Web Notables (March 27, 2015)

Salon's wrong about Jesus, James Madison was mostly right, Meghan Trainor is either right or wrong, etc.

By The Editors Published on March 27, 2015

“Web Notables” is a daily feature that highlights articles readers may want to see but might have missed. It is compiled by senior editor David Mills. Associate editor Anika Smith suggested numbers four and six.

Nine Things Salon.com Gets Wrong About Jesus by Jon Sorenson on the Catholic Answers website. Even the author of the Salon piece admits the claims are trivial, but the point is to undermine trust in the more important points of the story. Fortunately, she’s wrong. (Thanks to Catholic Exchange for the link.)

Fighting Sexual Assault on Campus by Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo on the Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse. “It is not clear that Title IX is an adequate solution to the problem of sexual assault on campuses,” and the author’s description suggests it really isn’t.

The Extended Republic Theory of James Madison by George W. Carey on The Imaginative Conservative. A long, careful study of Madison’s belief that “a republican and nontyrannical government over an extended territory [is] possible.” However, his relying “on the extended republic to prevent the abuses of faction . . . is far from fool proof. This can be seen in our increasing popular reliance on the feeblest of the traditional devices, a body presumably removed from the purely political arena (the Supreme Court) empowered to enforce written limitations (a Bill of Rights).” A reprint from the conservative quarterly Modern Age.

How Dare Meghan Trainor Look Forward to Marriage by Meghan K. Graham on the website The Federalist. “Trainor’s critics have gone from decrying her heteronormativity to pingponging back into cutting her down for being female and expressing preferences for her own life.”

On the other hand, see Dear Future Husband” is Relationship Poison by Monica Gabriel on the Verily website. “Having high standards shouldn’t be about holding out for a man who props us up in an ivory tower. High standards means desiring a man who actually tries to love you every day — that means calling you out when you need it and telling you how beautiful you are all the same. A man who is content to appease you so he can “rock your body right” — as Trainor puts it — is not man enough toreally love you.”

Boom in Latino Evangelical churches underscores growing population by Karina Ioffee in the San Jose Mercury News. “Locally, Latinos who now call themselves Evangélicos say there are several reasons they’re happier at their new churches: being able to participate in spiritual practices, gatherings and festivities that connect to the cultural traditions of their home countries; hearing messages of hope that help them rise above hardships; and finding ways to become leaders as immigrants in a new land.”

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