Pro-Life Action League Holding Prayer Event at Abortion Clinics Friday to Remember Victims of Abortion and Pray for the Unborn

The 'Way of the Cross' event is open to people of all faiths.

By Nancy Flory Published on April 10, 2017

The Pro-Life Action League is holding a Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortion this Friday in prayer events nationwide. Held each year on Good Friday, a Way of the Cross for Victims follows the Roman Catholic tradition of praying at each “station” and remembering the journey of Christ to the cross. The stations of the cross are a series of images of Jesus on the day He was crucified. Each station has accompanying prayers. This event will add a station for victims of abortion where those praying will do so for the unborn babies in danger of being aborted, abortion workers, legislators, judges and others who may impact a mother’s decision about her unborn baby’s life. The Way of the Cross prayer event began in 2008 and has grown every year.

The event on Friday is an opportunity to pray for mothers and their babies, but also to become actively involved in the pro-life movement in a nonconfrontational way.

In an interview with The Stream, Eric Sheidler, organizer of the event and executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, said that people who may not want to be involved in a confrontational pro-life event could be drawn by the act of simply praying for the victims of abortion.

 But prayer is a big part of the fight against abortion, too. “First and foremost we believe in the power of prayer,” said Sheidler. Prayer, he said, allows a spiritual connection with God.

Not only do they pray as a way to connect with God, but they pray that they may help those who need help. “These women don’t want to be there,” he said of the women going into the clinics for abortions. “They’re desperate for a sign.” Sometimes just the sight of people praying reaches them and they decide against abortion.

The event also impacts the surrounding community. “People will be reminded of abortion,” said Sheidler. “They’ll realize there’s something wrong in their community. We hope and pray these events will save children’s lives.”

One young man stopped by to say “thank you” to a group not long ago. He said that his child was alive because a group was praying outside of an abortion clinic.

Prayers have already been answered in miraculous ways. One young man stopped by to say “thank you” to a group not long ago. He said that his child was alive because a group was praying outside of an abortion clinic. The mother of his child saw the people praying and decided against abortion.

Sheidler was raised as a Catholic with strong pro-life views. His father founded the Pro-Life Action League years ago. Now Sheidler carries the mantle, along with a Catholic staff (they have had staff members of other faiths in the past). But, he stresses that this event is for everyone, regardless of religious views. “This is open to those of any faith,” he told The Stream. Each step for the Way of the Cross, except two, will be familiar to those who know the Bible.

This year, Sheidler expects between 5,000 to 10,000 people to take part in the event. Last year events were staged in front of 80 abortion clinics nationwide. “This is a growing event,” he said. “It’s the highlight of Holy Week.”

For those who would like to take part but do not live near the Way of the Cross event, Sheidler will provide material, including a prayer book and a packet to help set up an event. The ecumenical booklet “resonates with any Christian denomination,” he added. For more information or to organize an event near you, contact The Pro-Life Action League.

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