When Does the Shooting Begin?

Rhetoric from Democrats has been escalating. What does that mean for those who support Trump?

By Erick Erickson Published on July 13, 2018

Each time Republicans do something Democrats do not like, Democrats escalate their rhetoric. The right is not immune from this, but the right is in power right now, so conservatives have less with which to drive fear.

Extreme Rhetoric 

After the Southern Poverty Law Center declared the Christian-based Family Research Council a hate group intent on harming gay rights, Floyd Lee Corkins walked into the Council’s offices with Chick-fil-A sandwiches and a gun intent on murdering the employees and stuffing their mouths with the sandwiches.

Also a fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center and its anti-Christian and anti-Republican rhetoric, James Hodgkinson took seriously the Democratic and progressive left rhetoric that Republicans would kill people by repealing the Affordable Care Act. He drove to a baseball field and attempted a mass assassination of Republican members of Congress.

Both men had serious mental issues. But both were provoked by extreme rhetoric from the left. Progressives once claimed Republicans were racist. Now they claim Republicans are racist killers who need to be stopped. According to Democrats, Republicans attempted to kill people through passing tax cuts, repealing Obama era net neutrality regulations, merely considering the repeal of Obamacare and now by the president nominating Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Harassment and Assault

We are already at a point where progressive protestors are showing up at the homes of Trump administration employees. White House staff, members of Congress, Fox News personalities and other notable conservatives are getting harassed and thrown out of restaurants. A random 16-year-old in San Antonio, Texas, was assaulted in a restaurant last week for wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Russia Stole the Election

Democrats have now convinced a good portion of their base that Russia stole the 2016 election and that Russia is trying to steal the 2018 election as well. In fact, some Democratic consultants are already warning that Democratic leaders may be suppressing their vote by saying Russia is going to steal the election.

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Democrats are increasingly vocal about the idea that they think Republicans in Congress are doing Russia’s bidding. They view Donald Trump as an authoritarian figure waiting for just the right moment to suspend elections and impose a dictatorship. Hollywood Director Josh Whedon declared merely considering Kavanaugh’s nomination would create the first American dictatorship.

On Independence Day, The First Purge came out in theaters. The movie posits that the National Rifle Association backed a coup that put a dictatorship in power in the United States. Democrats consider the group a terrorist organization that Republicans show fealty to. They also believe Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a terrorist organization that should be abolished.

A Destructive Tool

In the 24 hours after President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared Kavanaugh would be “a destructive tool on a generation of progress for workers, women, LGBTQ people, communities of color [and] families” and that he would “radically reverse the course of American justice [and] democracy.” Yale law students declared people would die because of Kavanaugh. NBC News journalists spread, as news, a false rumor that Anthony Kennedy negotiated his retirement contingent on Kavanaugh’s appointment.

All of this is just hyperbole designed to motivate a political base and fundraise. But this is the world in which a man attempted the mass assassination of Republican members of Congress inspired by similar rhetoric. And things have gotten far worse since then.

Stop This

To believe Democrats, voting no longer matters because Russia is stealing the elections; Republicans are doing the bidding of a terrorist group; another terrorist group runs part of the government forcibly separating children from their parents; Republicans are letting corporations kill Americans; Anthony Kennedy is ensuring Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court to protect the NRA, Christian fundamentalists, and a president who should otherwise be indicted; and the system is rigged. The Democrats’ call to action is “stop this.”

How long before more Hodgkinsons believe the dystopian picture painted by the Democrats? The Russians are in charge, voting no longer matters, the system is rigged, and the Supreme Court is now a tool of a would-be dictator. It is only a matter of time before “stop this” leads to “shoot them.”



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  • Andrew Mason

    Well the Democrats are kinda right about one thing – Republicans really are letting corporations kill Americans, in fact Planned Parenthood’s business model is based on killing Americans. Of course if Republicans actually move legislation to protect American lives then the Democrats will scream even louder, unless their voices finally give out.

    • southern by choice

      Get more ammo

  • Jeff Boyington

    Those on both sides of the spectrum who engage in violence of any kind, deserve exactly what is coming to them. Those with enough common sense will not participate in a synthetic civil war or a color sponsored revolution.

    • realvegasdawn

      I’ve only seen violence from one side.

      • Jeff Boyington

        Then you’re blind

        • Andrew Mason

          Or do you simply identify some Leftists as Rightists?

          • Jeff Boyington

            what’s the difference? They’re both corrupt and anyone who supports them deserves exactly what’s coming to them

          • Andrew Mason

            If you’re neither Left nor Right what are you?

        • realvegasdawn

          No facts, just name calling – typical.

          • Jeff Boyington

            Well you have 7 more years of typical to enjoy then…

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    This race baiting picaninny could be charged with sedition for her violent inciting rhetoric, according to the definition of sedition found in the dictionary

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    This ignorant low IQ Asshat made the comment that God was on their side.
    I doubt God is on the side of those that relish the fact that they cannot only kill babies in the womb, but they can profit by selling their body parts.

  • realvegasdawn

    Democrats are becoming more unhinged by the day.

  • realvegasdawn

    Love it when President Trump called Maxine Waters low IQ.

  • James M

    The first I remember deaths from rhetoric started with Al Sharpton in 1995 at Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem.
    Since then there have been many deaths directly caused by the hatred instilled by emotional speakers who often stretch facts beyond recognition.

    Too often it is only for personal gain

  • SophieA

    The shooting started June 2017 at a baseball practice and seriously wounded Rep. Steve Scalise. Violent acts against Trump supporters, but not condemned by the likes of Rep. Waters, stands roughly at 400 and, no doubt, will continue to rise.

  • Irene Neuner

    I think God is dividing the wheat from the chaff, the light from the darkness and its escalating. It has happened in media, pro sports, education, churches and government (esp. law.)

    I think it is even happening in medicine and agriculture. In medicine for example in Louisville Dr.’s no longer allow vaccine exemptions. Your child receives all state required (even non life threatening disease) vaccines or they won’t take your child as a patient. The AMA and pharmaceutical companies which also manufacture pesticides are certainly not with Prudence and Wisdom.

    There are only those who are or who will be shortly united in Christ and the world will hate them because the world hates Him and the One who sent Him.

    The Owner of the vineyard.

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