Why So Much Rage?

The Left just can't accept their losses — not only in the last presidential election but governorships and state legislatures as well.

By Cal Thomas Published on June 20, 2017

“Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?” (Psalm 2:1 KJV)

That didn’t take long. Less than 48 hours after the shooting rampage targeting Republican members of Congress and their staff on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, followed by the picture of Republicans and Democrats kneeling in prayer at Nationals Park before their annual charity game, things returned to normal … or abnormal.

On Friday, the Drudge Report ran these headlines: “Shots fired at a truck flying ‘Make America Great Again’ flag”; “Starbucks staff harasses Trump supporting customer”; “Time Warner defends funding ‘assassination play,'” in which Julius Caesar is presented as a Trump look-alike in Shakespeare’s classic.

Can it get any worse? Probably. Should it? No.

How Do We Turn This Caustic Behavior Around?

How do we turn this caustic and crude language and behavior around? That is the ultimate question. I am not sure anyone can provide the answer. If they could, they would have by now. Or would they? There is money to be made, TV ratings to be gained and power to be preserved by keeping the pot stirred.

While some conservatives do not have clean hands when it comes to stoking the partisan fires, it is the left that is mostly responsible for taking us to new depths in political, verbal and behavioral abuse. They just can’t accept their losses, not only in the last presidential election, which they were told by pollsters and the media they would win, but in governorships and state legislatures as well.

It never occurs to them that their policies, forged in the era of Franklin Roosevelt, have exceeded their “sell-by” date, and so they lash out, trying to undermine the duly elected president by focusing on things that have nothing to do with average people.

When Republican presidents leave office they mostly do not comment on their successors. Not so with Democratic ex-presidents, who often behave as if their terms never ended. Organizing for Action, a community organizing project, which is a spinoff of President Obama’s Organizing for America, appears to operate only to cause harm to and ultimately impeach President Trump. The Saul Alinsky playbook remains the Bible of the political left. Obama and Hillary Clinton are, and have long been, Alinsky disciples.

Tribes That Don’t Talk

So many of us identify as members of tribes — right, left, religious, secular, Republican, Democrat, socialist. No member of one tribe seems willing to speak to any member of another tribe, or find out how and why the other came to their point of view. Apparently, many people are fine with this, at least the political activists among them. They demand 100 percent conformity from members of their tribe. If one compromises in the smallest way in order to achieve something that will benefit the most people, they are denounced as insufficiently liberal or conservative.

Let’s employ a sports example. When a visiting baseball team is at bat, fans usually express themselves in loud voices hoping the batter will strikeout. When the batter hits a home run and puts his team ahead, or wins the game, the crowd becomes quiet.

Success is also the easiest way to quell loud criticism in politics. Donald Trump is having some successes, though they are taking him longer to achieve because of all the noise about obstruction of justice. He should continue on that path, pointing out where old policies and programs have failed and are wasting taxpayer money and noting where a different approach is succeeding, or can succeed. Ideology quickly becomes secondary if you can show the public your ideas are producing real and measurable results.

The noise, fortunately, doesn’t seem to be working, at least in “flyover country.” The latest Rasmussen Poll shows the president’s approval rating at 50 percent, though other polls put that percentage far lower. Still, if the left and their media acolytes continue to rage, it will likely be to their detriment.


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  • Karen

    You want to know why we don’t talk? Your side hates people like me. I’m a woman with a career and I refuse to defer to men or to treat my husband like he’s king in our house. He’s no better than I am and I am no better than he is. Your side, however, thinks women should be nothing more than ignorant domestic help under the brutal thumbs of their husbands. And don’t give me any crap about how he’s supposed to love me like Jesus loves the church. Jesus is perfectly willing to send anyone to Hell for eternity for any tiny slip up and, furthermore, Hubby gets to decide what “loving” looks like, including keeping me from my friends or family if he thinks that’s best. I have no desire to talk to people who think that I’m garbage because I’m a female who doesn’t want to spend my life as helpless groveling doormat.

