The Warning: Sin Can Take Down Strong Countries

By Tom Gilson Published on August 24, 2018

“Weep not for the dead, nor bemoan him;
Weep bitterly for him who goes away,
For he shall return no more,
Nor see his native country.”

Jeremiah 22:10, NKJV

More than once lately my 95-year-old father has told me he’s glad he won’t be around much longer. The America he grew up in is gone. It’s gone for you and me, too. At my age of 61 I can expect years of grief to come, knowing I “shall return no more, nor see my native country” again. The days of the country we once knew are past. Weep bitterly for yourselves, Americans. 

Not that we ought to weep for all that we used to be. We were once a land of slavery, then of systemic racism. That was wrong and it had to change; but the change that came then was unlike today’s change. That one, still ongoing, was about virtue, and it grew out of religious roots.

Today’s is about change, in contrast, is about casting off all thought of God or virtue. It’s disturbingly similar to the Israel of Jeremiah’s day. While book of Jeremiah certainly wasn’t written for America, still there’s no denying its major message applies to us today. Read chapter 2; see how disturbingly familiar it sounds.

Be appalled, O heavens, at this;
be shocked, be utterly desolate,
declares the LORD,
for my people have committed two evils:
they have forsaken me,
the fountain of living waters,
and hewed out cisterns for themselves,
broken cisterns that can hold no water.

(Jer. 2:12-13, ESV)

Argue all you want over whether America was ever “God’s people;” the rest fits. We’ve gone chasing after every other lust and trinket (“broken cisterns”), and we’ve forsaken God who alone supplies the living waters that satisfy.

Strong Nations Aren’t Immune

For those who love America, Jeremiah’s has an even more disturbing message: Strong nations can fall. They aren’t immune. They can fall. They can fall hard.

The land of Judah had enjoyed hundreds of years of relative stability, fending off enemies for the most part and maintaining reasonable economic health. Its political and religious leaders said, “Peace, peace,” — nothing to worry about, all is well. (Jer. 6:14)

Jeremiah said they were dealing falsely (6:13); there was no peace they could count on. Because of their sins— economic oppression, sexual sin, idolatry, sabbath-breaking, hypocritical religion and more — destruction was approaching. It would bring with it unbelievable famine. Exile. Bitter, bitter weeping.

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It can happen to strong countries. We must heed the warning. In some senses we’ve already fallen, for the America that once was, is no more. 

Some of that change has been exactly right for us. At least, we’ve been working on our sin of racism. Now we’re also grappling in new ways with the sin of men dominating women sexually. Good for us! — though we have a very long way to go on both counts.

The Danger We’ve Put Ourselves In

Meanwhile, though we’ve multiplied our sins against the next generation through abortion and uncontrolled deficit spending. We’ve harmed ourselves and our children through unconscionable exposure to lewdness (out in the open) and pornography (mostly undercover). We’ve turned a blind eye to rampant fornication, and promiscuity carried out in ways unimaginable to previous generations.

We’ve even exercised the unbelievable hubris of declaring the human man and woman to be creatures of our own making; and the same sort of error with marriage. We’ve made greed, comfort, and physical satisfaction our gods. And we’ve locked the true God out of much of public life.

These are the sorts of sins that another biblical writer, Paul, catalogued in the descent to destruction he penned in Romans 1:18-32. That slide reaches bottom at the point where the people“give hearty approval” to its practice. We’ve certainly reached that stage. The one thing that doesn’t get approval, it seems, is standing for what’s right in God’s eyes.

Time for God’s People to Prepare

I am no prophet. I don’t know what kind of destruction our country is heading toward, if any at all. I do know this, though: We may be strong economically, and our military may be united and powerful, yet we are proud fools if we rely on that to carry us when we’ve rejected both God and virtue.

I know this, too: It’s time for the people of God to prepare. If America is going to turn around, it has to start in the Church. Let’s start by humbling ourselves before Him in prayer. Let’s get the pornography off our computers. Let’s get in front of the #MeToo movement by confessing (to appropriate people) and repenting of other sexual sin.

Argue all you want over whether America is “God’s people.” The Church certainly is. By God’s grace, if we turn around, it could be our country will, too. And escape the danger even strong countries aren’t immune to.

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  • Andrew Mason

    Sodom and Gomorrah died in fire and brimstone. During the Cold War many Americans feared their nation would die in fire and radiation. The latter never happened, the former did. I am not suggesting something akin to the latter will occur now, but the possibility certainly exists that it will occur as a form of divine judgement on a nation that is increasingly actively opposing God. So long as a vibrant community of faithful remain and national repentance occurs then judgement may be deferred, but it won’t wait forever, and when it comes it will fall on both the righteous and the unrighteous.

