Will These New Exoskeleton Suits Change the Way We Work?

By Published on May 20, 2015

WIRED sat down with Russ Angold of Ekso Bionics to talk about their newest project: an exoskeleton suit that will make heavy construction work just as easy as lifting a feather.

In a recent article, the co-founder of the company explained just a little bit more of what the suit is actually constructed to do:

“It’s unpowered, relying instead on counterweights and a standard, sprung arm used on image-stabilizing steadicams. The trick is the carbon fiber harness and metal-tube frame running down   a user’s legs. It translates the weight of whatever’s on the end of the arm down through the suit and into the ground.”

If you’d like to learn more about the suit, watch the video above or read the full article here on the WIRED site.

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