    • Howard Rosenbaum

      The sad state of affairs in your marriage as suggested by your rant is no more indicative of the way marriage was designed to be than is the animosity you reserve for conservatives on the political right appropriate. More challenged than that is your misrepresentation of the heart of the Master. Your exasperation w/subject matter that you clearly have yet to come to terms with seems predicated upon a lack of personal experience w/the subjects you so vehemently discount. Hope both your situation & your understanding of these matters takes a change for the better …

      • Karen

        So I should defer to men and treat my husband like he’s the king and I’m a peasant? What did I misrepresent?

        • Hannah

          You know quite well that’s not what he’s saying. He and others here have been very thorough about this, yet you persist in being caustic. You and I have spoken before about a very similar matter, so I understand where you’re coming from. I have felt your pain in every word you’ve penned, and it still grieves me to see you hurting from what appears to be a toxic relationship(s). I know you’re angry and that it’s scary, but please don’t close your heart to Him. Keep this truth in the forefront of your mind: those who say they are of God will look like the God of the Bible, not the God of the Cherry-picked Old Testament. God loves, but He also discerns. He rejoices with your every happiness and also grieves with you in your sorrow. He sees you as a treasure who needs healing and a loving touch, not a being to be used for a means.

          You are precious to Him, thus you are precious to me. Don’t lose hope.

        • Az1seeit

          While I completely agree with Hannah’s response to your pain, I want to address what you misrepresent – your characterization of our “side” and what it expects of women. Frankly, it’s not true. I would go into more detail but judging by the level of your bitterness and resentment, I don’t think you’d hear it.

          But my point in bringing it up is…do you care about the truth of what the other side feels, thinks or believes? If yes, then you will listen with an intellectually open – and hopefully honest – mind, and respect the validity of it to that side. If no, then you’ll carry on demonizing and representing the other side to make you feel justified for your hatred. So far, I don’t think you care at all….and unless we care about truth – absolute and evidentiary- there can be no common ground, and therefore, no coming together.

          • Karen

            Describe what you think the role of women should be? Conservative women like Phyllis Schlafly were giant hypocrites who never spent a day being a housewife — she ran for Congress when her oldest kid was 2 and worked tirelessly making sure no other women would ever have the same opportunity for the rest of her horrible life. No one knows what her husband’s name was yet she gave out an award to women who hid behind “Mrs. His Name.” Catholic doctrine is based in the idea that women are “receptive,” meaning passive dimwits who wait for men do things to us but never initiating or creating anything ourselves. Why would I listen to you?

            As for marriage, what happens when hubby isn’t a Christian? (Yeah, I know the verse about winning without a word from one of the Petrine epistles. It never works in real life because bullies don’t stop being bullies unless they’re beaten into it.)

            The structure you create for marriage requires that women be kept stupider and weaker than men, because nobody in her right mind would defer decision making to someone who isn’t going make better ones than she would. That’s where I have a problem. Submission requires women to either be stupid or pretend to be stupid, which is a million times worse. Can you give me any reasons why that would not be true?

          • Az1seeit

            Asked… and answered in my post…and in many others here. You are looking at this whole topic with hurt colored lenses and are running into your own judgements about women who submit. I’m not stupid nor do I pretend to be. If you really want answers, they are all over this comment board. Read them.

          • Karen

            You want to call an egalitarian relationship “submission” for some reason. In 1984 George Orwell defined obedience as making the obedient suffer, because that’s the only way to know that he, or in this case she, is actually being obedient. If you don’t obey stupid commands you aren’t actually submissive. What I want is for you all to either stop calling your relationships submissive unless they actually contain the essential element of making you suffer.

          • Az1seeit

            Okay, let’s talk definitions. Your insistence that we accept your jaundiced view of submission reminds me of the current “definition” of “tolerance” by the liberal left, and that is “You either accept my view or you are intolerant!”. Nope, no tolerance there…it’s all about control, which is what you are all about.
            To submit means simply, to yield. Anything else attached to it on your end is YOUR drama, YOUR choice, and I would posit, your defense mechanism in place because you had to SURVIVE something. I imagine it feels as if you will fall apart if your long held judgements were untrue. That would mean you lose control, and that is so frightening to you, you would rather cling to that crap you’ve learned is “life”, rather than to let go in order to LOSE it and get REAL life.