    • And why would that be? Going by your definition of righteous and unrighteous elsewhere, you have them backwards especially when it comes to matters of Faith.

      Lot was taken out of sodom before it was destroyed.

      • Andrew Mason

        Lot was indeed, yet had more righteous been found Sodom would not have been destroyed at all.

        Your logic fails yet again. By your argument Atheists and Satanists are righteous because I would argue God excludes them in Scripture.

        • Lot was pulled out of the city because he was the only one. It was easy to just have him leave the city so it could be destroyed. Therefore God will never willingly harm his people.

          atheism was a religion created in the 1800’s by feuerbach. satanism was a religion created by crowley in the later 1800’s, early 1900’s by crowley and was officially organized into a worldwide coven by lavey in the mid-1900’s.

          Both of these religions are modern relabelings of gnosticism, which is the progenitor to paganism. gnosticism is the religion based upon the devil’s lie to Eve, that one’s ego can “know” or wishful thinking itself above God. Which is exactly what you do every day, though with a slightly different aesthetic than the two you mention.

          This is why children of heretics tend to become gnostics, because it is a side-step of just merely dropping the pretense of the Bible. Nothing else changes.

          • Andrew Mason

            Again more falsehoods. Atheism existed prior to Christianity, though the form differed. A number of the ancient Greeks for instance were considered Atheist, though agnostic might be more accurate. Many Indian religions are also atheistic, though they obviously believe in the existence of the supernatural. And of course while we know the pre-Flood world was wicked, we don’t know what they held. Crowley denied being a Satanist his entire life. Just as importantly, the older occult or Satanic individuals appear to have limited if any impact on the mid-twentieth century inventions.

            Actually paganism has little to do with gnosticism. Gnosticism is about magical knowledge, paganism is about worshiping various pantheons. No wishful thinking on my part, simply faith in what Scripture teaches, unless you’re calling God a liar?

            So now children of heretics become gnostics? Elsewhere you said they become communists. You seem to have consistency issues. A curious claim given it is Roman Catholicism that is struggling to retain the children though.

          • atheism is a form of gnosticism established in the 1800’s by feuerbach, who was the mentor to both marx and neitzche. It presents God as a competitor to man, just as gnosticism does, but without all of the witchcraft and strange devilry associated with ancient gnosticism. Both nihilism and marxism are just applications of feuerbach’s religion into philosophy and politics by way of his mentees.

            It is heavily based upon the prot heresy, because if you believe that you can use your ego to twist scripture into self-justifying anything you want, why not just drop the pretense of pretending to use the Bible? This is why children of protestants are so drawn to it.

            Since prot heresy is untenable, the children of the prot heretics will either become Catholic or gnostics.

            All gnostics deny what they are, as fools honestly take their word for it. Crowley is the founder of all modern devilry as he spent his life cataloguing ancient spells as well as creating new ones.

            All pagans worship demons, the gnostics are those who base themselves on the devil’s lie. The pagan focuses on a random demon, and the gnostic focuses on being a servant of the devil by thinking their ego will change reality. When a gnostic becomes devoted to one demon in particular, then they move into establishing a pagan religion around that demon.

            Similarly, believing your ego is equitable to God is a try advanced stage of gnosticism. The ancient gnostics has no idea who the devil was, but worshipped him anyways. Similarly, you do serve your dark master, but under a very blasphemous veneer of pseudo-Christianity.

            The children post Vatican II are actually taught outright protestantism in many Catechism classes. That is the source of them acting like protestants. This projection on your part out of desperation is telling though.

    • Chip Crawford

      There was light in the land of Goshen … when all of Egypt was dark.

      • Andrew Mason

        If you look at Israel in the OT God judged them both individually, and as a nation. Daniel for instance was taken into what might be considered slavery, and yet clearly he and his comrades were Godly men. At other times the prophets warned Israel of looming judgement. Sometimes the nation repented leading to a stay of execution, sometimes it did not. Such judgement included war, famine, and plague. Are you contending that God miraculously directed his judgement to fall only on the wicked? The final judgement to befall believers and those who reject God is indeed very different but I don’t see all judgments prior to that as being so divided.

        • Chip Crawford

          It’s an odd thing to defend … ?

        • Hmmm…

          Are you saying God’s exceptional favor was not with Daniel and his comrades?

