Why the Democratic Party is So Bent on Destroying Trump

By Mike Huckabee Published on March 7, 2021

If it seems to you that Democrats are absolutely frantic to destroy President Trump and any fleeting thought he might have of ever running for office again, you’re right. They impeached the man for the second time as he was on his way out the door. They canceled his Twitter account. They’ve moved ahead with their fishing expedition into his finances, courtesy of a longtime political foe, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. Trump’s enemies want him in jail and totally disgraced, for something, anything.

With Biden inaugurated and Trump out of office – and no “insurrection” taking place on March 4 to magically give him a second term – what is all the fuss about? Trump lost the fight, right? He’s no longer President. So why are they still crazy? Why can’t they just focus on doing their jobs?

Getting Into the Head of the Other Side

To figure this out, it helps to get away from our characteristic mode of thinking and try to get into the head of someone on the other side. (I know, I know, it’s scary in there.) Fortunately, New York magazine has just posted an article on this subject. Being New York magazine, they talked not to any Trump supporters or even independent voters but to, as they put it, their “favorite socialist proponent of ruthlessly poll-driven campaigning,” David Shor.

If you do read this, you’ll be periodically reminded by the wording of the interviewer’s questions, especially on issues of policy, that we’re in a different world.

Reading this piece is like being a scout behind enemy lines, and that can be quite enlightening. Shor is the head of data science at OpenLabs, a progressive nonprofit. He’s had some time since November 3 to analyze all the election data, even looking precinct by precinct, and to think about the election from all angles. And he provides an interesting explanation for the atrocious way Democrats are behaving now to try in every way possible to crush Donald Trump.

Democrats have seen some of the election data and are scared out of their minds.

Scared of the Minority Flight from Democrats

After the election, they had to look into why Trump did so much better than they’d expected, getting more votes than he got in 2016. (Hmm…yet Biden got still more votes than that, I would add, more than Trump or even Obama had received. Where did those votes come from? That’s something they don’t want anyone looking into.) At first, some experts thought Trump must have done this by inspiring more existing Republicans to turn out than they did in 2016, but Shor says that “looks wrong.”

He says that because of demographic changes, the electorate was actually slightly more Democrat in 2020 than it was in 2016. So, if Trump’s performance wasn’t due to more Republican turnout, what could it be?

Trump apparently had persuaded some other people to vote for him. “A lot of voters changed their minds between 2016 and 2020,” Shor said.

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And this is what is making Democrats crazy: Among African-Americans, Democrat support was down by one or two percentage points. Among Hispanics, it was down by 8 to 9 percent. And, though they’re still waiting on data from California to determine how they did with the Asian community, he’s seeing evidence that support from Asian-Americans was down by 5 percent. That’s a lot of new Trump voters.

Clearly, nonwhite voters trended away from the Democrat Party in 2020. How could that be? The Democrats have talked nonstop for five years about what a racist President Trump is. White, college-educated leftists ate it up with a spoon, but nonwhites? It appears a growing number are getting wise to the way the Democrat Party has used them and taken them for granted.

Ideology, Not Race

Shor took a look at why Hispanics, in particular, moved right. “This isn’t just about Cubans in South Florida,” he said. It was all around the country. Interestingly, it was especially striking in areas where a lot of the Hispanics were of Colombian or Venezuelan ancestry.

I wonder if some of them understood that Democrats’ policies in 2020 might make America seem a lot more like Venezuela. And even Shor, a socialist himself, looked at the rise of AOC and the far left as a possible factor.

Shor sees political decisions today as really coming down to ideology, not race. “What happened in 2020,” he said, “is that nonwhite conservatives voted for Republicans at higher rates; they started voting more like white conservatives.”

I would add that this has to be driving the Democrats insane, as they can’t take their nonwhite vote for granted any longer. Trump succeeded in winning over the ones with conservative views.

The left certainly helped him. When they started their calls to “defund the police,” for example, Democrat support among Hispanics dropped. In pollster-speak, “We raised the salience of an ideologically charged issue that millions of nonwhite voters disagreed with us on,” Shor said. He went on to speculate that the far-left college-educated white voters are pushing working-class people of all races away.

(I would add that “college-educated” means different things depending on when and where you went to school. Most recent college grads have been deeply indoctrinated in extreme-left ideology, and the electorate is getting younger and younger. Conservative working-class people just can’t relate to them, and thank God for that.)

Shor said that “white liberals are more left-wing than black and Hispanic Democrats on pretty much every issue: taxes, health care, policing, and even on racial issues or various issues of ‘racial resentment.’” Tellingly, white liberals are farther to the left on “defunding the police” than Hispanic Democrats, and even than black Democrats. And a majority of Hispanic voters do not agree with decriminalizing illegal border crossings.

Why It Has ‘Em Sweating

This is the part that’s scary for those white leftists: Traditionally, Democrats have been relying on roughly 90 percent of black voters and 70 percent of Hispanic voters. Since white leftist Democrats are not exactly known for their willingness to compromise, I think we’re seeing another wave of the phenomenon called “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party; the Democrat Party left me.” Only this time, it’s with the minorities Democrats depend on to win.

It was Trump’s populist message that convinced many of them that they have a home in the Republican Party. That’s a tremendous power – and it’s why they feel compelled to crush him.

The article is very long, but worth your while. One thing Shor said that particularly struck me was this: “… The point of communication should be to win votes. And the way you do that is not to trigger ideological persuasion.” In other words, hide what you really are, the way liberals used to do! Oh, and he says they can add states.


Originally published at MikeHuckabee.com. Reprinted with permission

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