            The thing is, natural mankind can ONLY screw up what God intended for good! All that you are railing against and insisting we accept as truth is because fallen mankind has PERVERTED the things of God. Hear me: this is WHY Jesus Christ! God Himself loves his creation so much, He abased Himself to come in human form to go through the most humiliating and torturous of deaths as the propitiation for OUR perverted state in order to reconcile us to Himself…read: give us a HOPE of walking in love as He created us to do!
            Here’s the bottom line: if you are a Christian, it is because you have repented of your sin and SUBMITTED – relinquished control – to Christ’s redemption of your hopelessly fallen state. You have traded your dead-in-sin perverted life for HIS righteousness, freely given to you in grace. If and when you are ready to let go of your fear and learn what true submission in love is, you can begin with your experience of Jesus as you have SUBMITTED to Him. The good news is, even in marriage, you never ever leave that posture before Him. If indeed you want something other than your pain, stop right now and ask Jesus to intervene in your heart. If you are too afraid, tell Him that. Are you willing to be willing? Tell Him that. He knows perfectly that we are victims of perverted “love”. He came that we “may have life, and that more abundantly”

            Choose life, Karen.

          • Karen

            So how does that apply to marriage? Is my husband Jesus or do I have to treat him like Jesus? My husband is a fallible human like I am. Why should I allow him to make all the decisions or give him the right to approve of the ones he delegates to me?

          • eddiestardust

            Sorry, sounds like you have NO clue about what being a Catholic truly is…

          • Karen

            Huh? What does this have to do with anything?

    • Gary

      Thank God you’re not my wife.

      • Karen

        I assure you the feeling is mutual.

    • Surfinnonreality

      If I tried to decide what “loving” looks like and I kept my wife from friends or family because I thought it was best she would either shoot me or divorce me. And if she ever tried to keep me from friends and family, divorce would be the solution. Marriage is always give and take, never all give. If you ever feel like you are a helpless groveling doormat you are in a bad relationship. That holds true for a man or woman.

      • Karen

        What you describe is an egalitarian marriage, NOT one based on Ephesians 5 no matter how you twist and scrape the language. I’m glad that is your marriage, but please admit that yo are an egalitarian and your wife does not submit to your leadership.

        • Surfinnonreality

          Since I am not religious, your biblical reference means little to me. And yes I do believe in the principle that in our marriage we are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. There are times when I lead and there are times when she leads. Just depends on the situation. Her skills and experiences compliment my skills and experiences. It works out well.

          • Steve Shaw

            Why do think you have to be religious for the Bible to have meaning for you?

          • Surfinnonreality

            Stereotyping. Religious people usually get biblical references. I don’t read it so for the reference to mean anything to me I would have to research it.

    • Thomas Paine

      I am a Christian and know that God loves his creation which includes both you and your husband (whom he made as special-created in his image) and all other men and women that work together as well as those living together in marriage. I do not know what your experience has been as it sounds like there may be some issues but submission and oneness and the love of a husband reflecting the love of Christ (laying down ones life) is not the same as what you are describing i.e… “ignorant help under the brutal thumbs of a husband” I suspect you may have never been in a relationship with a “genuine Christian” who truly reflects the love of Christ and have been exposed to cheap imitations….God Bless you!

    • eddiestardust

      Hmmm..do you hate guys? Sounds like you do.

    • eddiestardust

      For starters…YOU ARE WORKING when many others do NOT have a job, so why exactly are you crying? Second , you ARE married! Many are NOT:( You have NO clue what it is like to NEVER HAVE BEEN MARRIED! Sorry but as a 60 year old Single guy , NEVER MARRIED, I for one, think you are privileged, so get over yourself ! And 3, want to know what Jesus really said? IF you want to be treated with loving kindness then TREAT OTHERS WITH THAT SAME LOVING KINDNESS!:) I will pray for you!

      • Karen

        Actually I have many women friends who have never married. Men thought they were ugly, and, despite the fact that they were kind, intelligent, and hard working, they were not tall, thin, and blond, so they are alone also.

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