          • Andrew Mason

            Not what I’m claiming at all. God used him in an amazing and powerful way. My point is that Daniel and his comrades were forcibly relocated and required to serve in a capacity they didn’t plan because of the conquest of their own land. That would have entailed some suffering. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into an inferno, Daniel was thrown to the lions. Yes God intervened in both cases, but in other cases – missionaries ministering to unreached tribes and other martyrs for instance, He chooses to not intervene. God offers protection, but for His purposes.

          • Hmmm…

            Note in Hebrews when this is mentioned that it says some choosing a better resurrection. Jesus told those seeking healing, Be it unto you according to your faith. That was healing, but it is a form of deliverance. Not a matter of having “enough faith,” but acknowledging that what you believe for is relevant. If not, what did Jesus mean other than just what he said. Choosing is all through the Bible when one becomes aware. You choose to believe on the negative inclusion in judgment side, so be it unto you. I don’t think you are in the position to believe that for everyone else, certainly not to choose it for them. There might be a kingdom purpose case made for being worth more alive than dead, when others are considered, that is.

  • GLT

    Very well said, Tom, simply excellent.

  • David MacKenzie

    Tom, it is not simply those given to prediction who are known as “prophets”— it is those, like Jeremiah and Amos, who stand for God’s truth in the midst of a wayward nation who are its prophets.

    • Chip Crawford

      Along the same line, I’ve understood NT prophecy to be more about forth-telling than foretelling.

  • jayceej

    I rely on the promise of God. If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked way, then shall I hear from Heaven and forgive their sin, and heal their land. Rather than prepare for America’s downfall, let’s do what this verse calls for, and also pray that all the church will do the same, and pray for another Great Awakening. It was at times of trouble that other awakenings happened, it is time for another. It all begins with us.

  • chrissymann

    Matthew 13:24-30 New King James Version (NKJV)
    The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares
    24 Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; 25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. 26 But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared. 27 So the servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ 28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ 29 But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.” Our nation was ‘founded’ by Christian believers who desired to worship God freely without governmental interference or dictate. They also believed that by the Lord sending non believers to this nation, they would be able to exemplify Christianity to them and thus by God’s grace, they too would become believers in Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior. Today’s media demonizes the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ as well as continually condemning, accusing, and shaming them for everything under the sun. We have a window of time to ‘let our lights so shine, that they will see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven’. We must be and remain strong in the Lord and in the power of His might by receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit and Fire. Acts 1:8 Holy Spirit is always with us and in us to build us up in this most Holy Faith. Whose report will we believe? We will believe the report of the Lord. If God be for us, who can be against us? We are more than conquerors and we will ‘occupy’ until Jesus returns to rule and reign. True believers love the Lord with all their hearts, with all their souls and with all their minds and they love their neighbor as themselves. We should never identify with the world and their worldly ways which are opposite of who we are in Christ. Resist condemnation, guilt, and shame and realize your true identity in Christ. He will empower you to do what is right and just, profitable and pure as you follow His Word and surrender all to His will and ways.

  • Ray

    Yes, God’s people have been destroyed for a lack of knowledge, but the good news is that ignorance of the things of God can be overcome by good instruction, and there is joy in abiding in God, who is a fountain of living water. I’m expecting a turn back to God, for his ways are so much better.

  • Chip Crawford

    I decided a long time ago that I am Christian first and before being an American. If my country turns against God, then I become a missionary to it, not a victim of it. Being a Christian will mean more and more to us individually and corporately. This time has the potential of being the Church’s finest hour because we can rise up and shine as lights in the midst of this dark world as never before. Where I am, preparation is a way of life, becoming more and more usable to the Lord, more profitable. I don’t understand just starting now, but if that applies, then so be it. But there are definitely those who are and will be fit and ready to be dispatched as the Lord sends, in new and different ways. It’ just part of the walk of an overcomer, a disciple. It’s to the glory of God. I actually think more of the body of Christ have been in preparation for decades than ones who need to repent from sin and get right with God. The idea that everyone has to repent and be reinstated every time there is a challenge, is not universally relevant and certainly not the case with the Christendom with which I am aware. Most keep clear of sin and repent quickly and have prayer, time in the word, outreach, ministry, fellowship with the body as lifestyle of long standing. It’s a good thing, as there is not always time to start over every time there is a deep call on our lives in our world and now our whole culture. God is not caught unawares and those who have followed closely for decades will not be either. Certainly be sure you are in the place of living, church, job and other associations of God’s choice and adjust where not.

    • Hmmm…

      And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. Daniel 11:32

  • Trilemma

    Uncontrolled deficit spending alone is enough to take down America and a day of reckoning is coming.

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