What Would Little Green Men Say About Our Government?

By Published on July 24, 2023

New York Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer did the d***dest thing last week.

He introduced a bill implying that the U.S. government, or contractors thereof, may be hoarding “biological evidence of living or deceased non-human intelligence.”

(Now there’s a sentence one never expected to write.)

Why would Schumer, an utterly deliberate politician, do that? Doesn’t he know he risks ridicule?

One’s tempted to think that the senior senator from New York may know of something in the works; or he figures it’s safe to go out there since 65% of Americans believe in UFOs and Republican senators like Mike Rounds of South Dakota and Marco Rubio of Florida have remained unscathed by extraterrestrial talk.

Whatever the reason, a Senate majority leader suggesting that the U.S. government may have little green men stuffed in a meat locker somewhere deep in the New Mexico desert demands attention. Non?

What if There’s There There?

It’s entirely possible, indeed probable to the skeptic, that nothing will be discovered from the various federal inquiries into aerial anomalies. But what if there’s there there? What if some secret unit of government has actually been hiding evidence of extraterrestrials, possibly for decades? What would that tell us about our government?

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I normally eschew talk of a “deep state” in America. But that doesn’t mean I have my head in the sand. I know there are partisans in key positions throughout the federal government, for example, and cynical deals are cut all the time — think Hunter Biden — but I’ve always viewed the politicized term “deep state” as spiritually hazardous to a nation that needs to retain at least some faith in government.

But if Schumer, Rubio, Rounds and at least a dozen members of Congress are proved correct — that they’ve been systematically excluded from earth shattering information — we’ll have a deep-state problem far beyond the inner workings of, say, the FBI. We’d have a genuine national crisis on our hands.

Say What, President Obama?

I was struck a number of years ago by an interview on UFOs with President Barack Obama. The former president insinuated that information about them would somehow be above his clearance level. Say what? Wasn’t he Commander in Chief?

Other presidents have spoken similarly, forcing one to ask, as Schumer is doing through his legislation, how it’s possible that our elected leaders, all the way up to the Oval Office, have been kept in the dark about arguably the most important inquiry in human history?

Sure, there are things the public doesn’t need to know. Nuclear blueprints or battle plans for instance. But this?! How could “they” keep something of existential magnitude from the public?

It’s “Nanu Nanu” Time!

I realize we’re wandering into potential silliness here, so let’s continue unabated: Say it’s true. Say a super-secret cabal has been operating in America for decades. Say those grainy, late night documentaries about alien crashes at Area 51 were correct after all. What would the rationales be for keeping that information from John and Jane Q?

There are plenty. For one, how would the public react? Look at what happened when “War of the Worlds” aired. What would it mean for the world’s religions? Their basic tenets could be turned on their heads in an instant. Or maybe materiel from downed spacecraft has been reverse engineered by our military. We wouldn’t want the Russians or Chinese to know, right?

All legitimate points, but none cut the mustard. Mankind has wondered if it’s alone in the universe since it first began hobbling on two feet. If there’s definitive evidence that we’re not, we have the absolute right to know.

If ongoing federal inquiries prove specious, we can all have a good laugh, even Chuck. But if they hit paydirt, it’s “nanu nanu” time and all that would come with it.

Strange days in Washington, indeed.


William F. B. O’Reilly is a Republican strategist from New York.

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