11 Questions the Left and NeverTrumpers Can’t Answer Honestly

By John Zmirak Published on January 15, 2021

You’ll note that I mention “the Left” and “NeverTrumpers” separately. Lately it’s gotten harder and harder to tell them apart. In practical politics, they side together. Self-styled “conservatives” and Christians pretend that some profound moral principles prevent them from working with President Trump or his supporters.

But they were perfectly happy to cast their presidential vote alongside abortion fanatics. And supporters of the thuggish, Marxist-founded Black Lives Matter, which burned our cities. And hacks who back transgender treatments for teens. Don’t forget “stooges of Communist China” and “flunkeys for Big Tech.” No moral red line prevents Mitt Romneys from voting with those people, or sniffy moralists from siding with them. Because at least they’re part of The Hive.

“I’ll Burn This Building Down”

NeverTrump’s only real inviolable principle seems to be “Thou shalt not support effective, populist leaders on the Right. They took our red Swingline Stapler, so we’re burning the building down.”

Pardon me if I doubt such conservatives’ good faith. We see our Constitution under threat by a Left that torched whole neighborhoods six months ago and threatens to pack the Supreme Court. But these people see a petty factional squabble over the ruins of the GOP, or some religious faction. And that’s the hill they will die on. Let’s pray our Republic doesn’t die on it too.

What About Whataboutism?

So here are the questions I hope my readers pose to such people, be they leftist soldiers of Caesar, or the Pharisees who enable them. Be prepared for rote responses such as “That’s Whataboutism!” Don’t be phased. Just scoff and say, “Yeah, what about it? If you want to endorse some Jim Crow double standard for pagan leftists on the one hand, and Christian conservatives on the other, then admit that up front. And we’re done talking.”

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Never, never give in to the gaslighting. When the guy you’re boxing against puts on brass knuckles, forget the Marquess of Queensbury Rules. Avoid doing anything that’s intrinsically evil, but apart from that we must learn to play by the rules that prevail. If the left starts kicking us, it’s not a boxing match anymore. It’s mixed martial arts. If they pull out a knife it’s a knife fight. And so on. There’s nothing noble or high-minded about losing a fight that’s fixed, where the stakes are our country’s future and our childrens’ freedom, even safety.

Don’t Take “Shut Up” for an Answer

So when people start moralizing, pretending that a single rowdy protest march was “sedition” or “treason,” or confessing what they think are your sins, come back at them these ways:

  • “Is ballot fraud on the Democrats’ part just … okay now? Something we can’t talk about because the other side will yell: ‘Racism’ or ‘Sedition’? Or is there some statute of limitations, when it stops being ‘Too Soon?’”
  • “What should we tell the one-third to one-half of Americans with serious questions about the election? Just ‘Shut up’? Maybe ‘Leave the country’? Do we need the government to ‘purge’ and ‘re-educate’ them as some leftists are claiming? Or should we just let Big Tech bully them and censor them into silence? What’s the plan here?”
  • “Why is the U.S. Capitol sacred but the Wisconsin Capitol wasn’t, when leftists occupied it forcibly for a month? Why is this one government building sacred, but federal courthouses targeted by Antifa are not? Why is the home of Congress, but not private businesses or homes? Why was it okay for a Secret Service agent to shoot down the unarmed Ashli Babbitt, but not for Mark and Patricia McCloskey just to show their weapons, defending their residence?”

BLM and Antifa Riots Killed Some 25 Americans

  • “Should the left have stopped forever talking about police use of force after the very first time a Black Lives Matter rally led people to break the law? How about after the 25th person died in those riots?”
  • “Do you really think it’s okay for the FBI to act like a secret police, bugging political dissenters (the Trump campaign), framing and trying to imprison their supporters (Mike Flynn, Carter Page), and walking off scot-free when their abuses of power are exposed (Peter Strozk, James Comey, et al)? What possible reason would they ever have to stop?”
  • “Should Kamala Harris be immediately impeached from office after the inauguration? She praised the BLM riots long after they got violent. Michelle Obama threatened America that they wouldn’t stop unless Biden won. She delivered that extortion threat during the Democratic National Convention. Is she unfit now to have any voice in politics? Are you willing to say so publicly?”
  • “Didn’t think so. Why not? Do you just hold black people to a lower moral standard than whites?”

Safe Targets for Soft People

  • “Or is it that you save your spleen for safe targets like Trump, people hated by the social circles into which you hope to climb?”
  • “Do you really expect Americans to kneel down and act like a bunch of beaten down slaves of a totalitarian system? Or do you think you might, just might, be forcing folks to the brink? Do you remember who has most of the private firearms in this country? Do you really expect them to ever peaceably surrender them, given what they see coming?”
  • “How do you deny that the double-standard toward violence amounts to Anarcho-Tyranny? How is letting BLM and Antifa terrorize people, then arresting those who resist them, any different from letting the Klan go free and busting their victims for fighting back?”
  • “Or are you just past caring about even the fig leaf of even-handedness and fairness?”

There’s a lot more you could ask, to spark a revealing dialogue. But those make a pretty good start.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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