos

    The Democrats have a very real problem with their influx of Marxists, though they try their best to mask it, and by mask it I mean pretend it’s not there or that it doesn’t matter. Scary thing is though, the reason there is an influx in the first place is that most on the left don’t understand why it does matter, not just for the Democrats but for the country. That’s where the alarm should sound.

  • Chip Crawford

    Hey, just getting so much of the deadwood out of the way is a boon. But think about the bright and shiny new faces coming in their places in the Senate in particular. Most of those are real Christians as well. What a Senate.

  • Kevin Quillen

    the demonrats have already tipped their hand. Priorities……Trumps taxes, expand Russia probe, impeach Kavanaugh.
    We as a nation have murdered 60 million babies. Do you really think that God’s hand is upon us? No, we are doomed. We are fast becoming a tryannical police state.

    • Chip Crawford

      You ignore the call of the church. God is always interested in redemption and restoration. He uses people – his people hopefully – others when needed. I’m praying and looking for revival. I’m looking at what God can do, say he wants to do rather than the way things look on the ground. There is an Awakening coming to the world at large, going on now in the church where it is received. Faith is all about hooking up with what God says and giving him the honor of taking hold of his words as truth. There’s no reason to be of such little faith.

      Did you watch The Event on 11/4 sponsored by Andrew Wommack Ministry, hosted by Tony Perkins, guested by Mike Huckabee and other Christian leaders? It highlighted vision, deeds and results, what God is up to in the midst of all of this? Are you aware of a very strong group called Faith for Our Nation? That they covered the election again this year with skill and credibility, prayer and faith? Michelle Bachman is part of that along with many other ministers and Christian political figures. These are vital and alive.

      Become informed. Allow the scales to drop from your eyes. There’s more going on than what the world is pitching. Draw near to God himself and let him connect you with the Body of Christ where he would have you be fed, give and serve. Get on the believers’ network of ministry and activity and get your information from truth tellers who are vitally united with the Source – God direct. Get in on the life cycle, not feeding on that death cycle out there. Know what God is saying and doing in this hour. He has made himself available. We all must deepen our response.

      • Kevin Quillen

        When I say “we are doomed”, it is referring to the America that was founded as a nation based on Christian principles. There is no national covenant, only individual. I, as a follower of Christ, am doing fine and will be as long as I stay in relationship with the Father. Washington D.C. is about power and money. The American system is broken beyond repair. Corporate interest run D.C.. Both the RepubliCONS and the Demonrats are playing a game with us. They say what is politically palatable but do the bidding of big business. The Republicans run on defunding planned parenthood, but when they have complete control of Congress they fail to do so. The Democrats use the minority voters, never doing anything to actually help them, but each election cycle pander to them. Without the Christian foundation the founders knew was necessary for our type of government to succeed, we are doomed. Federal control of our public education has produced generations who have no understanding of what the founders intended. Brainwashed to believe anything and ignorant of history, they are going to be the leaders of the future. Abe Lincoln said,”the philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next”. This is why I say America is doomed. I am not saying God’s children are, we will be fine in any situation. The church may even thrive. But the American ideal is dead. Just think about Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, will actually be a congresswoman. A 29 year old complete airhead, actually elected to Congress! I applaud the effort, but it is like hauling water to the sea. Spend your effort leading the lost to Christ. America is done!

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