A Campaign Trail Mix: Dire Poll News for Biden as DeSantis Digs In His Heels

Plus, mail-in ballot box fraud? Let's review the old tape!

By Al Perrotta Published on November 6, 2023

Who will be the next president? Who will next get to sit behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office? While the news is filled with wars, rumors of wars and updates on the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce romance, the slog to Election Day 2024 continues. Snack on today’s Campaign Trail Mix. 

New York Times Poll Shows Trump Ahead in 5 of 6 Swing States and Election Landslide

As loud as Pro-Palestinian protesters were screaming outside the White House Saturday night, a New York Times/Sierra poll released Sunday morning was screaming even louder at Joe Biden. Screaming, “You’re in trouble, Bro!” (The Times article is behind a paywall. The National Pulse covers what they found.)

According to the poll, Donald Trump is ahead … in some places waaay ahead … in five of six swing states and within the margin of error in the sixth.

Here’s a visual:

Axios notes that if the election were held today, Trump would win in a “romp” with over 300 electoral votes.

The details suggest Biden is losing support among his key voter blocks.

Voters under 30 favor Mr. Biden by only a single percentage point, his lead among Hispanic voters is down to single digits and his advantage in urban areas is half of Mr. Trump’s edge in rural regions. And while women still favored Mr. Biden, men preferred Mr. Trump by twice as large a margin, reversing the gender advantage that had fueled so many Democratic gains in recent years.

And what about the Black vote?

Black voters — long a bulwark for Democrats and for Mr. Biden — are now registering 22 percent support in these states for Mr. Trump, a level unseen in presidential politics for a Republican in modern times.

Further, consider the report last week that Muslim voters, who are crucial to Biden’s chances in Michigan and Minnesota, may shun Biden over his stance on Israel. This doesn’t include the Muslim voters who want no part of Biden shoving transgender ideology onto their children.  

The polling data was so dire, former Obama advisor David Axlerod is now suggesting Biden drop out. 

2020 Ballot Box Stuffing Videos Resurface in Wake of Overturning of Bridgeport Election

Last week, a Superior Court judge overturned the 2023 Democratic mayoral primary results after video emerged of a city employee stuffing the mail-in ballot box on behalf of the city’s current mayor Joe Ganim.

Mayor Ganim was losing the vote among those who showed up at the polls and voted by machine, but pulled ahead when the mail-ins were counted.  Sound familiar?

That judge, Superior Court judge William Clark looked at the evidence and declared there was no way to know the legitimate election count.

The question naturally is raised, what’s the difference between the Connecticut video and the numerous videos that emerged out of the 2020 presidential election?

Like this in Michigan:

And this in Georgia?

And this trailer from 2000 Mules?


Even CNN accidentally caught the ballot stuffing going on. (Not that they noticed or cared.) 

Judges wouldn’t look in 2020. But will history judge?

Good News for Ron DeSantis: Lands Iowa Governor’s Coveted Endorsement

The good news for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis? Looks like he’s going to get the endorsement of popular Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. Reynolds will be giving her nod to DeSantis at a rally Monday in Des Moines, several outlets are reporting. DeSantis is putting his chips on a win in “first-in-the-nation” Iowa and having Reynold’s support is key.

Bad News for DeSantis: #Bootgate Continues to Pinch

Last week, DeSantis found himself mired in a rather bizarre controversy. Debate raged and hilarious memes were flying over whether the Florida governor wears heels or lifts to appear taller. For a while, #Bootgate was trending, especially after video spread of DeSantis awkwardly walking in clunky, upturned boots.  DeSantis denied wearing lifts when directly asked, and insisted he’s a legit 5’11.”

He also complained about “foot fetishes” and oddly offered to wear a boot on his head if Trump would debate him. In a sign the story may hang on him like an ugly Christmas sweater, rival Nikki Haley also made reference to the boot “controversy” by joking that “we’ll see if he can run in them.”

In an age when memes play a bigger role than policy memos, #Bootgate was another campaign headache DeSantis’ struggling campaign didn’t need.

Why would DeSantis’ height matter? It really doesn’t, of course. However, we have not had a president under 6 feet tall since Jimmy Carter. (Oh, technically, George W. Bush was 5’11 ½.)

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DeSantis may not be over 6’ tall, but young Ron was a jock, ending up captain and star of the Yale baseball team. Just like former president George H.W. Bush. Perhaps DeSantis needs a cool sports nickname like “Pappy” Bush or “The Gipper.”

Still, would anyone be surprised if the NBC News moderators ask DeSantis about his boots at Wednesday’s GOP Debate?

Oh. DeSantis also raised the ire of MAGA world when he suggested last week Trump should be booted out of the primary if convicted of any of the charges brought against him. (See what I did there?)

Forget the lifts. Who cares if there’s lifts making DeSantis look taller? Not fully attacking the DOJ and Soros prosecutor efforts against Trump makes him look smaller in the eyes of those he would need to win should he earn the GOP nomination.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Streamco-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism

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