Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

By The Ruth Institute Published on March 28, 2023

The latest Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse Show guest is Christine Niles, Church Militant’s senior producer and investigative reporter, particularly on the issue of clergy sex abuse.

Listen as Niles explains the process by which Church Militant vets the hundreds of tips they receive before anything goes on air. “We never go on rumors, hearsay, or any evidence that wouldn’t also be permitted in a court of law,” Niles says. Her rigorous research skills and law degree from Notre Dame Law School come in handy here.

Her report last year called, “The Devil in Rome,” “is probably the most disturbing special report I’ve ever done,” she says. “When I first got the tip, I was very hesitant to go forward with this because the story just seemed so outrageous, [but] there was so much objective evidence in this case, that it was a slam dunk.”

The story she’s referring to is that of Rachel Mastrogiacamo, who was abused in a Satanic ritual mass. (Morse also interviewed Mastrogiacamo.)

Another high-profile case Morse and Niles discuss is that of former priest, Frank Pavone. Niles explains that his “cult of personality” makes it difficult for people to believe he did anything wrong.

The problem is “idealizing him and putting him on a platform such that they cannot entertain that this person could possibly be capable of this type of behavior. It doesn’t matter how much evidence you put in their faces, psychologically, they just cannot [believe it].”

“If any boss in a secular corporation acted like that, he could easily be slapped with a sexual harassment complaint… But for whatever reason, we give priests a pass.”

“If you truly care about your tribe, you would want the filth cleared from its ranks,” Niles says.

Watch to learn more, including what it is that victims want. Are they just in it for the money? Find out on the Ruth Institute Locals channel, YouTube, and Rumble.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

From clergy abuse survivor, Faith Hakesley’s “Ask a Survivor” blog.

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus warns His followers: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves” (Matthew 7:15).

We have been warned of this many times and yet we are still easily deceived. These wolves in sheep’s clothing are master manipulators. They live among us in our families, in our communities, schools, and even in our churches.

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The clerical abuse scandal has shown many of these “sheep” as the wolves they truly are. These selfish abusers are men who love power and use people to get what they want. They groom individuals and entire communities.

Make no mistake, these wolves can be anyone. They can be anywhere. It can be quite a shock to learn that someone who has had a positive influence on us (and the world) has some skeletons in their closest.

Abuse scandals show us that even the most prominent and popular of people aren’t exempt from doing evil things. Admitting that someone you held in esteem isn’t as great as you originally thought is difficult. It’s humbling. The reality is that even seemingly holy people can pull the wool over our eyes.

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Biden Calls Ban on Transgender Surgery For Minors “Close to Sinful”

“President Biden’s pronouncement that bans on transgender surgery for minors are ‘close to sinful’ is so bizarre that it makes one wonder if he hasn’t taken leave of his senses,” said Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

In an interview on The Daily Show, Biden said of a Florida regulation which went into effect March 16, banning so-called transgender surgery and drugs on minors, “I mean it’s just terrible what they’re doing.”

“Let’s be frank,” Morse said, “you can’t change your gender with drugs or surgery. All you can do is remove healthy organs to create the appearance of the opposite sex, in an attempt to separate the person from his true self.”

“This can result in irreparable harm. Men and women who detransition often find they can no longer have children, based on a decision they made when they were too young to make such a life-altering decision.”

“The president has bought in to the gender ideology all the way,” Morse remarked. “His Assistant Secretary of Health is Dr. Richard Levine, a man in a skirt who calls himself ‘Rachel.’ He put Sam Brinton, a so-called non-binary, in charge of nuclear-waste disposal, until Brinton was fired for stealing luggage from airports.”

“For a man who calls himself Catholic, Biden’s use of the word ‘sinful’ is peculiar. In 2019, the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education absolutely rejected the idea than an individual can change his gender. Earlier this month, Pope Francis called gender ideology, ‘one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations.’”

“Biden’s willful ignorance of reality, and his advocating for permanent damage to children, is what is truly sinful.”

Get more resources to fight the transgender ideology at the Ruth Institute’s Transgender Resource Center.


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