Utah Says It’ll Work With Trump to Overturn Obama’s Monument Designations

President Barack Obama pauses during a news conference in the briefing room of the White House in Washington, Friday, Dec. 16, 2016.

By Published on December 30, 2016

Utah law officials want to work with President-elect Donald Trump to undue the Obama administration’s decision to designate another national monument in the state.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is vowing to sue President Barack Obama for using executive orders to place large tracts of the state’s land under the purview of the federal government.

“My office is working closely with the governor’s office, federal and state legislators, and San Juan County to file a lawsuit challenging this egregious overreach by the Obama administration,” Reyes said in a press statement Thursday.

Obama created the Bears Ears and Gold Butte national monuments using his powers under the Antiquities Act — portions of Utah and Nevada are included in the designations. The president has used his gavel to place a total of 265 million acres of land underneath federal control during his terms in office.

The White House etched out the 1.47 million acres of land despite fierce opposition from some local Navajo tribal members, who are worried they won’t be able to collect firewood or gather plants in the region thanks to the newly formed monuments.

Republicans are arguing Obama’s move is built on a mountain of lies.

The administration claimed the monuments were no different than those passed by House lawmakers earlier this year, which were, in fact, smaller than the ones designated by the president.

Tribes living near Bears Ears want to co-manage the tract. The White House created a Bears Ears Commission to give tribes a voice in managing the monument, yet the Obama administration cannot authorize such a commission — only states can create such commissions.

“The second lie is in the creation of a faux commission to give management authority to Native Americans,” Utah Republican Rep. Rob Bishop, who chairs the House committee that oversees public lands issues, said in a statement shortly after the announcement. “This is a diversion.”

“The Utah delegation wants to give management authority to Native Americans; the administration can’t,” he said. “Only Congress can legally do so.”

Reyes, for his part, said that the legal system “is not our only option … [o]ur federal delegation is working hard to defund the designation or rescind it altogether.”

The Republican attorney general also hinted at recruiting help from the incoming Trump administration.

“Additionally, we look forward to working with the new presidential administration on ways to curtail or otherwise address the designation,” Reyes said.


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  • Hmmm…

    I am not for rebellion against authority, but it is most refreshing to see this standing up against wrong and to a bully actually. It is obvious that President Obama had climate conditions and political correctness and related mores as his personal goals for America. There’s globalism also, and how he set out to trim the US down to be less standout and to fit in quietly with the other nations of the world or something like that. Close enough. He appeared to play to those who support those things, with the American people coming along behind in consideration. We seem to have embarrassed him. He has apologized for us, called us lazy on one occasion – abroad.

    Mr. Obama is not acting on our behalf, if ever he has. He has little sympathy for our situations. Oh, he will get up to speed politically at election time, but it’s really about his dream and plans. He’s not on the same page as most Americans. I seriously question the poll results about his popularity or approval rating. Are these the same pollsters who did the recent campaign polls? Those proved to be wrong all along. He’s never been my president. Who’s president was he, really? Honest black people say he never did anything for them. He gave a nod to rebellion, allowed his pride to let riots go on unchallenged because they were against Trump. You won’t find me playing the fool or rebelling in the streets, but it has been hard, and I am simply glad this self-centered and willful and misguided man will soon be out of power.

    I think it is right and just that governors, Congressional leaders and others in places of influence raise their voices against the willful acts of this self-motivated man.

    • Dean Bruckner

      His three causes are Islam, Marxism and homosexuality. He will sacrifice everyday and everyone in his power to promote those three.

  • Joe


  • David Stoneslinger

    Mark Steyn, who was substitute host for Rush this week, talked about how much land is controlled by the federal government, and the fact that big-government liberals like the Lame Duck always see it as a good thing for the fed to control even more. More than 80 percent of the land in Nevada is federal land. It’s one of the dogmas of liberalism that governments always manage things better than the private sector – and they sure as heck haven’t proved that dogma, nor ever will.

    • galatians328

      Ok, privatize the public land by giving it back – every acre! – to the aboriginal peoples/nations who were there and used it first and from whom it was stolen by White Supremacists.

      • Dean Bruckner

        Check the bridge you live under. Someone may have taken it.

  • galatians328

    WHITE PEOPLE love to pretend that they are on the side of Native People (of Color) while really they are just out for themselves, following their White Supremacist ideas and values. This sounds like White People ‘black facing’ to look like friends of Native People. The proof will be in the facts of the White People’s handing over 100% management or at least MAJORITY management authority to the Native people, when the White People said:

    “The Utah delegation wants to give management authority to Native Americans; the administration can’t,”

    100% or MAJORITY authority … of ALL funds, of ALL decisions, of ALL expenditures, of ALL planning. Can Utah White People be trusted?

    Remember the MASSACRE of WHITE PEOPLE – Southerners from Arkansas, etc – at Mountain Meadow?! The LDS WHITE PEOPLE dressed up to look like Native people and attacked the Southerners in the wagon train at Mountain Meadow (near St George Utah) slaughtering men, women, and children. THE HATEFUL WHITE PEOPLE slaughtered other White People and dressed up at Native people!

    White Supremacy ideology infects much of American history including religion on America. Why doesn’t The Stream discuss that?

    • rac·ism
      “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

      This definition describes your attitude toward WHITE PEOPLE.

      • galatians328

        We apologize for lack of clarity. We clarified the grammar. MANY White People have conducted themselves toward Native Peoples using White Supremacist ideas and values. THAT IS PERFECTLY CORRECT to say and contains no bias.

        • You didn’t clarify the grammar, you changed the content of what you were saying. If your revisionist second version is what you really meant “and contains no bias,” why didn’t you say it that way in the first place?

          So tell us what percent of the “MANY White People” are White Supremacists? And by the way, why did you keep shouting WHITE PEOPLE?

          • galatians328

            Thank for you recognizing the perfectly accurate revised language. We apologize for the lack of humility in the first run of language.

            The proper response to your new question is: GOD KNOWS who they are. GOD revealed that all human persons are from the same single parents, Adam and Eve – and GOD KNOWS who are the IDOLATORS who deny that truth, who speak against that truth, who think and believe contrary to that truth.

            The Bible reveals many accounts of what happens to idolators.

            THAT surely is the most PRECISE and MORALLY SIGNIFICANT response: GOD KNOWS WHO THEY ARE.

          • You didn’t answer any of my questions.

            1. “If your revisionist second version is what you really meant ‘and contains no bias,’ why didn’t you say it that way in the first place?” Your answer, please.

            2. “So tell us what percent of the ‘MANY White People’ are White Supremacists?” I didn’t ask you if God knew the answer to that question, I asked *you* to provide data to support *your* claims about how many White Supremacists there are.

            3. “And by the way, why did you keep shouting WHITE PEOPLE?” Your answer, please.

            Why can’t or won’t you answer my three questions rather than ignoring them or evading them? Your answer, please.

          • galatians328

            We apologized for poor grammar.

            We can use data sources to identify active organizations that have White Supremacist ideology and values. There is likely no reasonable way to name a number of individuals in part because many are secret and hidden, ‘sleeper cells’.

            White People invented and transmit White Supremacy. Not aliens. Not elves. But we could say, perhaps, White People enslaved to demons.

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